The Most Famous and Beautiful Flowers Around the World

There is a variety of flowers according to the types and seasons. Some of them are most popular and famous to their colors and occasions. These famous flowers include Rose, Jessica, Sarah, Azalea and Dahlia. There are many other flowers which we never consider as flowers such as Memphis Eve, Ocean and Apple. There are countless flower names which are famous in most of the countries and many others which only famous within the region or country. We will discuss here some most common and few our most favorites. You can choose them according to your need and occasions.


This is a beautiful flower. It is a sonorous flowering plant of the colorful flower’s family. Aster flower family have more than 180 species. It is relatively new to the flower name category. The story behind its name, a comedian Gilbert Gottfried used its name when naming his daughter, Lily Aster.


Azalea flower belongs to the Rhododendron family and looks big bright spring time blooms. It is also new added name in flower’s list. This name got popularity in the recent days by rapper Azalea Banks and a pop artist Iggy Azalea.


This is lovely flower with light blue bloom gained momentum and became famous when Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell named her new born baby girl.


The perfect unisex name, it is also known as inflorescence. When we say “clovers” then we are talking about the members of the genus Trifoliumin, the Bean Family. The popularity of this flower has grown over the last few years.


This Mexican flower needs minimum eight hours of sunlight. This plant derives from the daisy family and got popularity for its brightly colored single and double flowers. In the language of flowers, dahlia has red and yellow colored which represent elegance and dignity, you can start dahlias from seeds, it is easy to begin with tubers. It is a most popular flower in most of the countries.


Fleur reflects to the French word for flower. This flower is getting popularity for birthday and Valentine’s Day events. Fleur was the name of a beautiful girl in the Harry Potter series from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. It has variety of colors, but red and golden are most famous.


This flower has almost 15 species and most famous in the central and southern Europe. It can be found in the northwestern part in Africa and in the southern Asia but also getting famous in Japan. This flower is greenish yellow. When we talk about its popularity, Beyonce and Jay-Z named their babies as Blue Ivy. The one of Batman’s most villainous opponents was in fact Poison Ivy.


Jasmine is the most popular name for such a long time. It is a genus of vines and shrubs which belongs to the Olive family. This is a climbing plant. Jasmine flower is a decorative and fragrant beauty. These flowers are most popular in white, pink, or yellow colors. This flower got popularity after the release of the 1992 Disney film, Aladdin, a character of beautiful Princess Jasmine.


This beautiful flower is most popular especially used in the religious traditions of both Buddhism and Hinduism.


This beautiful flower includes a wide range in varieties and colors. This flower basically belongs to Asia, North America and Europe. These flowers are in bloom throughout the season. They don’t require mulching or protection in the winter season.

What Kind Of Flowers You Need On Valentine’s Day

As the Valentine’s Day is coming in the month of February, most of the people who celebrate this event looking for perfect flowers for this event in all around the world. It is a very tough experience for those who want the greatest desire to show their feelings to their loved one that how much you care and love. But, not perfectly knowing how to express their feelings on this yearly event. The answer is very easy; you can show your feelings by giving or sending them some beautiful flowers. Flowers have long been a choice as a beautiful gift on Valentine’s Day and there is a much better reason for it. Because everyone love flowers, but it is not as simple as we really think. The main and hard question for all of us is that which flower or flowers to be choose. Don’t worry; we have the perfect answer for you.

Red Roses:

Red Roses are the most famous for most of the events. But most of the people who celebrate this event know the importance of Red Rose. This flower is the perfect choice on Valentine’s Day. The Red Rose is one of the most universal of all symbols and it is a specific symbol of true love. So, giving Red Rose is a much better way to convey emotions with deep, long-lasting romance.

Pink Roses:

Pink Roses have some specific meanings. They also represent grace, elegance, sweetness fun and happiness. When you are looking a gift for Valentine’s Day, and if your Valentine partner loves pink, then you are choosing the right gift for this event giving your partner the pink rose.

White Roses:

White Roses represent innocence and purity. White Roses are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings. The white rose is also a symbol of honor and reverence but it is getting popular on the Valentine’s Day event because the white Rose arrangements are mostly used as an expression of remembrance and care. The white color in Rose normally represents true love. It is also important when expressing your honest and true love for your new love.

Yellow Roses:

The yellow rose has been recognized historically as the friendship rose. If you are planning to give a yellow Rose on this special Valentine’s Day, then it means that you think about this person who is giving joy in your life and he is a great friend of you. So, the Yellow Rose particularly used for true and honest friendship. The yellow color has often seen referring with the sun and making them a great color for cheering someone up. The Yellow Rose often used on birthday, academic graduation and anniversary events.

Orange Roses:

The Orange Rose is not too famous because it doesn’t consider as a Rose, but it is used by some specific people. When it comes to romance, the Orange Rose reflects the feelings of desire, passion and excitement.

Now it is your turn to choose the right gift on your Valentine’s Day.

Rose: The Heart of Valentine

Rose is still at the top when you need to express your feelings to your loved ones on a special occasion. I really don’t want to put a stick in the mud on romance, but I need to pinch my husband giving a fortune for roses on Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, I can plant roses in my garden and the same money could be spent on living roses, but it would take an extra amount of time to grow up. Most of the people who love flowers know very well that naturally flowers and roses may not be in their blossomin February. You can plant Flowers and roses in your garden, it can provide you plenty of colors and scent in the summer months.An important thing that it is the perfect time to plant flowers and roses, this season is best, after planting roses you can get benefits from these roses.

You will find various types of roses and the English Roses are most perfect choice if you need to plant roses among other varieties in borders and beds, because these are most reliable repeat-flowering and also disease resistant. There are different kinds of red roses, so it is really difficult to choose the specific one. You will face the challenge in getting a good and perfect combination of health and fragrance, as the dark red roses are considered as the burning in the sun. If you have a specific one in your heart then ‘DarceyBussell’ would be the best choice. These are compact and busy in all summer. These are more ideal for a small garden or at a narrow border but you can plant them on a large area as well.

Roses are considered as hungry breeders so you should manage plenty of organic matters, such as digging a reasonable hole and use soil conditioner before planting. You should make sure that the selected area is cultivated and this area should be rootless and well prepared for planting flowers, add fertilizer in March and April at the start of the season, you can repeat planting in June for spring season. You should remember that roses needs four to five hours of sunlight in the growing season but it differs according to the rose types and environment. You should avoid such kind of areas where branches or excessively spreading roots, there can be a heavy competition among the roots of other shrubs or trees. You can plant taller English Roses, it would add height and mixed border structure, more compact types are perfect when you need to manage the front of the border. It is recommended that you must plant roses in small groups when planning to make the border;it will create the most charming effect. If you are planning to fill space then Nigella ‘Miss Jekyll’ or Cosmos large flowers in pink, purple and white colors, it would be the best choice. You should be very careful during the dry spells and the plants should be well watered.