Send Flowers to Mumbai for all Occasions

Mumbai has a reputation not only as one of the most important and busy city in the country, but also as one where people from all over the country reside in and call home. It isn’t surprising thus, that Mumbai is a place where all occasions find the same amount of excitement and celebrations. Mumbai also has the reputation of being one of the highest consumers of flowers in the country, as flowers are woven inherently with all kinds of celebrations in the Indian culture. This however becomes a problem for people with homes and families in Mumbai, but who live in other places as a result of their jobs or studies. It becomes impossible for them to show up for celebrations and order flowers on the same day. This problem is effectively solved by the option to send flowers to Mumbai. Now people living all over the country can easily send flowers to Mumbai and be assured that their families will receive the flowers inside the promised time period, and they will be welcomed by the sight of all those well decorated flowers when they finally arrive. The option to send flowers to Mumbai has also helped people who can’t attend a celebration but want to and  in turn these flowers show their happiness and desire to be a part of the said celebration.

Online delivery of flowers and how it makes celebrations easier

One of the biggest problems with the high demand for flowers during celebrations is that this often comes in conflict with the quality of flowers delivered. Online delivery of flowers solves this in the best way possible, by the promise of best quality flowers whenever you order. This makes sure that the flowers received from stores offering online delivery of flowers are guaranteed to be fresh and fragrant, which is the need for any celebrations. Online delivery of flowers also makes sure the flowers aren’t damaged in any way in the process of transportation, and delivered exactly on time. This makes the process of ordering flowers from other places in the country, to Mumbai, an easy and satisfying task. This quality guarantee is one of the most appealing traits of online flowers delivery options, according to majority of customers.

How to send birthday flowers online and how it helps plan the perfect birthday gift

Since birthdays are some of the most important and awaited occasion in every one’s life, they deserved to be celebrated with cherished and loved ones. However, there might be situations where you are invited to a birthday party but can’t show up. What you need to do then, is send them a birthday gift which not only appeals to them, but also shows them your thoughtfulness. The decision to send birthday flowers online is a brilliant answer to this situation. Not only can you personalise your gift according to the person’s preferences, but the option to send birthday flowers online also makes sure they get the best possible combination of flowers and well wishes. By opting to send birthday flowers online, you also make sure you stand out from the crowd of usual gifts, and score full points for authenticity.

How to order flowers online in Mumbai for all occasions

Flowers are the staple to any occasions in an Indian household, all year long. Be it Diwali, Dussehra or Christmas, India is a land of many festivals and the scope for celebrations all year long, making the demand for flowers in Indian homes ever growing. This has in turn, bolstered flower sales manifolds in recent times, prompting us to look for options which may solve our issues with availability and quality of flowers on purchase. Online flower delivery promises to do just that, helping us meet our demands for flowers on all occasions and festivities. One of the best things about online flower delivery is the customer to buyer approach it offers, which isn’t the same for local florists. At the local florist, what you order is at times entirely dependent on what flowers are available easily in that season, and have been thus obtained by the said florist in sufficient numbers. In case of online flower delivery this criteria is easily met, as the online stores have a wide variety of flowers to offer, irrespective of season, which makes sure you find your favourite flowers, no matter what time of the year the occasion is in. This also makes sure that the flowers are something up to your own expectations, and doesn’t depend on other factors dictating your choices.

How flower delivery in Mumbai works at making flowers available for all occasions

In a city like Mumbai, the occasions are celebrated with an unprecedented pomp and splendour. The occasions are also celebrated all year round as there are people of all religions and faith living together in the same city, thus pushing forth the demand of flowers manifolds and making it an all year long necessity. To help people in these situations, online flower selling stores have to make sure of the fact that they are prepared for this demand all year long. Since occasions are dependent on specific days of the year, flower delivery in Mumbai has to be adequately prepared to deliver on time. Online stores however rise to the occasion well, promising deliveries inside stipulated dates. This makes sure customers can order flowers and be assured that online flower delivery in Mumbai is carried out perfectly. Online Flower delivery in Mumbai is also preferred by customers as it is reasonable in terms of price and doesn’t charge highly or extra for their deliveries.

How to order flowers online in Mumbai and its benefits

It has become very easy to order flowers online in Mumbai as most online stores follow the simple process of ordering flowers. All that the customer has to do, is visit the store’s website and go through the catalogue of flowers available at the store. After this, they have to pick their favourites and pay, and the process to order flowers online Mumbai is completed instantaneously. The best thing about opting to order flowers online Mumbai is that customers can even create a mix of their favourite flowers, and not be restricted to only one type of flower. As the combination of flowers imparts varied colours and fragrances to occasions, this advantage is another important factor behind the success of online flower stores.

How to purchase the best Birthday gifts Online

Birthdays are special for so many reasons. They are a representation of how far along you’ve come in life, a reminder of the years that you have put behind you now. It is of no surprise thus, that celebrating birthdays are always a big deal with everyone. Unanimously, birthdays are occasions which everyone looks forward to, and with good reasons obviously. The presence of friends and loved ones, all cherishing your presence in their lives, and the incredible celebration of that fact makes birthdays exciting as well as the perfect moment for merrymaking in everyone’s life. However, when you’re invited to a birthday party, things might start to seem a little harder, because then you have to bear the responsibility of purchasing birthday gifts, and we all know how stressful gift buying can prove to be. However, with the new services that help to send birthday flowers online, there seems to be a promising change and pleasantness in a task once considered harrowing.

Birthday flower delivery: one step solution to your birthday gift problems

Since birthday gifts come in many shapes and forms, it is often hard to pick the right one. Most birthday gifts turn out to be incredibly disappointing, and serve no other use than to be kept away and never brought out properly again. But with birthday flower delivery services, this old problem is something you’ll never have to worry about again. For one, flowers share a unanimous appeal for every age and demographic, which makes birthday flower delivery services a satisfying answer to everyone’s birthday gift expectations. The advantages that come with birthday flower delivery options are many, such as the ease of access that it provides for customers. With the click of your mouse, you can easily go through their catalogue of a wide range of flowers, from which you can make your choice and order for birthday flower delivery. The large number of choices that these stores offer in terms of flowers also makes the choice to send birthday flowers online, the right one.

How to send flowers to Mumbai from online flower stores

When it comes to sending gifts to a city like Mumbai, the problems usually increase manifolds. In case you decide to send flowers to Mumbai, it is even more problematic considering the flowers shouldn’t be of bad quality, and that it reaches to its destination on time. However, using online stores to send flowers solves all of these as they promise on time delivery, which means you don’t have to worry about your birthday gifts reaching late. Also the flowers in online stores is guaranteed to be fresh and fragrant when delivered, which makes the job to send flowers to Mumbai that much easier and without doubt, the best one. As we know, birthday gifts are always special, and most people have expectations from them in secret, and as a result are easy to be disappointed. But with the options to send birthday flowers online, now you can be sure that their expectations shall not only be fulfilled, but they’ll receive a birthday gift that they’ll want every year.

Future of Flower Industry in India

Future of Flower Industry in India

The Floral Industry is one of the fastest grown and major commercial businesses of India and due to the increase in awareness and high demand, flowers are predominantly becoming one of the fastest growing commodities in the Indian society. Flowers were never cultivated on a commercial basis a few decades ago but a recent shift in the situation has made flower cultivation grow multi-fold and flowers have become an essential of man’s religious, social and various other uses in a man’s life. Flowers are now cultivated and traded on a commercial basis and in some regions they are only exported to other countries of the World due to high demand and high value.

Seeing the potential and growth factor of the flower industry, more and more people are starting floral businesses in India. The major metro cities in India are major contributors to the growth of floral industry in the Country.

Large scale exports of flowers from India and high volume purchases by florists of India are some of the leading factors contributing to the enhancement of scope of the floral business in India. India having over 70% of agricultural land, has many growers adopting modern methods of cultivation to grow flowers in better environments that eventually contribute to higher yield and output quality of flowers in India. Flowers are so much in demand in India that the local growers are unable to fulfill the demand during wedding seasons. Exports of India flowers are very popular and the rose from India is very popular among many countries of the World.

Recently, Online Flower delivery has become the norm and most major florists are using this portal to enhance their sales and get orders for bouquet delivery online from any country of the world. Users can log into their website, choose their bouquets and deliver fresh bouquets with same day delivery done by major florists in India. May Flower being one of the pioneer in Mumbai, who started their online portal over a decade ago, today delivers flowers on a regular basis to most of the countries regions having customers coming from USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and many other countries.

The western culture of sending flowers for almost all occasions has been slowly being adopted by Indian culture and nowadays there are those who prefer to send fresh flowers online along with other gifts. Flowers are presented from the time a person is born up to the time a person dies and different styles and colors are sent for such occasions.

Flowers are not only used for decoration in events such as weddings which is the major industry in India but nowadays flowers are being used for juices, fragrances, adding flavors to certain foods etc. Flowers are also being used to extract certain elements used in medicines.

From the above one can see that flower cultivation is on the rise and will soon make India the number 1 flower cultivator in the world.

Holiday Decorating Ideas with Flowers

Holiday Decorating Ideas with Flowers

The holidays are supposed to be a cheerful, happy time, so it’s only fitting that the atmosphere of your home or office reflect that as well. Nothing says “cheerful” and “happy” more than fresh arrangements of flowers that fill the room with life and vibrant. Part of what’s great about flowers is that there are blooms for every season as well, so you can schedule an online flower delivery any time of year without having to worry about the availability of fresh blooms. If you want to decorate your home or office for the holiday season, consider the following ideas when doing so.


Garlands are a great way to instantly bring a bit of festive cheer to any space. When you visit an online florist and buy flowers online, try to select from varieties that can easily be hung on a garland. For instance, poinsetta blooms can be pinned to garlands to get them a festive look, as can roses, carnations, lilies and more. Simply cut a few stems from your floral bouquets and then tie the stems onto a garland strung around a staircase or draping from a fireplace to add the freshness of flowers to it.


No holiday is complete without a feast, and even if you don’t have one, you can certainly use your dining table as a decorative piece by creating a holiday tablescape on it. Fresh flowers are always a great addition to any tablescape, so you can simply take the flowers that you had sent to you from your online florist and place them in the center of your table, or you can get even more creative by placing the floral arrangements in a bowl, vase or basket that’s filled with decorative ornaments or moss to add to the holiday ambiance. You can also fill a couple of holiday-themed wine glasses, mason jars or wine bottles with flowers from your arrangement as well to add to your holiday tablescape. Add a couple of tapered candles into the mix to complete the festive look.


Wreaths are great decorative pieces for every season, and they are especially so for the holidays. Instead of purchasing a pre-fabricated wreath for the holidays, you can use your floral bouquets to create your own personalized one. Simply arrange your blossoms’ stems into your wreath in the design that you wish, and not only will your wreath feature seasonal blooms, but it’ll also give off a nice, fresh aroma.

Mantle Centerpieces

If you have a mantle, then you certainly need a centerpiece on it for the holidays. Consider creating a tiered centerpiece featuring different seasonal blooms, or arrange blossoms around a candelabra or pillared candle centered atop your mantle. Floral centerpieces placed atop mantles that have mirrors above them look particularly well since the blooms can then reflect into other areas of the room.

No matter whether you plan to send flowers to India or some other part of the world, there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate the blooms you receive from your online florist into your holiday decorating theme.

The Process of Flower Export

Process of Flower Export
Floral Industry is one of the major industries in many developed and developing countries across the World. Floriculture dates back to the late 1800’s and it all began in England where flowers were grown in large numbers in vast various estates. Coming to the present, it is a more dynamic, multinational and fast paced industry that has achieved massive growth rates in the past few decades. From USD 3 Billion in the late 50-60’s to over USD 100 Billion by the end of the 1990’s.
What constitutes a floral industry are the source being the growers, the distribution channel mainly the wholesales and the final delivery of flower bouquets being the retailers. There has been a major move to get rid of the middleman to speed up and make cost efficient transfer of flowers from growers to retailers and thereby reducing costs up to a considerable amount.
Transportation of flowers are sent in cardboard boxes. These are flat rectangular boxes and can accommodate large amounts of flowers and can be easily fitted in smaller aircraft and other transportation modes. Some flowers cannot stay without water for such longer periods of time and for these flowers such as orchids, these are attached with tubes that contain enough water at the base of the stem to last the journey so that it reaches the final destination fresh and sturdy. Some flowers that require even more water, are transported in buckets of water to keep the freshness quality throughout the journey. Flowers are either transported via air directly to wholesalers or retailers, or they are sold at nurseries or directly to consumers via mail order by selling them online. Flowers are also graded and sent out before reaching the final retailer.
The epicenter of flower production and the majority of flower consumption has been Japan, Western Europe, America. Major consumer markets consist of United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan and Switzerland. Netherlands continues to be the major center of production of the floral market and many varieties of flowers are supplied online to international countries. Recent figures show statistics as over 10 billion blooms grown by Dutch growers. Sending flowers hasn’t been easier with flowers coming in across the World practically on a daily basis. May Flower gets imported flowers at its store many times and most elite customers order online delivery of such flowers often in Mumbai and other cities in India.
Due to lower labor and better climate and soil conditions, there has been a shift of flower industry from Netherlands. Netherlands has been more into trading of flowers and a shift of focus has been done from growing. New centers of flower production are Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya and not surprisingly India. India has major exports of roses and you will be surprised at the amount of roses and quality of roses that are exported from India. Many countries import roses from India which are almost north of 4ft tall with blooms that are as big as a tomato. Indian growers are using technology and newer marketing methods to grow, preserve and transport from green houses to final destinations in cold storage containers. May Flower gets these roses often which are exclusive to May Flower for their online customers who buy and send flowers across Mumbai very often and other cities as well.

Use of Flowers in Festivals of India

Flowers possess the inherent ability to brighten any occasion, be it a birthday party, or your favourite festival. Since the time festivals became such an important part of our lives, and the planning behind celebrating a festival so that it not only becomes a memorable occasion but a testament to our faith, festivals have been an accompaniment without which no celebration is complete. From decorating the altar of worship to decking up the people participating in the celebrations, flowers play an important role in every Indian festival, the scope and necessity of which has only increased continuously and exponentially. From Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai to Navratri celebrations in Gujarat, flowers have been welcomed and used to their fullest potential in every occasion. The option of online delivery of flowers has only contributed to the ever growing importance of flowers in our lives, by making flowers easily available and something everyone can afford and revel in its beauty and serenity.

How online flower delivery in Mumbai has helped flowers become an integral part of Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is arguably one of the most elaborately celebrated as well as revered festivals in Mumbai. It is an occasion that holds testament to the love and respect people in Mumbai have for the god of prosperity. As such, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with a pomp and show which truly represents Mumbai’s spirit of never ending joy and excitement. With online flower delivery in Mumbai becoming popular and a household staple, the inclusion of flowers in the celebration of this festival comes as no surprise. Ganesh Chaturthi due to its sheer scale of celebratory mood requires a huge volume of flowers for decorative purposes, and this is easily achieved by the presence of online flower delivery in Mumbai. Online delivery of flowers has ensured that flowers can now be ordered from home, thus considerably reducing the effort needed to visit a florist and order flowers, and leaves people free to plan other aspects of the celebrations. Online delivery of flowers in Mumbai has also made it possible for everyone to afford flowers, which is a big difference in comparison to conventional methods of shopping for flowers. Since all festivals in India are supposed to act as the biggest factor behind the unification of all sections of the society, this point proves the above-stated goal all over again.

What makes flower delivery Mumbai one of the integral parts of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations

Flower delivery Mumbai has seen a spurt in terms of popularity when compared to conventional methods of flower purchase due to some easy but welcome difference. Firstly, flower delivery Mumbai ensures the best quality of delivered flowers. Online delivery of flowers, by its merits of larger options to choose from and better delivery options, have thus become a staple of all our major festivals and their celebrations.