Kaas Pathar – Nature’s Panorama of Colors

Imagine miles of lands stretched in front of your eyes covered in colorful blooms. This blissful sight is something you can expect after monsoon in the Kaas plateau. This site about 25 kilometers away from Satara, Maharashtra was declared UNESCO World Natural Heritage Spot in 2012, for being a biodiversity hotspot. It is home to wildflowers, shrubs, and grasses. The species of plants found here are unique and beautiful in their own right and are found to be in full bloom for a couple of months during and after the monsoon. This breathtaking spot mesmerizes the visitors and shows the power of nature.

Location: Where is Kaas Plateau or Kaas Pathar Located?

Located on a plateau near Satara, this stretch of flowering plants exists at the altitude of 1200 kilometers. The plateau is a result of volcanic activity. The activities have rendered the soil with a thin cover with unique volcanic rock soil properties. Due to this, the plants that survive here can survive in no other regions. This region is also amongst the heavy rainfall zones. Kaas plateau also known as Kaas Pathar by the locals, nurtures some 850 different species of plants. The plateau gets its name from the Kaasa tree, which sprouts white flowers in the month of March. What sets this tree apart, is that the green leaves of this tree gradually turn to red.

International Flowers Festival in India:

The valley of flowers comprises flowers such as orchid and Karvy shrubs. It also has 39 unique species that is found only in the region. This valley of endemic and endangered plants include flowering plants like Sonaki, Vaytura, Somada, Musali, Abhadi, Kandilpushpa, Deepkadee, Davbindu to name just a few. Few carnivorous plants, such as Drosera Indica, inhabit this region too. During the season the area looks like a multi-colored carpet with slightest variations of colors – it is nature at its best. Apart from the beauty of the flowers, it is also home to various species of endemic butterflies.



The following is a list of some of the flowers found on at Kaas Plateau:

  1. Ceropegia vincaefolia (Kandilpushpa/ Kandil kharchudi- कंदिल खर्चुडी)
  2. Drosera indica (Gavati Davbindu – गवती दवबिंदू)
  3. Senecio grahami / bombayensis (Sonakee – सोनकी)
  4. Utricularia purpurascens(Seetechee aasawe – सीतेची आसवे)
  5. Smithia hirsute / hirsuta (Kavala – कवळा)
  6. Wild Brinjal flower (kaaTe ringaNii – काटे रिंगणी)
  7. Adenoon indicum(mothi sonaki)
  8. Aponogeton satarensis (Vaytura)
  9. Arisaema murrayi(Pandhara Sapkanda)
  10. Ceropegia jainii(Somada)
  11. Chlorophytum glaucoides(Musali)
  12. Cyanotis tuberosa (Abhali)
  13. Dendrobium barbatulum(Bharangee)
  14. Dioscorea bulbifera(dukkar kanda)
  15. Dipcadi montanum(Deepkadee)
  16. Drosera burmanni(Davbindu)
  17. Elaeocarpus glandulosus(Kaasa)
  18. Exacum tetragonum (Udi chirayat)
  19. Habenaria heyneana (toothbrush Orchid)
  20. Hitchenia caulina(Chavar)
  21. Linum mysurense(Undri)
  22. Memecylon umbellatum(lAnjani)
  23. Murdannia lanuginosa(Abolima)
  24. Murdannia simplex(Nilima)
  25. Nymphoides indicum (Kumudini)
  26. Paracaryopsis coelestina(Nisurdi)
  27. Paracaryopsis malbarica(Kali Nisurdi)
  28. Pinda concanensis(Pinda)
  29. Rotala ritchiei(Paner)
  30. Senecio bombyensis(Sonki)
  31. Trichosanthes tricuspidata(Kondal)
  32. Vigna vexillata(Halunda)
  33. Habenaria longicorniculata
  34. Habenaria panchganiensis
  35. Flemingia nilgheriensis
  36. Habenaria grandifloriformis
  37. Begonia crenata
  38. Aerids maculosum
  39. Ceropegia media
  40. Impatiens oppositifolia
  41. Ipomoea barlerioides
  42. Oberonia recurva
  43. Pogostemon deccanensis
  44. Rotala fimbriata
  45. Smithia agharkarii


Attractions & Which period is good for visit Kaas Pathar?

Due to the natural beauty, this spot draws a large number of tourists, nature lovers and scientists. Though it is frequented during the monsoon, the best time to visit the plateau is right after monsoon from August through October. The international flowers are in its full glory during these three months. Orchids can be found for three to four weeks during this season. In order to the preserve, the region from damage by the tourists, only 3000 tourists are allowed per day. There is not much to do at this place apart from taking a walk and basking in the natural beauty. However, the rest of the plateau is a reserve forest, which tourists visit during their trip. To the south of the plateau, there is the Kaas lake with Kanher Dam and Sajjangad fort in close vicinity. India’s highest waterfall, Vajrai Waterfall, can also be included in the trip.

There are two ways to reach the Kaas plateau. One, a direct way from Satara. Two, you can reach it from Tapola, through the road connecting Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. Come here if you are ready to have nature take your breath away.


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Fun Facts about Flowers

Fun Facts about Flowers

Since time immemorial flowers have had a very close relationship with human beings. It has always managed to intrigue the people with its beauty and its fragrance. It has come to be signified as a suitable gift for any auspicious occasion. Be it a birthday, marriage or a congratulatory gift it always conveys a heartfelt message. Despite humans being so closely associated with flowers, there are certain interesting facts which very few people know. In this article, we will discuss two interesting facts about flowers which are not widely known. While are also providing tips on how to order flowers online Mumbai.

Tulip Mania

No matter how much a person loves flowers or no matter how rare a flower is, it is challenging to imagine it to be dearer than gold. However, there was a time in the 17th century when Tulip flowers were costlier than gold in the modern-day Netherlands. During the 1630s a phenomenon called ‘Tulip Mania’ struck some of the countries in Western Europe. There was such spectacular rise in the demand for these flowers that Tulips were used as a form of currency. One reason for such strange need for Tulips was that it signified love, life, and immortality. Unfortunately, the Tulip mania was not immortal, and its demand soon died down.

Angelic Effects of Angelica

Angelica is a pretty popular flower in present times. However, very few know why and how it got its name. In the earlier times for many centuries, the angelica flowers were known to be of great help to cure people of different types of diseases and problems. It is particularly well known for providing care to the bubonic plague, a few centuries ago. Apart from acting as a medicine, it was also considered to have the power to break spells and hexes and put away the evil spirits. There was a common superstition that if angelica flower is added to the ritual bath, then it acts as a protector against the evil powers.

Superstitions apart, Scientists have also agreed that Angelica is an excellent gerbil tea to be consumed when suffering from issues related to indigestion, gas, colic, heartburn, and hepatitis. It is also very efficient in providing remedies for the infections of the human respiratory system, liver issues, and digestive problems. Hence, it is clear that this flower is not just about good looks and great smell, but it has other utilities too.

Flowers for Gifts

As mentioned before, various flowers mean and do different things. So it is imperative to know what they signify before you order flowers online Mumbai. There are many websites which do online flower delivery in Mumbai who suggest and educate their buyers about the different aspects of the flowers that they sell. Hence when you send flowers to Mumbai next time you should know what kind of flowers to send for what occasion. It will not only give you great satisfaction while gifting but also if the person receiving it knows about flowers, then that person will be delighted with the gesture too.

Essential Things to Know About Flower

Essential Things to Know About Flower

Humans and flowers have had a close relationship with each other for a very long time. On almost every auspicious occasion we find the presence of flowers. It mesmerizes us with its beauty, color, and smell and fills our hearts with joy. However, there are certain things that we often neglect about flowers. In this article, we will discuss some of the things about flowers that are not often known by many people.

Why do Flowers have Beautiful Colors?

Like any other animal flowers too inherit some aspects of their appearance from their genes. They have different colors because they have pigments ingrained in them which produce a varied range of colors across the spectrum. The pigments present in the plants are the same pigments which provide colors in tomatoes and colors. The pigment known as Carotenoid is responsible for producing yellow, orange and red colors in some of the flowers presents. At the same time, there is another chemical by the name of Anthocyanin which provides pink, blue, red and purple colors to the flower petals. Contrary to popular belief flowers do not have different colors as just other physical features but they need these colors for their sustenance.

What is the most common color in Flowers?

In the modern age everything seems to have an answer, but in this case, there is no definite answer to this question. Hence nobody can say with certainty that one color is more common than the other. The primary reason for no one being able to be entirely sure about it is because of the presence of a massive number of flowers available all over the world in different geographical locations. However, many believe that white is the most common herb available. White is followed by yellow, blue and red concerning availability. However, many argue that Green or Brown flowers could be more common because trees’ flowers are mostly of these colors.

Why Do Flowers Have Fragrance?

People all over the world are enamored by the smell of the flowers. It is one of the best qualities of flowers which attract people towards it. Different flowers have different fragrance because they attract various types of pollinators. For example flowers with a sweet smell attracts pollinators like butterflies, moths, and bees, on the other side flowers having rotten smell attracts insects such as dung flies.

Best Online Website to Buy Flowers

We all know flowers have a tremendous effect on humans. It, for this reason, it is one of the most popular gifts available in the market. However, gifting someone flower which is not good in quality or fresh can be a dampener. It is, for this reason, it is ideal to buy them online. One of the best places to order flowers online is Mayflower.in. They sell some of the unique and beautiful flowers present which are not available at even the best florist in Mumbai.

Send Flowers to Mumbai this Dusshera and Wish Your Dear Ones

Send Flowers to Mumbai this Dusshera and Wish Your Dear Ones

India is a country of many festivals. The people here like to celebrate festivals of different regions and religions with equal pomp and glory. However, among all the festivals which are celebrated in India one that truly unites all of India is the festival of Dusshera. This festival marks the end of the Navratri. Different parts of India celebrate this festival for different reasons. While in some regions of the country it marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil demon, other parts of India celebrate the win of Lord Rama over Ravana. No matter what the reason is, what stands out during this period is that the entire nation gets together and celebrates it wholeheartedly. As a result of this, this season is synonymous with people from all over India sending gifts and good wishes to each other. In this article, we will discuss why it is best to send flowers to Mumbai to wish your friends and family this Dusshera season.

Send Flowers Online

Irrespective of the occasion, flowers always seem to be the perfect gift to wish the other person well. During Dussehra too, it is an ideal gift for your near ones which convey your love, affection and good wishes. In this day and age when technology has become so advanced, it is only natural for people to use the technology and choose the option of online flower delivery to send good wishes during the festive period. There are many reasons why people are increasingly bending towards online shopping for sending gifts and flowers. The following are some of the biggest advantages of buying or sending flowers online.


It is much more convenient than having to get to a store physically and choosing the flowers. With the advent of online flower shops, it has become much easier and less time-consuming. You can sit in your home or office and select the best flowers for your friends and family members with just a few touches on your mobile phone. It ensures that you do not have to take time off your busy schedule and visit a florist personally.

Quality and Availability

The online flower websites have the widest range of collection that anyone can think. The conditions of these flowers are excellent too. No matter what kind of flower you need for the flower arrangements for Dussera, you can be sure that you will get them on these websites. Moreover, the prices offered at these sites are very affordable too. They can provide high-quality flowers at a comparatively low rate because of the absence of intermediaries.

Quick and Precise Delivery

It takes only a few hours for these websites to make flower delivery in Mumbai, irrespective of where in Mumbai the address may be. The delivery is not only made very quickly, but it is also looked into that the flowers are not damaged in transit.

The reasons mentioned above makes online flower shopping the best choice when you want to send flowers to Mumbai and wish your close ones on the occasion of Dusshera.

Importance of Flowers During Navratri

Importance of Flowers During Navratri

An Indian festival that lasts for 9 days – Navratri is always celebrated in an innovative manner every year. This Navratri festival is celebrated in different ways in different states of India by celebrating Goddess Durga. In Gujarat, girls and boys dress themselves in the best ethnic wear like ghaghra cholis and kurta pyjama for garba and dandiya raas play. This play is held around the earthen pot and image of Mother Goddess. Whereas, in Bengal, people resemble the power of females by performing Durga Puja. Goddess Durga is believed to spread peace on this earth again. While, South India altogether has a different way of celebrating this festival by presenting gifts. Gifts in the form of prashad are exchanged which includes coconuts, sweets and clothes.

Most of the people clean their home on the day of Amavasya – a day before Navratri to welcome Goddess Durga. People also keep Mata ki Chowki in the Navratri days. Celebrating this festival definitely needs flowers for keeping a positive environment. While most of the people are doing such, the offline vendors might run out of stock. But in this 21st century, everything is possible within just few clicks. There are various florists in Mumbai online that can deliver fresh flowers at your doorstep. Also, numerous florists provide same day delivery, fixed date and time delivery for instant facilitation. In such a mess, it is a wise idea to opt for online flower delivery in Mumbai. Here is a gist of nine incarnations of nine different days.

Shoe Flower or Hibiscus for Maa Shailputri on Day 1

Maa Shailputri is the very first incarnation of Maa Durga and she is well known as Parvati. She would definitely bless you with immense happiness if she is pleased with your worships.

Shevanti/Chrysanthemum for Goddess Brahmacharini on Day 2

Brahmachirini is worshipped on this day as Maa Durga performed severe amendment in order to gain Lord Shiva as her husband. Once this was done, Maa Durga acquired a lot of purity and piousness. The same would happen to us if we please Lord Brahmacharini.

Lotus for Chandraghanta on Day 3

She is called Chandraghanta as she rides on a lion called ‘Dharma’. Worshipping this Goddess on day 3, would help you get rid from all the sins and sufferings.

Jui flowers for Kushmanda Maa on Day 4

Maa Durga’s 4th incarnation is that of Kushmanda Maa who holds a flower in one of her eight hands. She bestows all the super natural powers.

Rose flowers for Skandamata on Day 5

Skandamata Maa who is worshipped on day 5 is the mother of Kartikeya. She is the one who sits on a lion. Worshipping her would surely purify your heart which liberates you from all the problems in your life.

Jasmine flowers for Katyayani on Day 6

This form of incarnation slays the Mahishasur, the demon. Devoting Maa Katyayani on day 6 sincerely would honor you with all the wealth and prosperity.

Krishnakamal flower / Passiflora for Goddess Krishnakamal Day 7

Goddess Krishnakamal rides a donkey, four arms, flaming mouth and three eyes. There might be obstacles in devoting her time. But passing through it would make you fearless, give you peace and vanish all your problems.

Mogra for Mahaguri on Day 8

She is an incarnation that had a dark complexion unless she pleased Lord Shiva by cleansing herself with the holy water of Ganga. Later, she turned out to be fair. So, devoting time to her on this day would give you a great peace of mind.

Chapa flowers for Siddhidatri on Day 9

Siddhidatri means giving supernatural powers. This goddess holds the conch shell, mace, chakra and lotus flower in four arms.

So, order Now! Happy Navratri.

Flowers – Delivering joy on birthdays

Flowers – Delivering joy on birthdays

‘Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to dear Gungun, Happy birthday to you!’. These charismatic rhythmic words catapulted her to an ecstasy of being the most loved and cheered for lady, of that moment, for that day. Her year long wait bore fruit. Experienced the joy and delight of being special. Love surrounded. Folks participated. Blessings showered. Gifts and more gifts, cake, magic candles, twinkling light bulbs, sumptuous food, balloons, floral decoration, bouquets were present in full attendance. Golden memories etched as selfies. That day was a day of an extraordinary celebration. Impeccable arrangement by a proud grandmother. Gungun’s birthday was celebrated with much fanfare. Her grandmother got her birthday flowers delivered from London.  Gungun journeyed 150 kms to her grandmother’s place for celebrating her own birthday. Birthdays have always been a time of going that extra mile to make someone feel special and reasons to express our affection and love.

Flowers – The versatile magicians

Our actions speak louder than our words. Flowers speak as well as act. They are the all-weather mediators of one’s expression for someone and something. They are leaders – leading unto many emotions. They are peace makers. They spell magic. They in fact alleviate pains of psychological bruises one goes through. Flowers complement. Flowers in Mumbai compliment. And they speak clearer, louder, lovelier, sweeter on birthdays. They bring in required doses of sought personalized attention.

Send birthday flowers online

In metropolitans, time is a major concern and a constraint. Traffic snarls, busy schedules, long distances etc. many times do not permit people to purchase flowers offline. So, an online platform can drastically reduce the concern of purchase and delivery of birthday flowers online.

Hence procuring and Send Birthday Flowers Online in their beauty, freshness, variety, glory, arrangement, propriety, pertinence, punctuality and quick delivery is a million-dollar question. Birthday flower delivery on time is another major challenge. Surprise deliveries at mid-night 12 is definitely a pleasant take. And is really thrilling. But how does one purchase flowers at late night to keep them fresh so that he could carry the same for presenting. Offline shops are not open beyond a certain time limit. So, this aspect too needs to be tackled. Still more challenging is availing the buyers with the stocks of local, exotic, exquisite variegated flowers and their transcending presentation. Challenge lies also in delivering the flowers intact with all its freshness and looks. So, right kind of packaging using the right kind of material comes into picture. This needs an entire systematic and organized procedure. And thankfully there is an easy answer pertaining to this exploration. Choosing the online mode of sending birthday flowers is the best option.

Online May Flower delivery

May Flower is a one-time solution for all the above needs. With May Flower, Mumbai is flower ready – delivering anytime, anywhere in Mumbai with its quickest delivery service. One click on their site and you are pampered with a gamut of best options. May Flower is an iconic florist company with 37 years of expertise in flower management. Their online flower delivery service has set a benchmark. Click on birthday occasion and select the price of your choicest flowers and destination city. Pay by credit card or debit card or through internet banking and finish your transaction mentioning your delivery address. And the flowers are delivered at the quickest time at doorstep.

Send Flowers Online to Mumbai for Birthdays, Wedding, Anniversary Easy way to make perfect Birthday Bouquet

Send Flowers Online to Mumbai for Birthdays, Wedding, Anniversary  Easy way to make perfect Birthday Bouquet

Mumbai is the land of many opportunities. It is one of the premier cities in India which has managed to attract people from all over the country. Hence it is not much of a surprise that many of my friends and relatives have moved there in search of a better livelihood or education. It is, therefore, a city which is very close to me. My sister has been living in Mumbai for the last ten years, and over the years many of my close friends too moved there. I especially missed the people close to me on occasions like birthdays and new years. Many times I even thought of sending those gifts or flowers on their birthdays. However, the lack of options and lack of quality flower shops meant that I had to abort the plan as I do not like gifting things to people which I do not like. It is only on my sister’s last birthday did I find out about great places to send flowers to Mumbai on the internet. This discovery has made me delighted as it allows me to remind my friends and relatives living in Mumbai how much they still mean to me.

Flower Delivery in Mumbai

Mumbai has always had many shops which delivered flowers to various addresses. However, the entire process was rather complicated, especially when ordering from a different city.  However, with the advent of various online flower shops flower delivery in Mumbai has become much easier than before. It does not take more than fifteen minutes to pick a beautifully designed bouquet and order them. Apart from flowers, there are also other gift items which are available in these online shops.  It makes it a one stop online shop for anyone looking to wish a dear one on their birthdays or any other occasions.

Why it is easy to Order Flowers Online

These websites are not only very convenient for people ordering outside of Mumbai, but it is also beneficial for individuals who reside in Mumbai and want to send flowers to a close friend or a relative on any occasion. You need not visit the store as in the earlier times and pick the flowers that you like; It is now possible to order flowers online and get them delivered directly to the person whom you want to send it.

Best Way to Send Flowers to Mumbai

Ordering flowers online are the best way to send flowers to Mumbai as the ordering process is straightforward, and also it allows you to customize the flowers as per your choice and also to add a personal message with the flowers. The delivery is made within a few days and at the exact location mentioned. Moreover, the delivery is made in such a way that the design or the structure of the flowers does not get affected. The quality of the flowers delivered is top notch, and they remain fresh and vibrant for hours and even days.

Smart Mumbai’s penchant – Ordering flowers online

Smart Mumbai’s penchant – Ordering flowers online

Flowers have universal language. Their presence in our lives reflect significant meaning. They play different roles from birth till the last breath of a person. In many cultures, some flowers are treated auspicious. They are offered to deities too. So, they are very much a part and partial of our lifestyle. Be it marriage, meetings or interior decoration or even styling hairs, birthdays, events etc., flowers are here to stay till mankind exists. But getting flowers to meet all the desired purposes at the right time and at the right place with right price can be challenging. This is where making them easily available to needs and requirements is essential. And Mumbai is ordering flowers online Mumbai bigtime to solve the above issues.

Mission of visionaries

Visionary florists, with years of experience and acumen, are innovating and upgrading their work processes and styles to match the demand in the flower market. Few have been successful and few are catching up. The ones who are not able to change are on the verge of extinction. The top ones have actually put in their mettle to provide the best quality flowers and accompanying arrangement, with their freshness to the customers. Going online being a great catch. Delivery on the same day still could be a game changer if the choice of flowers pertains to ones that are locally not available and have to be procured externally.

Mumbai’s flower delivery roost

Hence the player that is present in online platform with best quality flowers, designs and quickest delivery service will be a winner. Nevertheless, there are few top-notch florists who leave no stone unturned to provide a mind-blowing service in this sector. Placing orders from them is an assuredness of getting the best service. They go to any extent to fulfill the demands made in the order.

One step closer and better

User friendly online interphases, easy to understand processes, faster site speed and multiple online payment options as well as cash delivery option, make an online player preferable. Other distinguished services could be complimentary gifts with particular price packages. Strategic location of warehouse too is a deciding factor as it smoothens easy movement of packaged delivery parcels.

Top florist in Mumbai

One such long-time player having 37 years of experience in this field is May Flower. It is a well-managed, top florist Mumbai company that has been ruling the flower industry with its impeccable record of providing best quality products at reasonable price and quickest on-time delivery. With a jaw dropping range of flowers and their ensemble lined up, they are a pioneer in this sector. Their online market place and services is unmatchable. Placing order with May Flower is pretty easy. Few simple steps and you are done. Visit their site. Select occasion, Online Flower delivery city and your price range. Then a click on find flowers button that opens pages of a whole array of beautiful flowers. Select the flowers you want to buy. There is a check out option. Once that is done, you pay and finish. Fill in your address details. That’s it. It is as simple as that. And you are delivered your choicest flowers at your doorstep in safest mode and quickest time.

A whole world of flowers is awaiting you. Now Mumbai can shop Send Birthday Flowers Online and place orders from the comforts of your home. The top florist is at your service.

How to Send Birthday Flowers Online

How to Send Birthday Flowers Online

Since time immemorial people have been using flowers as a very thoughtful gift for different occasions. Be it a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary, the right kind of flowers can go a long way to making the other person feel special on their big day. However, with the advent of latest technologies in the last few years, the practice of gifting dear one’s flowers have somewhat gone out of flavour. People nowadays choose a more convenient and easier of wishing their friends and family on special occasions like birthdays, especially to those individuals who live in faraway lands. If you are one of those old school people who still love to gift flowers on birthdays but are not able to do so because of distance, you can do it by sending birthday flower delivery to your close friends and relatives.

Why Birthday Flower Delivery

Birthdays are one of those occasions when everyone deserves to feel special. Sending someone their favourite flowers can make any one’s day. Moreover, it also shows how someone cares about the person when they make the effort of sending their favourite flowers on their birthday. It can certainly brighten up the mood of the individual who receives the lovely flowers. When there is an efficient system of birthday flower delivery in different cities, then distance cannot stop people from making their friends or relatives day. Earlier there were not many shops which made flower deliveries in distant lands. However, with the internet playing a significant role today in almost every aspect of our lives, sending flowers has become a lot easier.

Send Birthday Flowers Online

There is a host of online websites which allows one to send birthday flowers online. It is an effortless and convenient way of making your close ones feels special on their birthdays. One can just send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to someone living in another continent with just a few touches on the phone or by spending a few minutes on the computer. The quality of flowers sent from these websites is truly phenomenal. They are fresh and smell as they originally should even hours and days after they have been delivered. Moreover, the flowers are designed artistically to ensure that they suit the occasion. Another advantage of sending flowers online through these websites is the fact that one can even customize it to make it more appealing to the eye.

Fast Online Flower Delivery

Another advantage of ordering flowers on the internet for a special occasion is that one does not have to order them too much in advance. The online flower delivery is often made within days of the order being placed. The delivery is made promptly. The flowers are as attractive as they are shown. During transit, it is ensured that the flowers do not lose their freshness or their fragrance and are delivered in top condition. It is also possible to attach a personal message with the flowers to make the other person realize that you are thinking of them on their birthday.

Order Flowers Online Mumbai for Ganpati Festival

Order Flowers Online Mumbai for Ganpati Festival

Mumbai is one of the biggest and the most glamorous cities in India. Millions of people from all across the country move to this city in Maharashtra because of its charm and the ability to provide massive opportunities for almost everyone. Although the megacity of Mumbai is always moving and the people always keep busy with their own lives, yet there is one time of the year when this city truly comes to life. The Ganpati festival in Maharashtra is one festival which brings a lot of joy to not only the people of Mumbai but the entire state of Maharashtra as a whole. During this period the city is in a celebratory mood as they celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. This ten-day festival ensures that there is a carnival like atmosphere in many parts of the city. Like in any other festival in India this festival too is associated with a lot of decorations. Different localities are decorated with lights and flowers, which gives a beautiful look to the entire city. As the demand for fresh flowers is very high during this period, therefore it gets challenging to find good quality fresh flowers during this season to decorate the house and the Ganesh idols. It is, therefore, a perfect idea to order flowers online under such circumstances.

Get High-Quality Flowers at Your Door Step with Online Flower Delivery

Although Mumbai is a city where you get almost anything that you need, yet during the festive season it gets tough to find a good place to buy high-quality fresh flowers. The few areas where one may find a decent collection may be in faraway places. If one does decide to get them from there, then many flowers get damaged in transit, which causes loss and dissatisfaction among the people. In the past people of Mumbai often had to compromise on the quality of the flowers because of these restrictions. However, with the latest online websites, one can get online flower delivery in a matter of days and even hours, which can provide a solution to these problems.

Why it is Convenient to Order Flowers Online

The problems mentioned above can be avoided if one decides to order flowers online this Ganpati festival. It just takes a few touches on the phone to ensure that one gets swift online delivery of flowers. The quality of these flowers is excellent as most of them have been imported from foreign lands. It is therefore not only convenient but also a highly efficient mode of ordering flowers.

Safe and Quick Online Delivery of Flowers

Even though these flowers are delivered at a rapid rate yet none of the flowers are even slightly damaged as they are carried very carefully from one place to the other. The flowers look and feel as they have been freshly plucked from the gardens. It is for these reasons that people of Mumbai are these days more inclined towards buying flowers online for the Ganpati festival than buying them from the market.