How online flower delivery helped make flowers popular again

Although initially used solely for the purpose of decoration, flowers have fast grown into much larger shoes, becoming an essential feature of not only decoration but presents for occasions, even medicinal and meditational uses. This radical growth in the influence of flowers has made it necessary for florists to be much more efficient and competitive in order to fulfil the demand and supply ratio adequately. One of the most important factor behind the newfound popularity and rise to fame that flowers have found in recent time, is the advent of services which anyone might use to order flowers online Mumbai. This has helped to make flowers available to the customer at his fingertips and has thus bridged the florist and customer gap significantly.

How online delivery of flowers has helped increase the popularity of flowers.

The biggest problem the market for flowers faced in earlier times was that of distribution and supplying their produce properly to the essential customer base. The gap between the producer or even the seller, and the customer was large and hence except a few faithful customers, most new customers didn’t venture into the idea of using flowers for new and varied purposes. However, with the availability of online delivery of flowers, this problem has largely been solved, leading to the newfound popularity of flowers in mainstream markets again. Customers now don’t have to rely on a single local florist for their supply of flowers. They can easily opt for online delivery of flowers to make sure their orders are easily placed and delivered to them without fail. Online delivery of flowers has also made sure there are no fluctuations in the prices of flowers which only benefits the supplier and cost customers more than what it should. The process to order flowers online Mumbai is also easier and all customers can use it without any problems.

How online delivery services have made it easier to send flowers to Mumbai.

One of the problems customers usually faced earlier was that of distance. If they stayed somewhere else but wanted to send flowers to Mumbai for any special occasion, it involved a lot of hassle. However with the option to order flowers online in Mumbai, this problem has largely been solved, thus encouraging customers to invest more in flowers as gifts for special occasions and loved ones. All you have to do is know about their preferences in flowers, and you can easily access the large galleria of options, and when you see the ones you like, just opt to send flowers to Mumbai. You can also mix different types of flowers to create a more varied and colourful gift, and there are even options available to customise your gifts beforehand. Which means you can either add cards or chocolates along with your flowers to make the gift even more appealing and thoughtful. When you opt to send flowers to Mumbai from online stores, you can be rest assured about the delivery, as they come with the guarantee of timely delivery and perfect quality of flowers.

With the option to order flowers online Mumbai, gifting flowers will become a habit you will be glad you had.

Flower delivery Mumbai goes digital

Remember all those times when you had a birthday or it was an important date, and you forgot to pick up a gift. And then the frantic rush to the florist to select some gorgeous flowers. When you go there, all you see are some conventional bouquets with no exciting design. And if you even manage to find something, there is always a chance that it will not be delivered on time. But now all this is about to change. You can safely place your orders without an iota of worry because now online florists have taken the market by a storm with their range of unique offerings. Brilliant, isn’t it?

You’d be surprised at the success of different ventures thanks to the internet era. Flower delivery Mumbai has undergone a transformation, and people cannot get enough of the whole digital vibe. Now you might wonder what is the big deal behind this, and how does it really make a difference? But it does. We cannot vouch enough about the convenience and the other multiple benefits. With this new change, there is a new level of professionalism that also instils confidence in customers. And happy customers means some great word-of-mouth publicity.

What is online flower delivery?

  • It’s a shop gone online. You get to browse through some lovely flowers and we cannot stress enough on the time factor.
  • Online flower delivery is the real deal these days because people who believe in status quo choose this as a mode of gifting.
  • And an online shop stocks a lot more variety than the ones down the street. The flowers are a lot more exotic.

Learn more about flower delivery in Mumbai

  • The best part is that these websites also offer you an array of bouquets and there are quite some of them for people with different tastes. From Lillies to Roses and with nice mix n matches, you are sure to find something great for your loved ones.
  • Flower delivery in Mumbai is also quite economical than the rates quoted at brick and mortar shops.

Other than these factors, there is quite an important one that rolls the ball in the favour of placing an online order for flower delivery in MumbaiPeople can set a time at which they would like their order to be delivered. Now could you imagine the accuracy of this in a typical shop? The chances of human error are eliminated in this trend, and you can please your loved ones with a lot of ease. You can also save yourself from delivery charges. Due to this trend, the process has become a lot more quicker and cheaper. You can also add a nice personal message, and make sure that your words leave a smile along with some pretty flowers.

With such developments, you can save your trip to the florist and benefit from what the digital world has for you.

Order flowers online Mumbai- The new thing!

To gift, you need not shell out a lot of money. Years ago, couples would talk about stars and the moon, but you need not even go that far. All you’ve got to do is order flowers online Mumbai! It’s that simple. Forget the fancy, revel in the simple. That is what strikes a chord and leaves a mark in someone’s heart. Don’t present someone cheap flowers, but you can get flowers delivered cheaply. Wonderful, isn’t it? Today everything has been revamped by the power of the internet, so why not the flower gifting segment. With a little bit of technology, wonders have been done. And people cannot get enough of this service. It has changed their perspective towards gifting flowers.

When did online delivery of flowers become a thing?
•   The e-commerce boom has penetrated in every possible sector, which even includes flowers. And customers are loving this new trend.
•   For a person, who is on-the-go, online delivery of flowers is a boon in disguise. They could be miles away, but they can still place an order and have some beauties delivered.
Send flowers to Mumbai and more!
•   Not only can you send flowers to Mumbai and many more other locations, but you can also personalise it with a nice message.
•   After all, you would not want to receive something without a message that outlines how important you are to that person.

You can also look out for different kinds of deals when you are selecting your flowers. It is always nice to save some cash and even gift something awesome. A good idea will also be to pick a weekday, you might also save on some delivery charges. If you are also sending flowers on Monday, mostly you are getting what was cut on a Saturday. It’s best to have them delivered from Tuesday to maybe, Friday.  Another great thing that you can do is to pick up seasonal flowers. They are the strongest and can leave an impact. Florists normally stock these in large quantities and they are also quite inexpensive.

When you order flowers online Mumbai, you can also read up on some customer reviews. It’s always helpful to know more about the place from where you will place an order. After all, you want to order from the best place. These reviews will let you know about key aspects like delivery speed, quality of the flowers etc. You can also leave your reviews to help future customers out. Gifting is a space where there should not be any scope for errors. It is about feelings and the happiness of the person who will be getting to see your love in the form of some beautifully arranged flowers. So if you have got someone really special in your life, surprise them with picture perfect flowers, and see his or her smile widen, one flower at a time.

Thanksgiving: How to Say Thanks with Flowers

Thanksgiving: How to Say Thanks with Flowers

Thanksgiving is, obviously, a time to be thankful and there’s no better way to say thanks than with flowers. No matter whether you plan on ordering flowers online and sending them to the people you’re thankful for or scheduling an online delivery of flowers to your own home so that you’ll have lovely centerpieces to adorn your Thanksgiving feast with, May Flower is an online florist that has the floral arrangements to accommodate your needs.

Flower Selection

Although the simple act of sending flowers helps portray your thanks, the type of flowers that you send can also have an impact on your message. Pink, peach and yellow roses are timeless ways to say thank you while symbolizing your friendship and appreciation for the recipient. Likewise, irises, bellflowers, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and sweet peas all portray similar messages of friendship, joy and appreciation.

If you’re looking for floral arrangements to display on your own Thanksgiving table, you might want to consider varieties that feature blossoms with Autumn colors like rich yellows, golds, browns and reds. For instance, if you want to go with arrangements of roses, select ones that feature red, yellow and orange roses arranged in a charming bouquet. Alternatively, create an Autumn harvest arrangement that features bronze mums, orange carnations, yellow tulips, sunset lilies and other seasonal blooms.

Display Ideas

How you choose to display your Thanksgiving flowers can have a significant impact on the ambiance of your Thanksgiving day feast. No matter whether you received your Thanksgiving flowers as thanks from a friend or family member or you ordered them yourself from an online florist, one classic way to display Thanksgiving flowers is by placing them inside a cornucopia basket. Another is to arrange them in a burlap vase. Still other types of Thanksgiving-themed vases include bronze, copper and grapevine vases. You also might want to consider placing a tapered candle in the center of your floral Thanksgiving centerpieces to add even more of a festive touch. Light the candle during the Thanksgiving feast to give your meal an old-world charm that’s sure to delight your guests.

Gift Hampers

Another perfect way to say thanks with flowers for Thanksgiving is to not only send the recipient flowers, but to also send him or her a gift hamper. May Flower not only allows you to buy flowers online, but it also offers a huge assortment of gift hampers that are perfect for the Thanksgiving season. Instead of constructing typical gift baskets, select from gift hampers that feature assortments of freshly-baked breads, fresh and dry fruit, decadent chocolates and gourmet food items. Gift hampers not only provide your recipients with food that they can use to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, but it’s also a perfect way for you to send gift baskets even if you don’t have the time to put them together yourself.

No matter how you want to give thanks, whether it’s by sending Thanksgiving flowers to others or by displaying lovely Thanksgiving floral arrangements on your own table, May Flower makes it easy for you to send flowers to India, the USA and even the UK.

Why do Flowers have Fragrance?

Why do Flowers have Fragrance?

Whenever we think of flowers, first thing that comes to the mind is the smell apart from others such as colors, shapes etc. Even when you pass thru a garden, the fragrance of flowers completely engulfs us. Nature has instilled flowers with beauty, charisma, colors, fragrance and nectar. Insects get pulled towards flowers and they sit on them and when they fly off they carry with them pollen grains to other flowers. This interchanging of pollen grains help in cross pollination of flowers as a result of which seeds are produced. This is how plants and trees multiply on their own.

What attracts insects to flowers, is their fragrance. This in turn helps in pollination through the insects. If it weren’t for the fragrance, insects would never sit on the flowers. Different flowers contain oils that give them a specific fragrance. As and when the oils evaporate, these fragrances with them spread in the air and that’s how they attract insects. Perfumes, soaps, shampoo’s are also made from these oils once they are extracted from flowers. Even certain herbs and medicines etc are made by extracting these fragrant oils in the flowers.

Every flowering plant will give off a different scene. This is due to their biological structure and chemistry. Right from the soil and they methods they are harvested, each flower will give off a smell depending on these conditions. Plants exhibit their scent output to high levels only during the time when the flowers are ready for pollination. They usually maximize their outputs during the day and are primarily pollinated by bees or butterflies and those plants that exhibit their scent during the night times are usually pollinated by bats and moths. During flower development, newly opened and small flowers, which are not ready to function as pollen donors, produce fewer scents and are less likely to be attracted towards pollinators than older flowers. Once a flower has been sufficiently pollinated, changes to the floral bouquet lead to a lower attractiveness of these flowers and help to direct pollinators to unpollinated flowers instead, thereby maximizing the reproductive success of the plant.

Flowering plants exude chemicals in flowers which evaporate into the thin air and produce their own unique fragrances. When you order flowers online, there is a good chance that the bouquet that is delivered to you will exhibit some sort of a fragrance. These could be sweet smelling to sometimes even mildly pungent. Flower bouquets in vases sometimes deliver a mixture of smells which is due to the fact that they are in open waters in the vase which also mix with the foliage and other flowers which give off a mixed smell after a couple of days if the water in the vase has not been changed. When you send flowers online to someone and you want to send something that has a sweet smell, consider flowers such as Oriental Lilies, Peonies, Sweet Alyssum, Tube Roses, Lavender, Iris, Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley to name a few which give off a nice smell and if kept in a small room with air conditioner, it can really fill up the whole room in no time. These serve well for even small toilets if you place just a few stems of these fresh flowers. Even certain foliage such as eucalyptus leaves, exude a strong fragrance that is liked by most. When you order a bouquet that has a mixture of these kinds of foliage and flowers that give off a fragrance, the end result can be quite dramatic and pleasing!

Ikebana- Japanese art of floral arrangements

Ikebana is the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging. The name comes from the Japanese ike, meaning ‘alive’ or ‘arrange’ and bana meaning ‘flower.’ Historical texts indicate that Ikebana became a staple in Japanese forms of worship with the advent of Buddhism in Japanese culture. These arrangements have since grown widely in popularity due to the enthusiasm of people to send flowers to Mumbai, and have started being displayed as art forms in people’s homes. However, Ikebana is seen as more than just decorative in the Japanese culture and is said to be the bridge between the exterior and interior of our homes. No wonder Ikebana has become the best form to send flowers to Mumbai in. The whole process of arrangement according to ikebana is supposed to be meditative in nature, with the person practising it doing so in silence and in a secluded space where they can be at perfect peace of mind. For enthusiasts of floral arrangements, this has thus become a perfect reason to send flowers to Mumbai.

How flower delivery in Mumbai has helped make Ikebana popular.

The arrangement of flowers done according to this philosophy, is very precise and yet simple in nature. The Japanese believe in simplicity of living as well as spirituality for every soul, and this is very well visible in the ikebana way of floral arrangements. The reason ikebana has become so popular with even ordinary people who practise this solely because of its philosophy, is because with the advent of flower delivery in Mumbai, it has become very easy to obtain the necessary volume of flowers required for this arrangement. In ikebana, the lengths of the different flowers are in a very specific ratio in accordance to each other. The longest branch to be placed in the vase, thus, represents heaven. The middle branch represents man, and the shortest represents earth. These three branches and the associated decorative branches of flowers can be of the same or different types, both of which have been made easily available because you can send flowers to Mumbai through online service.

Ikebana – Japanese floral arrangement

How to use online delivery of flowers in practising the art of Ikebana.

The flowers to be used in ikebana arrangements aren’t strictly defined according to variety or colours. Instead, this art encourages people to experiment and explore the endless possibilities and combinations they can achieve with different flowers available through online delivery of flowers. The only point to keep in mind is how these flowers interact with each other to use the idea of space and simplicity to the fullest potential. Some flowers though, have become quite popular to practising people due to their ability to go well with many varieties of other flowers and their easy availability by the online delivery of flowers. Peach and plum flowers for example are used to make the longest branch due to their rigidity of stem. Many variations in terms of colours for these flowers are available if you opt for online shopping and online delivery of flowers. Thistle and Dahlia flowers are considered best for the middle branch, and Rosemary is considered best for shortest branches.