Why Women love Flowers

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.” – Christian Dior.

It is true that women have always loved flowers since time immemorial. They adorn their hair with it, wear flower garlands, hold it in their hands, and love to have flowers around. Recently, a study conducted by a team of psychologists from the University of South Brittany found that women are more receptive to men’s advances in the presence of flowers.

Some researchers also suggest the term Biophilia, which refers to “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life” as defined by American biologist Edward O Wilson. According to the hypothesis, during human evolution, it was important for our ancestors to remember plants that could produce fruits and vegetables. As fruits develop out of flowers, flowers got embedded in our natural survival mechanism as positive signs that indicate fertility and food abundance.

So now we know it is really true – flowers are the way to a woman’s heart. You can never overdo giving flowers to a woman. But what makes flowers so lovable to women?

Fragrance and colour

Flowers are sensuous in nature since they appeal to two senses at a time – smells and visual. It has long been known that colours have a great impact on our moods and emotions. Pastel colours create an atmosphere of comfort and safety. While strong colours like red, orange and magenta generate passion in emotions. Today, online flower delivery in Mumbai has become highly efficient where you can customize the bouquet of flowers and schedule it to be delivered at a particular date and time.

Similarly, different fragrances have been known to have a different effect on mental state. The smell of Lavender is known to have a calming effect on the mind and the rose fragrance is known to incite passion. The smell of Jasmine is known to energize and invigorate. A combination of floral smell definitely makes one happy and joyous.

Hidden Meaning  

Over time, different flowers have come to represent different messages. For example, red roses and red tulips denote declaration of love. White lilies show admiration for beauty and purity while yellow roses convey the value of friendship. Pink and purple carnations are reserved for elderly women, especially mothers and grandmothers. There are so many different flowers and each holds a special meaning, which is why which flower you give a woman, becomes so important. Most women are aware of the language of flowers and can easily understand the subtle messages in the flowers they receive. It is now possible to order flowers online in Mumbai and send flowers that convey exactly what you want.

Uniqueness and feeling special

When a woman receives a bunch of flowers, it makes her feel special and important. Though flowers are perishable, she appreciates that the person has taken pains to select fresh flowers and create a unique bouquet just for her. It may not last forever but the memory of the occasion and the emotions for that person last a lifetime.

Romantic Flower Ideas for your sweetheart

Flowers are the best way to express love to your sweetheart. Giving red roses to loved ones is common on Valentine’s Day or anniversary or birthday, but it doesn’t always have to be an occasion. The best romantic gift is always a surprise bouquet of fresh flowers without any reason. It is a sure shot way to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Sometimes a simple bunch of roses can get a bit boring and after a time they may be no surprise at all. There are many other ways in which you can show your love for your sweetheart.

Life size flower bouquet – you can gift your loved one with a 4 feet or 5 feet height bouquet and get it delivered early morning. What a surprise when the doorbell rings and it’s a huge flower arrangement standing when he/she opens the door. It is now easily possible to order for flower delivery in Mumbai anywhere and get a full height bouquet delivered at doorsteps.

Hourly flowers delivery – If it’s a special occasion, like your first anniversary, you can order a bunch of flowers to be delivered every hour of the day. While he/she may be expecting a single flower bunch, a bouquet every hour is definitely bound to surprise. Today it is possible to send flowers to Mumbai and schedule a delivery for exactly the time you want.

Countdown flowers – So if the birthday is 10 days from now, you can order for flower delivery such that today 10 roses are delivered, tomorrow 9, the day after tomorrow 8 and so on. And on the last day, you can order for a special flower arrangement.

Monthly anniversary flowers – If it’s your first year of marriage you can plan for a bunch of flowers every month on the same date. So if you got married on 20th January, you can give a bouquet of love flowers to your sweetheart on 20th of every month for the whole year. It is now easily possible to order for flower delivery in Mumbai anywhere you want at any specific time you want.

Flowers with cake or chocolate – While a rose bouquet is perfect to express your love, a sweet delight will add to the joy of your sweetheart. What can be better than to order his/her favourite cake? Most florists provide the option to add chocolate or cake of your choice along with the flower delivery.

Flowers with gifts – An even better accompaniment to flowers is a delicate gift to show your love. If you cannot take it yourself, most florists now give options of different gifts like a teddy bear, personalized photo frame, cushions or delicate jewellery together with the flowers.

With so many options of flower delivery, you will never run out of ideas for expressing your love. Flower delivery in Mumbai has now evolved to a level where you can customize your order to any extent and get flowers delivered exactly as you want, when you want and where you want it.

Flowers for February Month

February is the month when spring season knocks at the door of the Earth and nature is waking up from a long winter sleep. It is also a month when the weather is most appropriate for flowers to bloom. The temperatures are right, the sun shines brightly but is not too hot, cool breeze flows around and the air is fresh.

February is also the month for celebrating love. Valentines Day is celebrated world over on the 14th of this month. Even in India, different regional cultures celebrate the coming of Spring as Vasant-Utsav with fairs, feasts and get-togethers.

And what better way to celebrate the season than sending fresh flowers to your loved ones. Even if you are located far, it is easily possible to arrange flower delivery in Mumbai by ordering through online florists.

Romantic expression

If you want to express love to your sweetheart, what better way sending a bouquet of red flowers. Typically red roses are used extensively on Valentines’ Day to show love. Even a single rose is a great way to express your feelings. But if you like to be more exotic, you can select a bunch of red tulips which is considered an open declaration of love. The easiest way to select your favourite bunch is to order flowers online.

If you are married or would like to propose marriage, a good choice would be a mix of red and white roses or red and white carnations. A mix of red and white flowers denote love, togetherness, and sacredness of the bond.

You can also surprise your loved one with a life-size bouquet which is 4 or 5 feet tall. These flower arrangements are constructed with 100 or 200 flowers and by ordering online flower delivery in Mumbai you can escape the hassle of fetching one yourself.


Friends form a very important part of our lives and it is suitable to show appreciation for someone’s friendship on Valentines’ Day. Yellow roses are considered appropriate to celebrate friendship and you can easily order flowers online to be delivered to your friends wherever they are. In modern times, yellow flowers represent sunshine and brightness, and what better way to celebrate the month of Spring.

Family and near ones

Spring is also a good time to show your love and care for your family members. If you are planning to send flowers to your mother or an aunt, pink or violet is an appropriate colour. If pink roses seem like a cliché, you can get a bunch of tulips or gerbera in mixed shades of pink and violet. If you order flowers online, it is possible to customize the bouquet of flowers as per your choice and get it delivered exactly on the particular date and time.

February brings new life and new bloom to the world, it is a time for freshness and spreading happiness and the best way to celebrate this month is to gift a bouquet of fresh flowers to your loved ones and brighten up their lives.

Wedding flower Ideas

Weddings are an elaborate affair in India irrespective of the religion, region or caste. Everybody has different customs, pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals but in every wedding, flowers play a very important role. Usually, a wedding house is immediately recognized from the flower decorations across the household. Many pre-wedding rituals involve the bride and the groom to be decorated with flower jewellery. The wedding venue is laden with flowers everywhere and nowadays there are firms that specialize in stage decorations with flowers. And of course, no wedding is complete without really big wedding garlands.

But apart from the traditional role of flowers in Indian weddings, flower arrangements are finding new uses. Today many couples insist on “no-gift” policy for their wedding guests. In such cases, guests like to carry flower bouquets which are not really “gift” but aptly convey the congratulations and best wishes to the newly wed. It is very easy to get beautiful and unique bouquets if you order flowers online. Flower arrangements also make for a great gift for pre-wedding functions and for the close relatives of the bride and groom.  Many times, if the marriage involves a business associate or colleague located in another city, it is a good idea to order online flower delivery and convey your best wishes.

Traditionally, Marigold is an integral part of Hindu weddings with everything from the house, venue, madap being decorated with Marigold. In Christian weddings though, Marigold is an absolute NO, since it is thought to bring grief and bad luck. Instead, any other white flowers are considered auspicious. Similarly, south Indian weddings use Jasmine extensively. A bride is never complete without flower garlands in her hair. Red Roses have always been included in wedding garlands since they represent love and dedication. Rajnigandha is also popularly used to decorate wedding venues, as their enchanting smell that brightens up the atmosphere.

Today many new flowers are being introduced in wedding celebrations to bring refinement and uniqueness to the festivity. Orchids have gained popularity as the new favourites at wedding decorations. Different colour orchids are used to create a colour theme for the venue. Orchids along with wild ferns and grass give an elegant aura to the wedding celebrations.

Another flower gaining popularity is Tulip. Tulips were rare and very expensive earlier, but with Tulip cultivation taking ground in India, they are now easily available. Tulips are beautiful flowers that come in many different colours but red, white, pink and purple are most popularly used for weddings. Red Tulips are an open declaration of love and hence can be used in pre-wedding celebrations as well.

Today many couples in India opt for wedding planners who take care of arrangements for all pre-wedding and wedding functions. A wedding planner can help decide which flowers to include for different functions based on the decoration theme, budget constraints, and personal choice. The choice of flowers may change with time, but flowers will always be a very important part of Indian weddings.

History of Flower Arrangement

Flowers have been a part of human civilization since ancient times. They have formed an integral part of human life, in celebrations, in mourning, in prayers, and as ornaments. Mostly everyone come across some kind of flower decoration every day. Today many florists draw inspiration from history for designing bouquets and it is possible to order flowers online with such unique arrangements.

In Ancient Egypt flowers formed an integral part of royal households and flowers decorated in vases across the house were a sign of wealth of the family. Typically Roses, Violets, Jasmine and Lilly were used. But the most sacred of all flowers was Lotus Blossom which was considered to represent the Sun God. They were placed in rows with leaves such that no flower overlapped but special care was taken to keep the stem hidden.

In the Far East, flowers have been used in religious as well as medicinal purposes since ancient times. In China, Buddhists monks spent considerable time making elaborate flower arrangements for decorating the altars. The Japanese art of flower decoration, Ikebana is not just flower arrangement but is considered a form of meditation to help get clarity of thought. Ikebana gained world popularity during the 19th century for its unique use of flowers, stems, and leaves. In India as well, Ikebana arrangements are used across offices and formal locations. It is possible to order for Ikebana bouquets through online flower delivery in Mumbai.

The Greeks and Romans used flowers extensively on every occasion. The Olive wreath became famous as a sign of victory after it was given to winners of the Ancient Olympics. The Greeks gave special importance to the smell of the flower arrangement more than the colour or look and therefore herbs like basil and thyme were also significant. They were obsessed with Rose flower for its delicate structure and luxurious smell. Rose petals were spread across the floor at grand dinners so that crushing of the petals released fragrance all around.  In fact, the main course at dinner was often referred to as the hour of Rose because the fragrance of rose became really intense by that time.

Later Europe carried on the tradition where gardens were maintained by churches and fresh flowers decorated the altars every day. The French decorations were delicate and feminine in earlier times and then evolved to huge vases and large bunches with Bonaparte rule. In England, the art of flower arrangement developed only during the Victorian period and formed an important part of social gatherings. It is during this time that specific flower started to signify specific emotions and was used to convey feelings.

Through ages flowers have been arranged as bunches, garlands, wreathes, in vases, in bowls, on floors, hanging from walls and even gifted as a single flower. Whatever many be the style, flowers have always been used to convey different emotions and moods. Today through order flowers online for any occasion and that perfect bunch that suits your needs.

Choosing flower for Girls is it a Difficult task?

Girls like flowers not just for their beauty and fragrance, but also for the hidden meanings that they convey. They look forward to flowers from their dear ones for the subtle message they carry. Due to distances in Mumbai, it is not always feasible to purchase flowers and give them to the girl in person. It is now possible to order flowers online in Mumbai and get the delivered to the person exactly when you want.

Before choosing flowers for any girl, it is very important to know the language of flowers. Generally, the language can be based on colour or the variety of flower. Let us look at some of the universal meanings of different flowers.

Red flowers generally symbolize love. Roses and Carnations in red colour are popularly used to express love and thus are highly in demand on valentines’ day.

White coloured flowers generally symbolize spirituality, innocence, and purity. White roses and white carnations represent innocence and purity.

Red and white roses combined represent unity in love and are commonly used to mean marriage. Thus they form an apt bunch of flowers to accompany a proposal for marriage. They are also a good bunch to surprise your new wife.

Pink flowers represent grace and thankfulness. Pink carnations can be gifted as tokens of love to mother or sisters whereas pink roses can be given to any girl you appreciate and consider graceful. A girl will take pink roses as a sign of appreciation for her character and personality. If you cannot give flowers personally, you can easily send flowers in Mumbai by ordering online with florists.

Yellow flowers have contrasting meanings in different cultures. Earlier in some cultures, yellow flowers represented hopeless love, broken heart, or disappointment in love. But now, yellow is a colour popularly associated with the sunshine and hence energy, joyfulness, and excitement. Yellow roses in India are a symbol of friendship. They convey “thank you for being my friend”.

Gerbera daisies are flowers that come in many different bold colours and look beautiful as a bunch. They generally stand for cheerfulness and thus are a perfect gift if you want to wish someone quick recovery. A bunch of daffodils can be also used for similar purpose.

Lilies generally represent beauty and refinement. Especially white lilies are a symbol of appreciation for beauty and thus can be given on any occasion.

Tulips are unmistaken symbols of love if given to a girl. Red tulips are a declaration of undying love. White tulips symbolize one-sided love or a claim to being worthy of love. Yellow tulips earlier used to represent hopeless love but now generally mean “you bring the sunshine to my life”.

Now that you know the language of flowers you should be able to select the right bouquet to give. And if you are sitting far away it is now possible to send flowers to Mumbai to your dear ones by ordering online for delivery.