Make Mirrors Out of Fresh Flowers

Make Mirrors Out of Fresh Flowers
When you order an online delivery of flowers or someone sends flowers to you from an online florist, you might be looking for creative ways to use those flowers. Sure, you can always place them on your desk or table to serve as decorations, but there’s also more creative and innovative things you can do with them as well. For instance, you can use the online delivery of flowers you received to make fresh flower mirrors that are lovely and add a little something special to your day.

First, create a circle from heavy duty floral wire. Make the circle as big or small as your want your mirror to be. Then, cut the stems of the flowers you received from the online florist. Cut them at a diagonal down to 3 or 4 inches, and group them in bunches tied with floral tape. Next, arrange the bunches of flowers on the floral wire and attach them with the floral tape. There’s no right or wrong way to arrange the flowers. Just make sure that you tape them tightly so that they don’t droop or fall from the wire.

Once you’ve got the frame filled with flowers, then you can attach the mirror to it. It’s best to use a flat sheet or mirror with no frame on it. Use binder clips to attach the mirror to the flower frame, clipping the clips on the frame underneath the flowers so that you can’t see them. Space the clips approximately 4 to 5 inches apart so that the frame is securely clipped to the mirror. Once you’re done, fluff and rearrange any flowers that become skewed a bit during the clipping process, and then you’re ready to hang your fresh flower mirror.

No matter whether you’re sending flowers to India or you’re the lucky recipient of an online flower delivery, there’s plenty of creative ways to put your blossoms to use. This same tutorial could be used to create fresh flower photo frames. Just substitute the mirror for a photo frame.

The language of flowers

“That’s oak leaf, for bravery. I’ve got Veronica and Honeysuckle, for fidelity and affection. And that’s Peony, for shame. She lives under this rock.”
“Did you make that up by yourself?”
“‘Course not. That’s the language of flowers. Everyone knows that.”
“No, they don’t. I don’t.”
“Everyone used to know. They sent each other messages. Like Bluebells means, ‘I’ll always love you’ and Jasmine means ‘We’re friends.’ and Asphodels… Asphodels are for the dead.”

These are the words of a best selling author Neil Gaiman, known for his works like Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book. This particular excerpt is taken from Free Country: A Tale of The Children’s Crusade, a singularly enchanting piece of prose. What is interesting in this excerpt is the vivid description of floriography that it affords the reader. Floriography is nothing but is a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. This practice dates back centuries across generations and regions, spanning Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Online delivery of flowers has sparked a new interest among fringe consumers in this ancient practice. More and more people are re discovering the joy that is sending a secret message in the form of delicate and scented flowers. Previously the only option to send flowers was either personal delivery or using the post, and both involved considerable time and effort. In the case of the post especially, the flowers would be utterly crushed and wilted by the time they reached the receiver. If that did not happen, they would surely begin decomposing and their scent and colour would be lost, as the postal delivery took a considerable amount of time. However online flower delivery in Mumbai has taken care of these problems of the existing infrastructure by creating a specialised system which recognises the need for urgency in case of flower delivery and also ensures that the flowers themselves survive in perfect health to be appreciated by the recipient of the lovely bouquet. By ensuring that the problems of the previous system are resolved properly and that the bouquets can be a viable transportable commodity, online delivery of flowers has created a newfound interest in a lost art that would otherwise have surely gone the way of the dodo bird.

These new systems have also created facilities to send birthday flowers online. That means that now you are free to pick and choose between all kinds of exotic flowers to make your own personal bouquet and send it within a day to the birthday boy or birthday girl. This is the method that most floriographists use to send warm personal wishes through the miracles of the inter net. Indeed, flower delivery in Mumbai and other cities has made it possible to re invent and re imagine lost arts and forms of communication that were previously discarded because of their infeasibility and inconvenience. The language of flowers in diverse, and now quite accessible as well.

Celebrating birthdays with a twist

Significance of birthday

Since ancient times birthdays have held a special place of honour in an individual’s life. Of course, most of us today are familiar with the Western European custom of putting as many candles as the birthday boy’s or girl’s age on a cake, having them blow it out and then distributing the slices among all the attendees, but few know that before this form of celebration became popular, in India there was a custom of sending a small gift such as a poem or a calligraphy set or flowers, after which there would be a small feast in the evening hosted by the person whose birthday it was.  Birthdays have a special religious as well as astrological importance too, so each birth anniversary was considered a landmark event in the person’s life. Emperors used to famously give away their weight in gold on this day. Even today we have official bank holidays for the birth anniversaries of special people who have contributed to the nation’s prosperity in some way or the other.

Revival of old customs

History has a way of repeating itself and nowhere is it as apparent as in the changes in the rituals surrounding birthdays. Today in this day and era of fat free gluten free products birthday cakes are considered to be unhealthy junk food because they contain high amounts of sugar and carbo hydrates which fatten the body. Sugar contains no essential nutrients which is why it is often known as ‘empty calories’. Add to that the fact that there is a danger of overloading your liver by eating too much fructose. Research has shown that this can cause serious problems like Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease because of the high production of V L D L Cholesterol particles. Finally studies have also demonstrated certain links between high sugar consumption and insulin resistance (which can lead to Type II Diabetes), hormonal changes in the body, weight disorders (such as obesity in both children and adults), and even heart disease. Hence people are ditching the birthday cake custom in larger and larger numbers. Now the modern method of expressing good wishes for someone has become to gift them some beautiful flowers that they can appreciate instead. The popularity of this trend has sky rocketed due to the availability of quick and easy birthday flower delivery. Birthday flower delivery can allow a person sitting in Fatehpur Sikri to send flowers to Kolkata within the short span of a day or so.

Hassle free delivery

The rise of the internet has eliminated the middle man. So many dying industries are reviving due to the ease of payment and ordering through the internet. Gone are the days when a middle man used to transport flowers from the producer and re sell it at a higher price. Flowers have become easier to view and cheaper to buy. To order flowers online Mumbai is no longer an issue thanks to consumer friendly sites and apps.

Moments of joy in daily life

In today’s life full of busy schedules and work to be done, many people miss important days for the people close to them who don’t live close to them. These can be close relatives, parents, aging grand parents or friends who have moved to another place and don’t meet often. In such cases it can be difficult to keep bonds strong, however there is always an easy solution to such issues. Read on to find out…

Changes in family structures

For the past several hundreds of years, the family structure in India consisted of an aged patriarch who was the head of the family, his wife, their grown sons along with their wives, and finally the grand children all living under the same roof. The father and sons would often work together in same family business or farm labour activity while the grand mother would take care of the children in the house as her daughters in law went about the daily household routine. They would have their meals together and share their troubles and worries with each other. When the heads of the family became too old, they would be cared for by the new generation. In this manner, the entire family would cooperate together peacefully and coexist in harmony.

However, this idea of an ‘ideal family’ has undergone a rapid transformation due to the changes of the modern world. Parents no longer live with their children but in special care homes where they have each and every medical facility they might require, experienced nurses to take care of their needs, but nobody to talk to and even their children seldom visit them. The children make their own families apart from each other which is popularly known as ‘nuclear families’. They have their separate troubles and worries and the only time that the entire family might meet each other is during special festivals or events that come only once or twice in a year.

Due to this problem, old parents and relatives may feel very left out of their own children’s lives. Often times the only memories they have are when the child was young and still needed their help. After the child starts working and have their own family they become engrossed in their own life and unintentionally ignore their parents. Since the parents usually have nobody else to talk to they fall into a sad quietness.

A small token of remembrance

It isn’t difficult to cheer them up though. Thanks to new facilities, through flower delivery Mumbai one can easily send a bouquet of mogras, jasmines and lilies to those family and relatives who live too far away to visit One can send flowers to Chennai just as easily as one can send flowers to Pune. Flower delivery Mumbai has become cheap, easy and quick for consumers looking for a classy and elegant way of showing their loved ones how much they are loved. It can work miracles for long distance relationships.

Outsourcing travel and saving time

In 1290 C.E, the great Venetian traveller Macro Polo, in the course of his wanderings set foot in Thane. He described the city as a great kingdom, which apparently had a well developed port, for he mentions a continuous traffic of ships, and merchants trading and exporting leather, buckram, cotton, and importing horses (This is supposed to be the area now known as Ghodbunder). Fast forward to 2017, where today Thane is known as a hot, crowded collection of residences and narrow roads with hawkers crammed into every available space making pedestrians dodge cars and motor bikes on the road. The average Mumbaikar does not prefer to travel to Thane if he or she can help it, especially given the state of the trains which are packed nearly every hour of the day. But how can one avoid going to the city, especially if a near and dear one lives there? Worry not, we have the answers.

The technological advances of the 21st century have made it possible to send flowers online. Using flower delivery in Mumbai which is freely available and quick and easy to utilise, one can send flowers to Thane with the click of a button and the swipe of one’s finger tips. It has never been easier to order flowers from a large and diverse variety of bouquets from all around the world and send it to anyone anywhere in India in a few easy steps.

In fact, most people today attempt to subvert the status quo that is the fact that every birthday requires a mandatory cake and celebration with the birthday person. Actually in this time of hustle and bustle, hardly any one has enough time to actually perform these rituals any more. Hence to satisfy the need of the hour, companies have popped up to send flowers online, much like the Pilgrims arrived on American shores in the 16th Century to colonise and civilise the barbarian population that lived there like heathens.

So in conclusion, if at all due to time constraint or exhaustion one wants to avoid long hours of commute for someone’s special occasion, one can always make it up to them with a variety of options such as a graceful and elegant bouquet or tourniquet. Flowers have the capacity to brighten any one’s mood and therefore they make a wise choice for someone who is already celebration a very special day. Poet laureates and playwrights alike have extolled the virtues of the delicate flowers they observed throughout the ages in all countries and nation states across the world. Stéphane Mallarmé, in one of his poems has also famously provided a vivid description of their admirable appearance and bewitching scents. He writes:

Young gladioli with the necks of swans,
Laurels divine, of exiled souls the dream,
Vermilion as the modesty of dawns
Trod by the footsteps of the seraphim;

The hyacinth, the myrtle gleaming bright,
And, like the flesh of woman, the cruel rose,
Hérodiade blooming in the garden light,
She that from wild and radiant blood arose!

Why you should opt for online flower delivery services when living in Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the city that never sleeps, and for good reasons. With its large and varied demographic of people from all walks of life, it is truly the place of coming together for many industries as well as educational enterprises. The people living here belong to all parts of the country, and while some only stay temporarily, others are permanent citizens of this great city. With the large population, comes the large number of celebrations to mark various occasions, from festivals to birthdays. Since flowers are the only thing which goes splendidly with every imaginable occasion, it is no wonder flowers are the go to option for everyone in Mumbai for any instance of celebration. With the growing need for flowers, the ways to purchase flowers has grown and evolved a lot from its previous stages, and aims at becoming more accessible to everyone, in any situation. Online flower delivery, is the most recent, and well received stage in this constant evolution of making flowers a necessity in people’s lives, and one that is here to stay.

Flower delivery in Mumbai and why it is important to people living there.

Flowers play an integral part in all of our lives. They are the best way to express our feelings for someone we love and care about, and thus, like words they must be well chosen to suit the intent we are purchasing them for. With flower delivery in Mumbai becoming a fast growing trend it isn’t hard to understand why. Firstly, like all other delivered products, the flowers ordered through online stores provide us with a rigorously maintained quality check. This makes sure that whether you are ordering flowers for birthdays or weddings, the flowers delivered will be fresh and fragrant, and won’t have any damages, which is a big concern with buying flowers. Since the causes of celebrations can be many, flower delivery in Mumbai has become a one-step resolution for everything flower related, helping you create a customised gift of selected flowers, a gesture which clearly tells the person receiving them, that you care about them. With its ability to offer you a wide range of choices from various kinds of flowers, these online flower shops are a blessing to the average confused person trying to figure out what flowers they need but not entirely sure about their preferences either.

Online flower delivery makes flower accessible to every person.

Flowers have long been considered a gesture of mutual respect and admiration, as well as love. It is no wonder thus, that online flower delivery has become such a necessity for everyone, serving them as a means to express themselves to others, or to celebrate a festival. With online stores now available to choose from, you can take your pick from the large numbers of flowers and have them packed and delivered to the person of your choice. This has made shopping for flowers much easier to people from all walks of life, as they can now simply click some buttons on their computer and have their choice of flowers delivered at the doorstep. All in all, online flower delivery is a mix of flowers and their healing, soothing fragrance, which brings us immense joy just to look at and admire.