How to Send Birthday Flowers Online

Since time immemorial people have been using flowers as a very thoughtful gift for different occasions. Be it a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary, the right kind of flowers can go a long way to making the other person feel special on their big day. However, with the advent of latest technologies in the last few years, the practice of gifting dear one’s flowers have somewhat gone out of flavour. People nowadays choose a more convenient and easier of wishing their friends and family on special occasions like birthdays, especially to those individuals who live in faraway lands. If you are one of those old school people who still love to gift flowers on birthdays but are not able to do so because of distance, you can do it by sending birthday flower delivery to your close friends and relatives.

Why Birthday Flower Delivery

Birthdays are one of those occasions when everyone deserves to feel special. Sending someone their favourite flowers can make any one’s day. Moreover, it also shows how someone cares about the person when they make the effort of sending their favourite flowers on their birthday. It can certainly brighten up the mood of the individual who receives the lovely flowers. When there is an efficient system of birthday flower delivery in different cities, then distance cannot stop people from making their friends or relatives day. Earlier there were not many shops which made flower deliveries in distant lands. However, with the internet playing a significant role today in almost every aspect of our lives, sending flowers has become a lot easier.

Send Birthday Flowers Online

There is a host of online websites which allows one to send birthday flowers online. It is an effortless and convenient way of making your close ones feels special on their birthdays. One can just send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to someone living in another continent with just a few touches on the phone or by spending a few minutes on the computer. The quality of flowers sent from these websites is truly phenomenal. They are fresh and smell as they originally should even hours and days after they have been delivered. Moreover, the flowers are designed artistically to ensure that they suit the occasion. Another advantage of sending flowers online through these websites is the fact that one can even customize it to make it more appealing to the eye.

Fast Online Flower Delivery

Another advantage of ordering flowers on the internet for a special occasion is that one does not have to order them too much in advance. The online flower delivery is often made within days of the order being placed. The delivery is made promptly. The flowers are as attractive as they are shown. During transit, it is ensured that the flowers do not lose their freshness or their fragrance and are delivered in top condition. It is also possible to attach a personal message with the flowers to make the other person realize that you are thinking of them on their birthday.

Easy way to make perfect Birthday Flowers Bouquet and send Online to Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams in India. Many people in their quest to fulfil their dreams move to this city. Be it better job opportunities, educational universities or simply a better lifestyle, Mumbai is the place to be. As a result of this many of our close friends and family members often move to this city. While it is entirely understandable for them to go yet, it still makes us miss them when they are away. It especially becomes harder when it is a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary as it is challenging to make their day special so far away from them. While there nothing like being with the person on their birthday but when that is not possible, it is a good idea to send them heartfelt messages and gifts on their birthdays. With the technological advances, it is now possible to send birthday flowers online, in a very convenient way. Here we will discuss why it is a perfect idea to do so.

Send Birthday Flowers Online from a Broad Range of Collection

The biggest reason why it is a fantastic idea to send birthday flowers online is the availability of a variety of flowers. It often happens that we do not find the flowers of our choice when we visit a regular flower shop. It is not the same when we buy it online.  The wide variety of flowers include even the rarest of flowers, some of which are not common in India and has to be imported from abroad. It ensures that we get the flowers that we want to gift our near one, while also getting new options to explore. These websites also allow us to make a bouquet of flowers based on our preferences.

Timely Birthday Flower Delivery

Most of the well-established sites which make birthday flower delivery are very precise about the time and date of the deliveries to be made. No matter which part of Mumbai it may be they more often than not manage to deliver it on time. They also take excellent care of the packaging so that the flowers are delivered in top condition, and they are not damaged while they are in transit. It is because of this that when the flowers are delivered, they look and feel as fresh as possible.

Order Flowers Online Mumbai

Online purchase of flower is not only convenient for people residing outside, but it is also beneficial for those individuals who live in Mumbai too. It is possible to order flowers online Mumbai when you need flowers to decorate a house for a party on special occasions like birthdays, marriages and anniversaries. It is also an excellent way to congratulate someone for their success in their field. One no longer has to visit the stores and select flowers to make a perfect bouquet. One can just sit back and choose all the flowers in the bouquet over the internet and get them delivered to the person directly.

Create Exquisite Memories…Florally

Make a loved one’s birthday special

The world has more than even 5000 million people today. On average, around 14 million people have their birthdays on any given day of the year. But for your loved ones, that special day comes around only once and as such can be celebrated only once per annum. You can now send birthday flowers online and by doing so add a special touch to this day that will surely be remembered with fondness.

Birthdays and Flowers

That lovely English poet, John Keats, starts his great poem Endymion with “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.” He also concludes his Ode on a Grecian Urn with, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty — that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”. It is universally acknowledged that flowers are a paragon of natural beauty, that humans can never hope to surpass. Even medieval Arabian architectures features filigree and carving work in geometrical floral patterns. This shows the human love for flowers has existed since ancient times. However even these carvings cannot show the true freshness of a bouquet, nor its scent or softness.

No wonder that before American commercialist-oriented capitalism, gifting someone flowers was a tradition in many parts of the world, including India. Flowers simply cannot be matched in their charm. However, this tradition was not completely lost, as roses are still gifted to loved ones on another, newer occasion, that is, Valentine’s Day. However, you can still make a new gesture that is sure to stay in the birthday girl’s or boy’s mind by gifting him or her a wonderful collection of his or her favourite flowers.

Moreover, gifting flowers is no longer tiresome or cumbersome because you don’t have to trudge along to a florist’s shop anymore, that is if you manage to find a florist near your area. You can arrange a special birthday flower delivery. At reasonable prices and with quality assurance, it has now become easy and quick to send flowers online.

‘Special memories for life’

Janhavi Patel is a college going student in Mumbai. She recently celebrated her 19th birthday with family and friends. She says: “I had an awesome birthday party. We cut a cake, and then I opened the gifts that my parents and friends had brought for me. Everybody had gifted the same things—a fancy pen, a mug with some thing clever written on it—I was so bored. It just ends up lying around the house, and no one uses it. Such gifts are good for the time being but end up being a waste of space.” However, her best friend had something novel planned for her. After the party, they went out for a short drive to a promenade facing the sea. They talked for a while, until finally all of a sudden, the birthday flower delivery person came through. “It was like magic!”, she says. “I couldn’t believe he got me such beautiful lilies. I won’t forget my nineteenth birthday because of that magical moment,” she added smilingly.

How online flower delivery in Mumbai has increased popularity of flowers for every occasion

With another new year ushering in with the force and promises of more opportunities and celebrations, a lot of people have already started marking their calendars for all the occasions of merrymaking this year. Whether it’s festivals and religious ceremonies, or personal events like birthdays and anniversaries, every new year reminds us of the huge amount of preparations that necessarily go into every such occasions. The work of decorating our homes in order to welcome happiness inside our threshold in itself is a huge task. Due to these considerations, we realise how important flowers have become for our celebrations, especially in a busy and massive city like Mumbai. Flower delivery in Mumbai has seen an incredible rise in demands in recent times because of the increasing need for flowers and its easy availability. The diversity amongst people in Mumbai is a guarantee to keep the demand of flower delivery in Mumbai consistent all throughout the year, as all festivals are celebrated with equal passion and excitement, making flowers an all year round necessity. Purchasing flowers for celebrations might be a tough work, and often leads to customers facing problems which might make the happiness of such occasions a bit mellow. But with the rise of new online stores which work wonders at establishing smooth and efficient flower delivery in Mumbai, this task has now become much easier, and satisfying for all customers.

Online flower delivery in Mumbai and how it has helped meet rising demands for flowers.

As mentioned earlier, the demand for flowers in Mumbai remains constant all throughout the year, thus making it necessary for florists to maintain availability and ease of access to flowers for the customers. However local florists often fail to do so, since they offer only a limited range of availability and have problems with proper delivery of flowers. Online flower delivery in Mumbai has thus seen a rise in popularity with recent times. Contrary to the problems local florists face, online flower delivery in Mumbai enables customers to choose and order flowers according to their own preferences. The problems with quality are also resolved as online flower delivery in Mumbai guarantees customers a strict quality controlled delivery of flowers that are fresh and fragrant, and are perfect for all kinds of decorations, whether for festivities or personal events.

How to order flowers online with ease.

Another big step in making flowers easily available and accessible to the customers, is the ease with which one can order flowers online. The whole process of going to the local flower shop and browse through available stock of seasonal flowers is done away with, as one can just visit the websites of online flowers stores and look through a carefully maintained catalogue of flowers with much ease. After browsing, the can order flowers online just by choosing their preferred flowers, either one or many kinds together, and pay for it. The delivery is the store’s responsibility, and one they carry out with precision, so the customer can be assured that flowers will be delivered on the promised date. The whole process to order flowers online thus, becomes satisfying and easy to every customer.

Online Florist & Online Flower Delivery Makes Variety of Options for You

Flowers and their fragrances

Flowers are known for their beauty and sweet smell that can uplift anybody’s mood. They can bring back cherished memories like visiting gardens during one’s childhood or roses from someone special. This is because the brain forms memories inclusive of all senses, and that includes the inputs from the olfactory nerve (the nerve that sends the signal from the nose to the brain). With online flower delivery, it has become really easy to gift flowers to loved ones on special occasions and create loving memories.

The specific smell of any flower is due to the combination of oils that are secreted on the surface of petals when the flower is in full bloom. These oils are secreted in the night or in the hour just before dawn so that the morning sun can slowly evaporate them and help attract insects for pollination. Most flowers are therefore harvested just before dawn so that they retain the beautiful aroma for long. But as the flowers wither, their smell can get lost, or sometimes even become foul.

Through centuries, people have struggled to preserve the smell of a flower even after it is past its bloom. One way is to dry the flowers under controlled conditions. Flowers are hung upside down from ceiling in dry and dark environment for days. Once completely dried, the petals are separated and stored for future use. Petals of different flowers can be mixed to create potpourri, pillow stuffing or powdered and mixed with talc. Another popular method is extracting essential oils. Essential oils not only preserve the smell, they also preserve the same medicinal benefits as the original flower.

Different flowers affect your moods differently, not just because of the memories associated with them, but because of the chemical composition of their oils and their interactions with the nervous system. This is an important basis for aromatherapy medications. When gifting flowers to someone, you can also choose flower fragrances to create a bouquet that smells just right for the occasion. In today’s times, online flower delivery makes variety of options and customizations possible to create the right bouquet. Some of the flowers and their aromatic properties are given below.

Lavender – It is known to relax the mind and nerves and is largely used for inducing calmness. It is the base fragrance in many sleep inducing oils and is known to help treat insomnia.

Jasmine – It has an instantly invigorating effect and is used to uplift moods. It is a known solution for depression and is also known to improve memory.

Rose – Its aphrodisiac properties are well known and hence rose has long been the symbol of love. Rose fragrance can easily become overpowering in a bouquet and hence achieving the right balance is important.

Lily – Lily has a calming effect. Its smell is known to relieve irritability and induce general feeling of happiness and calmness.

Carnation – It is known to have strong anti-depressant properties combined with a seductive scent that also makes it an effective aphrodisiac.

A professional florist is well versed with the fragrances and hence can suggest the right combination of flowers for the right occasion.