Fun things your child can do with flowers

Order chocolate bouquet online with flowers

Wonderful Flower Craft Ideas for Kids & Parents in the Summer Vacations

Kids love to do different things during summer vacations, and it is the time of the year when you get to spend quality time with them and help them enhance their skills in totality. In this post, we’ll talk about fun things your child can do with flowers.

1.    Making flower bouquets

This is the most common thing that should come in your mind, and we are sure that you’d even want to join them in making some flower bouquets for any occasion that might be coming up. Making flower bouquet is a good idea for kids because it will help them use their creativity to ensure that they make something that is unique and loved by all. Kids love to experiment, and they would not mind spending a considerable amount of time trying to make something that can be unique.

2.    Making a chocolate bouquet with flowers

Kids love chocolates, and when you tell them that you have a plan that will help them in making a beautiful chocolate bouquet with flowers, they are bound to be interested in your plan. Here, you can look for inspiration online. To make things better than expected, you can even purchase a chocolate bouquet with flowers and make it easy for your kids to enjoy their time making one. You can buy flowers online along with a chocolate bouquet to satisfy the purpose you have in your mind.

3.    Decorate the house with flowers

Allowing your kids to decorate the house is a big task, but they have holidays, and it is an interesting task. So, we are confident that your kids will love it. Yes, we understand that you cannot be with them all the time when they decorate the house. In this case, you can opt for the help of your friends and relatives, who would be willing to look after your kids when you’re away. As far as flowers are concerned, you need to know that sending flowers online is an option. So, you should not be worried about it.

4.    Decorating a flower vase

When we talk about flowers, we talk about the placement of the same too. You can place it in a number of places in your house, especially if you follow Feng Shui. However, you’ll still need a vase to keep the flowers still. Helping your kids decorate a personalized vase is one of the best ways in which you can keep them busy. Here, we’d advise you to be with them, if they are planning to use things like a glue gun and hot glue to decorate the flower vase.

History, Importance & Significance of Valentine week Celebration

Valentines Week Days & Importance

Importance of Valentine Week

It is the time of the year when we all want to talk about nothing but love. There are many new lovers budding, and they are already looking for flower delivery in Mumbai for their beloved. Even married couples are getting in the zone to spend more time with their partner and do something special for them.

However, it is essential to realize that there are many more things one will have to focus on if they really want to make the most of Valentine’s week. So, here is an accurate detailing of what each day stands for during the Valentine’s week so that you do not miss out on opportunities that can change your life forever.

Rose Day

This is the day that marks the beginning of Valentine’s week and gives you the opportunity to give your beloved the first hint of your love for them. It’s the easiest way in which you can signify that you’re willing to begin an everlasting relationship with them and would be committed in every possible way. On this day, red roses will be seen as a symbol of love, pink will signify your feelings of love for the other person, while yellow will be synonymous with new beginnings and be considered as a symbol of friendship.

So, look for some beautiful flowers and send Valentine’s Day roses to the ones that matter to you.

Propose Day

As the name suggests, propose day is a day when you should be conveying your feelings to your beloved and let them know that their presence makes you feel special. For this, you should plan the perfect date and don’t forget to order flowers online in Mumbai to make the setting ideal. Remember that anything you do, during the Valentine’s week should be accompanied by flowers. It will help you express your feelings in the best possible way.

Chocolate Day

Love chocolates or hate it, but you cannot avoid it on Chocolate day. It is the third day of the Valentine’s week, and you should look for sweet treats that can make your day of love and togetherness even more special. So, start hunting for delectable chocolates and order some for your beloved too.

Teddy Day

Valentine’s day cannot be complete without teddy bears, and you need to understand that your day of love will also be accompanied by teddy bears. Gifting it to your beloved is important. If you find it awkward, get some flowers and place it next to the teddy bear. It will make the move easy for you.

Promise Day

When we talk about love, we cannot forget the fact that love and trust go hand in hand. So, if you’re about to commit yourself in a relationship, make sure that you are in a position to fulfill certain promises too. With this, take your time and let your partner think about it too. After all, the promises you make on this day will have certain responsibilities attached to it. So, be careful with the promises you make and let your partner know that you’re capable enough of fulfilling them.

When you promise something to your Valentine, you’ll be reminded of the same year after year, even if you forget them later on. So, be careful and determined when you make your promise.

Hug Day

Once the promises are made and you know that your life is about to change from now onwards, you and your beloved should express your love for each other, and one of the best ways in which you can do so is by embracing each other in a warm, love-filled hug. Hug day is a day when we celebrate the bond of closeness, and a couple-to-be create a memory that will stay with them for years to come.

Kiss Day

If you and your beloved are on the same page, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to extend your relationship and seal the bond with a kiss. It is officially the Kiss day, and you’ll definitely get one if your partner is committed to the bond you share with them.

When we talk about kisses, it may be just a peck on the cheeks, but it counts, and we are confident that you’ll remember that little, but significant, thing all your life.

Valentine’s Day

As we talk about hugs and kisses, we know that Valentine’s Day follows the pattern and it is bound to be a special day of love for the couple.

On this day, you need to look for Valentine’s Day flowers delivery and make sure that the entire setup is ready for your special day. Being ready in advance is important, and we hope you’ll try not to mess things up by delaying the process.

Remember that you’re going to talk about it for years to come. So, do everything possible to make it a memory that will not be regretted later on.

Send Wide Variety of Fresh Flowers for Every Festival

The middle of the year is here again. It is the time when monsoon slowly starts hitting different parts of the country, which is usually followed by a number of different festivals across different states. While the celebrations for all these festivals are unique but one thing which is a constant in almost every celebration or festival are the flowers. Flowers are often viewed as an auspicious omen in most of the cultures and religions. As a result it finds a place in almost every cultural event. Apart from adding a lot of beauty largely due to its vibrant colours it also provides scent to the event. The following are some of the uses of flowers during the various festivities in India.


A festival in India is mostly a grand affair. The planning for the event begins weeks or even months before the event. People from all over the country often take holidays to spend these days with their loved ones. Hence, no stone is left unturned to ensure that the day of festival looks as gorgeous as possible. This is where flowers play an important role. Most Indian festivals are incomplete without attractive and colourful flowers being used for decorations. The sheer presence of some of the flowers add an element of soulfulness to the event. However, one thing which can dampen the spirits of the people involved during such a happy period is poor quality of flowers.

Hence, it is crucial that one only purchases flowers from reliable dealers or shops when buying for a big occasion like a festival. One of the problems faced by many people is that, although, flowers look fresh when they are bought, they often lose their freshness soon, sometimes, even before the actual event starts. This can prove to be a major disappointment for many. In recent times, one possible solution is to buy flowers online. Some of the top online florists not only have a huge collection of flowers but they also sell fresh flowers which last longer than usual.

Gifts for Festivals

The period of festivals mean that there will be lots of fun, sweets and gifts. However, many people struggle to find a gift which is suitable for such an occasion. While sweets are an excellent choice but it seems incomplete. To mark the special occasion the best option is often a bouquet of flowers. This can create a huge impact, specifically if the bouquet contains flowers which are unique and fresh. Additionally, it is also a great idea to send flowers to near and dear ones who live in a different city. This makes them know that someone is thinking of them on the day of the festival. One can easily do that by placing an order for online delivery of flowers at their footsteps. There are many good online websites through which it is possible to send flowers to Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, New Delhi and other cities in India.

History of Flower Arrangement

Flowers have been a part of human civilization since ancient times. They have formed an integral part of human life, in celebrations, in mourning, in prayers, and as ornaments. Mostly everyone come across some kind of flower decoration every day. Today many florists draw inspiration from history for designing bouquets and it is possible to order flowers online with such unique arrangements.

In Ancient Egypt flowers formed an integral part of royal households and flowers decorated in vases across the house were a sign of wealth of the family. Typically Roses, Violets, Jasmine and Lilly were used. But the most sacred of all flowers was Lotus Blossom which was considered to represent the Sun God. They were placed in rows with leaves such that no flower overlapped but special care was taken to keep the stem hidden.

In the Far East, flowers have been used in religious as well as medicinal purposes since ancient times. In China, Buddhists monks spent considerable time making elaborate flower arrangements for decorating the altars. The Japanese art of flower decoration, Ikebana is not just flower arrangement but is considered a form of meditation to help get clarity of thought. Ikebana gained world popularity during the 19th century for its unique use of flowers, stems, and leaves. In India as well, Ikebana arrangements are used across offices and formal locations. It is possible to order for Ikebana bouquets through online flower delivery in Mumbai.

The Greeks and Romans used flowers extensively on every occasion. The Olive wreath became famous as a sign of victory after it was given to winners of the Ancient Olympics. The Greeks gave special importance to the smell of the flower arrangement more than the colour or look and therefore herbs like basil and thyme were also significant. They were obsessed with Rose flower for its delicate structure and luxurious smell. Rose petals were spread across the floor at grand dinners so that crushing of the petals released fragrance all around.  In fact, the main course at dinner was often referred to as the hour of Rose because the fragrance of rose became really intense by that time.

Later Europe carried on the tradition where gardens were maintained by churches and fresh flowers decorated the altars every day. The French decorations were delicate and feminine in earlier times and then evolved to huge vases and large bunches with Bonaparte rule. In England, the art of flower arrangement developed only during the Victorian period and formed an important part of social gatherings. It is during this time that specific flower started to signify specific emotions and was used to convey feelings.

Through ages flowers have been arranged as bunches, garlands, wreathes, in vases, in bowls, on floors, hanging from walls and even gifted as a single flower. Whatever many be the style, flowers have always been used to convey different emotions and moods. Today through order flowers online for any occasion and that perfect bunch that suits your needs.