Specialty of Winter Flowers

Winter is the time of the year, when you sit before the fire, and having a big mug of coffee in your hand, and you think some coziest thing in your mind at the cold break day. Winter is also that time, when everyone is in wait of arrival of Valentine’s Day to express love and affiliation with his or her beloved ones. Then what can you think of to infuse warmth and colors in the life of your beloved ones than to offer the beautiful combinations of the flowers. Flowers represent many beliefs for the people; flowers are the representation of the love, as a sympathetic gift for the lovers, companion in sorrows, and a partner in the absence of the partner. Flowers are not the thing to say good-bye to the winter, but theseare the representations of the love to your beloved ones and with this, flowers offer the best sensation to the people.

There are different types of flowers, which are specialized for the winter only. These flowers are such flowers, which simply can bring the romance, liveliness, and charm in the celebrations of the Valentine’s Day. This is always one of the best things available for the people, this will allow you to adopt the best parts of the services, in this way, winter flowers are heavily demanded in due to the arrival of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s flowers will not only the right ambience. That is the reason flowers are important for the Valentine’s Day, and winter flowers are preferably used for this.

After admitting the importance of the winter flowers, one thing that at once comes in our mind is that no valentine Day is complete without the Candle light dinner with the presence of the winter flowers to lighten up your mood. Therefore, it is important that you burn the candles in their heady perfumes, toast to your long-lasting relationships, and make the strong bindings of your love with your affectionate. This is so important to prove your love with your dearest and nearest ones.

Once we have set an ambience, the most important thing is to choose the right kind of the flowers in order to balance your private celebration. Your mood will define, what sort of finishing to be added to any occasion whether you are in pure fun, in romantic, frolic, or intense. Therefore, this is always one of the best things available to determine the right flower combinations available.

Winter flowers come in wide range, but we always take into consideration the Red Rose, this is the best ever flower, and this is the special flower, which is the strength of the Valentine’s Day. Poets love this flower a lot; one famous poet Gertrude Stein immortalized the flower in her famous line as a “a rose a rose a rose”. A Rose reflects the love, symbolizes thinking of Valentine’s Day. Rose can express all sorts of feelings that you associate with flowers. Along with this, there are many other blooms, which can be associated with the flowers, in this way; this is always one of the best options to have the flowers. Furthermore, you can pick up the different range of flowers like lilies, tulips, exotic orchids, bouvardias, chrysanthemum in yellows, pink, and reds and different unique colors of the flowers available, this will make your event as a memorable until the arrival of the next event. You can paint these events, so that this may affect in your mind like dried cement. All of these things are the causes of happiness, and to share the precious moments of your life. “I Love You” is the word, which you want to say to your beloved one, but this is only possible, if you take Red rose with you along with Special Valentine’s Day card, then this will allow you to become a part of this event at all.

Moreover, flowers play an important role in Wedding; large number of people like to get married during the winter seasons, the flowers of winters make a great arrangements for the bride’s bouquets, for the reception, and for the church, in this way, this is always one of the best things available. Here are some different types of winter flowers, which are used for the wedding events, are Lilies, orchids, daisies, Roses, carnations, Red Flowers, and Chrysanthemums. These flowers arrangements will make your entire function as a memorable and a good event.

When it comes to make choices among the colors, we have to choose among the blues, purple, white, red, glittery gold, metallic silver and shady flowers.In addition, if you are worry to find the creative ideas, then do not hesitate to contact with the florist, who can help you to make the best arrangements and flowery arrangements. Florists will make your winter function cherish and loving.

Send Flowers to Boost Up The Spirit Of Life

Send flowers to India to Boost up the Spirit of Life

Flowers are the important spirit of life and identity of the nature. Flowers are granted with the quality of willingness to impose the people, follow them. They at once bring shine of happiness on the faces of those who receive them. Flowers are the basic part of any mark occasion and important ceremony. Whether it a cultural celebration, or a family get-together, flowers dominate and seize some of the best moments and thoughts of the people who receive them. We here, at May Flower know that what types of strong feelings are attached with flowers. Many people from all across the world send flowers to India to their nearest ones. It’s our standard to deliver the fresh flowers on right time for the feast.

Originate your thinking to the right place by using our online services:

Our online florist company provides you the services to send flowers to India for every sort of event important for you like, for birthday, for congratulations, for love and sympathy as well. Our network is expanding to almost all destinations across India. It was never easy for you to send flowers to India online before this. If you still find yourself in difficulty, “How far is it possible to send flowers to India to your dearest ones?” then don’t worry, you just need to originate your mind to the right place. May Flower is a perfect online delivery service that makes possible your flowers to be delivered in time when you want them to present to somebody. That’s absolutely right; you can send flowers to India on any particular day. The flowers are handed over to recipient fresh, by means of our fast network of delivery, situated near the recipient’s place thus; the fresh flowers will be delivered fresh to your dear ones.

Send flowers to India with unique styles and arrangements:

We have some unique types of flowers such as roses, gerberas, orchids, etc which will surely inspire the people who accept them. Moreover we have top quality flowers, and we have shaped enormous flower-arrangements which will be received and loved by the recipient. Special bouquets styles and arrangements is our specialty.” Flowers in a vase” and flower baskets also give you an opportunity to win the hearts of your loved ones. We also have a wide network of delivery which helps people to send flowers to India with in 24 hours. Under a specified time, if you place your order flowers online with us, we will be able to deliver flowers to your loved ones today itself.

Get Appreciation from your dearest ones by sending flowers to India:

If you are miles off from your dearest ones in India, then sending them flowers will be admitted and appreciated gladly. So, on every important occasion you always worry, “How far is it possible to send flowers to India?” don’t be frustrated. We at May Flower are just there to provide you our services. When your dearest ones receive beautiful flowers which are sent to them by you, you will surely get an instant response and connection with them and you will find your dearest ones closer to you. If you have some intentions to send flowers to in India today to your nearest ones today, then visit our site we have provided a complete list of cities and we will deliver your flowers to those cities on the same day but orders should be before the closing time. We provide customer assistance to our customers and latest updates about the delivery-status of your gifts. You may rely upon our services, whenever you want to send flowers to India by using our services, flowers will be delivered within the specified time for the celebrations.

You can get further information that how to send flowers to India by visiting our site. The site’s first objective is to connect the global non resident Indians living outside by enabling them to send flowers to india on different occasions.

Floral Demonstration IMC Mumbai

Floral Demonstration at IMC Mumbai by Nalini Kapadia, Founder May Flower

A floral demonstration was held at Indian Merchant Chambers Ladies Wing on 12th August 2013 held by Mrs. Vimla Patil and guest speaker was our founder Mrs. Nalini Kapadia. The main topic of discussion was how May Flower came into existence and the evolution from a hobby into a profession spread over a period of 33 years to which May Flower today stands. A demonstration of making simple basic arrangements with flowers and accessories for Indian festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, New Year etc.

In admist of the festive season, flower arrangements play an important role in commemorating life’s most significant moments and in making homes and workplaces more pleasant.

Mrs. Nalini Kapadia, owner of May Flower, business that specializes in floral arrangements and decorations told her life story – including the difficulties a woman can come across whilst building a business to this height. She explained how to know your talent and use it for making yourself financially self-reliant.

Mrs. Kapadia, after 30 years in the flower buiness, has combined her love for flowers and her buisness acument to achieve enviable success. Starting as a student of Ikebana, she graduated slowly to being one of the top experts in floral decorations and arrangements in Mumbai within a few years of starting her business on a small scale. Her talk included a live demonstration of floral arrangements to go with the festive season which will start from August onward alongwith two ready-made arrangements to the audience.

We at May Flower would like to thank the Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, Ms. Madhavi Vora (Chairperson), Ms. Vimla Patil, Ms. Mailti Jain(Co-Chairpersons) and Members of IMC Ladies wing for allowing us to demonstrate and discuss the story of May Flower.

Images of some festive creations in Floral Demonstration at IMC Mumbai

Send Flowers to India as Birthday Gifts

Birthday Flowers

Send Flowers to India as Special Birthday Gifts

It has always been a magnificent emotion in bringing smile on the faces of your valued ones, particularly, when the event of their birthday. Birthdays have great importance and carry some of the most valuable moments in everyone’s life. Birthdays are always unforgettable and remarkable for everyone’ life whether this event related to kid or any elder. Particularly children impatiently wait for this unique and unusual day and so at last when the day of this beautiful event appears, they always in wait for some special gift from their parents, relatives and friends because children are always the point of attention for everyone. And their delight and happiness knows no bound, when they are given lots of gifts with bouquets of beautiful flowers. So send flowers to India on your sweetest child’s birth day with other beautiful gifts to bring sign of happiness on their faces as a surprise being living there in India.

Sometimes it happens that you do not participate in these memorable events due to some reasons, but you want to make realize your dearest ones, your presence on that special event, and you want to send something special to your dearest and nearest ones to bring happiness on the face of your dearest one. You can send flowers to India as special gift for your nearest ones on these special events like birthdays.

May Flower is a top ranking online florist that manages for the people from all over the world to send varieties of flowers to their respected ones in India. We are also specified to send flowers to India as a special birthday gift with vast varieties and different ranges and styles which will definitely boost up the occasion of your near and dear ones.
Flowers are the symbol and have important meaning to every celebration. They stand for pleasure and happiness of life. The exclusive and their distinctive meanings of flowers reckon gifting flowers a striking motion on birthdays. You can send flowers to India as some of the most popular items and as a special gift to your loved ones on his/her birthdays. Different types of beautiful flowers like Roses, Gerberas and Orchids all formulate that special day of your dearest ones, their birthday, even more special. May Flower facilitate the people from all around the world in online ordering and send flowers to India. Only cake is not sufficient to fill colours in the birthday but flowers are also needed to make your event colourful, a memorable one. The best part about flowers is that when you send flowers to India as birthday flowers to your loved ones, you going to make his birthday special day for him/her. And your nearest one will come closer to your heart.

Flowers are such beautiful and innocent creatures of God that is like by kids, younger, men and women. The wise also think flowers are very interesting and causing somebody to engage in careful thought on the part of the person who gifted them. In fact, when you want to send flowers to India along with cakes for the events of birthdays, you hold an ideal birthday gift in your hand. Our broad range of Birthday flowers will surely win the heart of your dearest one, when they take delivery of sensational gifts. Due to the force of globalization, many people are leaving India for serving and utilizing their abilities for foreign countries. And as a result, they miss that opportunity for being a part of those important family occasions like birthdays.

We at May Flower help such people to send flowers to India to their loved ones. it is an our foremost obligation in making your loved ones happy, despite being so far away from you and to bring a special feeling for you and your dearest ones.

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Eight Basic Flower Arranging Designs

Eight Basic Flower Arranging Designs

If you are used to working with fresh flowers, it will take some time to get used to all the possibilities and limitations when using silks. Though so similar in use, artificial flowers are an entirely different art form. The line, focal, filler technique is an excellent way to design artificial and dried flower arrangements.

Horizontal Arrangements

1. Using a relatively shallow container, anchor foam with a lot of glue or use anchor pins, and position sprays of line flowers to establish the shape of the design.

2. Insert focal flowers in the middle so they gently droop over the lip of the container on both sides, reach towards the line material and extend on either side of the middle. Leave room for filler flowers.

3. Fill in and around focal area with filler flowers and foliage.

Vertical Arrangements

1. Wedge or secure foam in a vase with hot glue. Cut the stems of the tallest flowers or leaves to reach three or four times the height of the vase.

2. Place the focal flowers vertically within the diameter of the vase.

3. Fill in the areas as needed with filler flowers.

Triangular Arrangements

1. Secure floral foam. Determine the vertical height and horizontal width with the smallest line flowers and/or leaves. Make the height higher than the width.

2. Position the largest focal flowers in the heart of the arrangement and slightly lower to give weight and balance.

3. Fill in with the filler flowers and foliage keeping within the triangular shape.

Crescent Arrangements

1. Secure foam in container. Determine length of crescent and insert curved line flowers or leaves to follow the crescent form. Angle the shape to balance in the container.

 2. Insert the focal flowers fairly low in the bowl to achieve balance, stability and depth.

3. Fill in around the focal flowers with smaller flowers and foliage. Place wisps of filler flowers that gracefully taper off the ends.

Oval arrangements

1. Secure the floral foam. Determine the height with line flowers, then frame in the outer edges of the oval shape with light colored flowers and foliage.

2. Place the largest, strongest or brightest flowers in the focal area.

3. Fill in around the larger flowers and leaves with the filler flowers.

Minimal Arrangements

1. Adhere foam to container. Insert vertical line flowers to determine the height, and secure the horizontal line flowers to give the basic outline of the arrangement.

2. Place the focal flowers.

3. Fill in with filler flowers as needed.

The lazy “S” or “Hogarth’s Curve”

1. Anchor the foam securely. Bend the stems gently into graceful curves and insert them in place so they balance.

2. Add the focal flowers following the lines of the upper and lower curves.

3. Cluster filler blossoms and foliage around the central flowers maintaining the rhythm of the ‘S’.

Free Standing Arrangements

 1. Fill a shallow container with foam that extends one inch over the top. Secure the foam with hot glue, floral clay or floral tape. Define the shape of the design with the line flowers and leaves.

2. Place the focal flowers and leaves, turning the vase as you go so all the sides are even.

3. Add filler flowers to integrate the design.


A combination of these techniques have been applied from various floral basics books, magazines, web articles and clippings.

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Ruchika Fest 2013

Ruchika Fest 2013

The Ruchika Club is a prestigious organization comprising of women of multiple facets. With 500 members, the Club is like an extended family, spanning three generations, who come together under the same banner. Ruchika is a platform for social interaction, as well as grooming its members to emerge from their cocoons into confident women.

Ruchika 2013 was held at World Trade Center in the posh area of Cuffe Parade in Mumbai. It spread on 2 days i.e. July 2nd and 3rd 2013. Ruchika Fest is very popular amongst the Marwari community especially women which comprise of two or three generations entrepreneurs in their own field.

The Club holds TWO exhibitions annually

The RUCHIKA FEST held for two days, is our pre Rakhi event while the RUCHIKA LIFESTYLE is a one day show held three weeks prior to Diwali.These expos connect the entrepreneurs with their customers. This harmony of statement and style makes for a unique shopping experience, even for the most discerning shopper.The wide range of products on display comprises a kaleidoscope of creative talent from all over the country. Festive items, silverware, real & artificial jewelry, home décor, Lifestyle products and designer wear etc are a major attraction.

This year, May Flower also opted for a stall to display some of our works and spread the word to those who haven’t heard of us. Located at stall number 8 O/D and we got a good feedback and response from alot of new clientele. Pamphlets were distributed and special discount coupons given to those who attended the exhibition for purchases made online on our website. A display of different variety of vases both conventional and abstract were showcased. A display of our
floral works thru electronic media was also showcased and received a respectable response. A few exquisite custom made arrangements were kept on showcase and sold a respectable number of them. All in all a great success and good overall advertisement and exposure for May Flower.

We at May Flower would like to thank Ms. Seema Kejriwal who encouraged us to have a stall there and the tremendous support by Ms. Kejriwal and team proved invaluable for our first exhibition at Ruchika Fest 2013.

Some arrangements that were on display at the show can be found here


Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok (BITEC)

Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok 9 – 11th May 2013

Horti Asia this year was held at Bangkok and was a big success. Horti Asia is an International Tradeshow for Horticultural and Floricultural production and Procession technology which displayed products and methods around the world for improvisation, innovation and growth mediums for flowers, plants, fruits and agricultural production on a whole.

The event was at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre(BITEC) and held from 9th May to 11th May 2013. Horticulture has evolved from a mere farm activity into a business. Thailand location in the tropical region and the diverse nature of horticulture in various zones continually bring potential markets.

However, while the latest technologies are developed in one part of the globe, farmers in other parts remain ignorant. Processing technologies continue to be inaccessible and importers and processors who want high volumes find no platform to contact suppliers. A need for a common platform persists. South East Asian horticulture also needs an international platform to be able to play in the global market.

ASEAN market access and development is not just about tariffs and market entry price and price competition. The industry needs to take a differentiated marketing approach to its exports to deal with its competitive threats from major competitors (that is, China, South Africa and South America) in order to sustain and increase its market share for the short, medium and long term.

Horti Asia 2012, poised to become the most massive horticulture trade show in ASEAN, will present the platform to the entire horticulture and food sector from producers to retailers, to come and connect together.

The Kingdom of Thailand, thanks to some government initiatives like Strong Thailand Project in 2010-2012 and The Royal Rachapreuk Project 2011-2012, is continuously promoting modern marketing concepts and creating competitive atmosphere in favor of Thai farmers, circumventing middlemen, to increase the income of farmers.

Global export value for floricultural products cut-flowers, cut-foliage, bulbs and plants was at US$18,314 million in 2008, more than half of which (US$9,099 million) was from the Netherlands. Cut flowers for exports consist of orchids, roses, chrysanthemum, and gerbera. Thailands exporting value for floriculture products ranked 20th in the world, and estimated at US$111 million.

Cut flowers and ornamental plants have gone from domestic commodities into export and import substitutes. However, domestic demands for cut flowers and ornamental plants remain stable as hotels and condominiums expand around the country.Orchids, Thailand’s top floriculture product, remain in-demand. While the Netherlands ranked first in the global export value of orchid flowers with US$111.7 million (48.2%), Thailand ranked second with export value of 73.3 million U$ (31.6%). Thai orchid export value in 2009 accounted for 77% of all Thai floricultural products, with its estimated value at US$79.8 million.During the past year, dendrobium contributed 94.7% to total orchid cut flowers followed by Mokara (3.1%), Aranda (0.9%), Oncidium (0.7%), Aranthera (0.5%) and Vanda (0.1%). Key products were whole stems (88%), loose blooms (8.4%) and garlands (3.5%). The biggest importers for cut orchids were Japan (29.8%), USA (21.6%), Italy (9.4%) and China (8.6%).Thailand has a good variety and good quality and there is a soaring demand overseas. These markets include Amsterdam, and the United States. Thailand is the third largest exporter of flowers to the US, after Mexico and the Netherlands.Other floriculture exporting countries in Asia are Malaysia (US$66.8 m), Singapore (US$36.3 m), India (US$141.1 m), China (US$138.6), Taiwan (US$108.5), Japan (US$67.8 m) and Republic of Korea (US$59.7 m) Amongst the highlights of the show there was a huge display of flowers and plants at the entrance which caught everyone’s attention and here are some pictures to display the same.

Flowers, Plants and Machinery from Netherlands, Thailand ruled the roost and Orchids were the highlight of the show. I would like to see where the next show would be held and whether it would be on a larger scale than this one. You can get further information on flowers and how to order flowers online.

Images of Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok 9 – 11th May 2013:

 photo 20130509_152248_zps4c28c253.jpg  photo 20130509_150733_zpsf1742f71.jpg

 photo 20130509_150719_zpscfd07e3d.jpg  photo 20130509_150700_zps989abe45.jpg  photo 20130509_150626_zps1fcae777.jpg  photo 20130509_150552_zps44155529.jpg  photo 20130509_150514_zpse56e7bd2.jpg  photo 20130509_150447_zpsbdeba322.jpg  photo 20130509_145820_zps827c81db.jpg  photo 20130509_145728_zpsf262819e.jpg  photo 20130509_145713_zps89bf50c4.jpg  photo 20130509_145338_zps079fb54e.jpg  photo 20130509_145042_zpsf291bce1.jpg  photo 20130509_145029_zps9409ea18.jpg  photo 20130509_144156_zps70164085.jpg  photo 20130509_144147_zps5bc05f14.jpg  photo 20130509_144135_zpsbd22e100.jpg  photo 20130509_144120_zpsa34df036.jpg  photo 20130509_144036_zps983586f9.jpg  photo 20130509_143032_zps856fbd26.jpg  photo 20130509_143029_zpsd749d5c0.jpg