Flower Festival in India

bathukamma festival

India has been a country with a culture rich in examples of female felicitation or worship of the female entity. A reflection of such can be seen in most of the festivals we engage in, which have a female deity as our centre of prayers and worship. Navratri especially is the biggest festival celebrated all over India with a pomp and splendour that outgrows almost all other religious festivities in terms of celebrations. Navratri is celebrated in many forms throughout India, all of which are celebrated to cherish and worship the female deity in different forms. So while in West Bengal, it is celebrated in the form of Durga Puja, in Southern states the celebration of Navratri as nine days of rituals and worship is conducted. Another form of worship of the goddess or womanhood in general, which is similar in terms of rituals but unique in terms of approach is the Bathukamma festival popularly known as the flower festival. This festival celebrates femininity as well as the Earth and its fertility. Usually, the months of September-October sees the celebration of this festival, which involves as the name itself suggests, large amounts of flowers. This is where flower delivery in Mumbai becomes a necessity.

What is Bathukamma and why flower delivery in Mumbai plays an important role in this celebration

Bathukamma like Navratri is a festival ranging for 9 days. Each day consists of a different ritual and involves worshipping and offering of sweets to the deity. The most unique, aspect of this ritual is the making of a floral decoration which involves decorating a large plate with flowers which float on water till they sink. Other flowers are used to make cones decorated with a large variety and number of flowers that can be easily found and ordered using services of flower delivery in Mumbai. Some of the most important things to keep in mind while preparing for Bathukamma is that the flowers used must be fresh and blooming as they symbolise the fertility of the Earth. Flower delivery in Mumbai is most effective towards achieving this, as flowers bought from local florists have a risk of getting damaged while being delivered. Besides the large variety of different flowers are also available here with ease.

bathukamma festival
Bathukamma festival

Different flowers used for Bathukamma and how to order flowers online for this purpose

Flowers used for Bathukamma are usually supposed to be vibrant and colourful and complement each other perfectly. Some of the flowers essential to Bathukamma are Celosia, Chrysanthemum, Lotus flowers, Marigold, Ajwain etc, all of which are easily available when you order flowers online from. These flowers are considered to possess some medicinal properties too. There is no specific arrangement for this arrangement, however, and mostly the only thing to keep in mind is that all these flowers complement each other beautifully. For this, the advantage which you get if you order flowers online makes flower shopping fun. So next Navratri, prepare for Bathukamma with an assortment of flowers suited for your preferences and worship the goddess with the purity of your heart and the fragrance from the flowers.

Floral Sculptures

Floral Sculptures

Going by the name, Floral Sculptures are large scale structures depicting objects or things made out of purely flowers. These are designed to depict a certain figure and then filled in with flowers of different colors, textures and sizes. These are massive and sometimes of a scale of 100:1 for certain things. Animals, Birds, and certain day to day objects are formed into sculptures by artists who work their way intricately with flowers.

The base of the sculpture begins with a wrought iron formation making up the ‘chassis’ or exo skeleton of the sculpture that can support and hold the weight of the flowers. Once the formation is made then it is upto the skill and creativity of the artists to create their sculpture. These are most popular in Netherlands in which many parades are witnessed and driven thru the city via trucks to be displayed to the open public. It happens once a year and is a feast for the eyes!

Flowers such as Dahlia’s, Chysanthemum, Gerbera, Roses etc are used along with select foliage to give the color difference and make the texture of the object stand out. Certain abstract florals require extreme patience and can take upto 50 – 70 people working on one sculpture in parts and then finally assembling them together. Flower quantity can range from 10,000nos for a small one to over 500,000 for really large scale ones.

These happen mostly in Netherland and would be a sight to see if you are there during this parade!

Some pictures below to show what floral sculptures are all about and to order flowers online visit Mayflower.in.

Images of Floral Sculptures