Flowers Arrangement for Gudi Padva

Flowers Arrangement for festivals in Mumbai

Festivals are an integral part of the Indian culture and are celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm throughout the country. Festivals bring with them new beginnings. And, Gudipadva is one such occasion which rings in the New Year for the Maharashtrians and the Hindu Konkanis in India. The same day is celebrated as Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh; whereas, Cheti Chand in the Sindhi community. This festival signifies a change and coming of good luck.

Flowers for Celebration- Gudipadva that ushers in the New Year

Gudipadva is regarded as the first day of spring and the first day of the first Chaitra month as per the Hindu calendar. The day starts with all the family members eating a coarse paste of neem leaves and jaggery. Ladies draw intricate patterns with the colored powder called Rangoli in front of their homes and decorate it with diyas and flowers to add vibrancy and color. Flowers play a vital role in any Indian festival and Gudipadva is no different. The colorful flowers for celebration spread positive energy and signify purity. The houses are decorated with flowers and the flower Toran in front of the main door is said to signify auspiciousness and good luck.

Flower Delivery in Mumbai- Gudi decorated with Flowers

The most significant celebration or the main essence of Gudipadva is the placing of a small pot called the Kalash at the entrance of each home. The Kalash is a pot made of silver, copper or bronze and inversely positioned atop a long bamboo stick. It is covered with an auspicious red, saffron or yellow cloth and decorated with flowers and leaves. This whole set up constitutes the Gudi and is a sign of prosperity and great things. Order online for flower delivery in Mumbai this Gudipadva and decorate the Gudi with these fragrant flowers.

Send flowers online for the festival of Gudipadva and wish your loved ones prosperous and colorful beginnings

Flowers are a great way to greet your loved ones on Gudipadva. So, make this occasion special for them by the online delivery of flowers and give them one more reason to rejoice on this auspicious day. Search for qualified florists online and select the best flowers from a wide range of available options. Send flowers online for the festival of Gudipadva to your relatives and friends and let them know that they hold a lot of importance in your life.

Send Flowers to Mumbai on Gudipadva to ring in the festive fervor

Now with the online option available you can sit in your home and order for the best flowers. Send flowers to Mumbai on Gudipadva and your loved ones there are inevitably going to love your wishes and your thoughtful gift.

Online Delivery of Flowers this Gudipadva to make it Memorable

You can have the online delivery of flowers this Gudipadva for decoration and flower arrangement in your house. You can also send flowers to Mumbai to your friends and relatives and wish them so that in this New Year, they usher happiness and prosperity in their lives.

Festivals are a great way to bond together the relation of love and let this Gudipadva strengthen it forever.

Thanksgiving: How to Say Thanks with Flowers

Thanksgiving: How to Say Thanks with Flowers

Thanksgiving is, obviously, a time to be thankful and there’s no better way to say thanks than with flowers. No matter whether you plan on ordering flowers online and sending them to the people you’re thankful for or scheduling an online delivery of flowers to your own home so that you’ll have lovely centerpieces to adorn your Thanksgiving feast with, May Flower is an online florist that has the floral arrangements to accommodate your needs.

Flower Selection

Although the simple act of sending flowers helps portray your thanks, the type of flowers that you send can also have an impact on your message. Pink, peach and yellow roses are timeless ways to say thank you while symbolizing your friendship and appreciation for the recipient. Likewise, irises, bellflowers, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and sweet peas all portray similar messages of friendship, joy and appreciation.

If you’re looking for floral arrangements to display on your own Thanksgiving table, you might want to consider varieties that feature blossoms with Autumn colors like rich yellows, golds, browns and reds. For instance, if you want to go with arrangements of roses, select ones that feature red, yellow and orange roses arranged in a charming bouquet. Alternatively, create an Autumn harvest arrangement that features bronze mums, orange carnations, yellow tulips, sunset lilies and other seasonal blooms.

Display Ideas

How you choose to display your Thanksgiving flowers can have a significant impact on the ambiance of your Thanksgiving day feast. No matter whether you received your Thanksgiving flowers as thanks from a friend or family member or you ordered them yourself from an online florist, one classic way to display Thanksgiving flowers is by placing them inside a cornucopia basket. Another is to arrange them in a burlap vase. Still other types of Thanksgiving-themed vases include bronze, copper and grapevine vases. You also might want to consider placing a tapered candle in the center of your floral Thanksgiving centerpieces to add even more of a festive touch. Light the candle during the Thanksgiving feast to give your meal an old-world charm that’s sure to delight your guests.

Gift Hampers

Another perfect way to say thanks with flowers for Thanksgiving is to not only send the recipient flowers, but to also send him or her a gift hamper. May Flower not only allows you to buy flowers online, but it also offers a huge assortment of gift hampers that are perfect for the Thanksgiving season. Instead of constructing typical gift baskets, select from gift hampers that feature assortments of freshly-baked breads, fresh and dry fruit, decadent chocolates and gourmet food items. Gift hampers not only provide your recipients with food that they can use to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, but it’s also a perfect way for you to send gift baskets even if you don’t have the time to put them together yourself.

No matter how you want to give thanks, whether it’s by sending Thanksgiving flowers to others or by displaying lovely Thanksgiving floral arrangements on your own table, May Flower makes it easy for you to send flowers to India, the USA and even the UK.