Rose: The Heart of Valentine

Rose is still at the top when you need to express your feelings to your loved ones on a special occasion. I really don’t want to put a stick in the mud on romance, but I need to pinch my husband giving a fortune for roses on Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, I can plant roses in my garden and the same money could be spent on living roses, but it would take an extra amount of time to grow up. Most of the people who love flowers know very well that naturally flowers and roses may not be in their blossomin February. You can plant Flowers and roses in your garden, it can provide you plenty of colors and scent in the summer months.An important thing that it is the perfect time to plant flowers and roses, this season is best, after planting roses you can get benefits from these roses.

You will find various types of roses and the English Roses are most perfect choice if you need to plant roses among other varieties in borders and beds, because these are most reliable repeat-flowering and also disease resistant. There are different kinds of red roses, so it is really difficult to choose the specific one. You will face the challenge in getting a good and perfect combination of health and fragrance, as the dark red roses are considered as the burning in the sun. If you have a specific one in your heart then ‘DarceyBussell’ would be the best choice. These are compact and busy in all summer. These are more ideal for a small garden or at a narrow border but you can plant them on a large area as well.

Roses are considered as hungry breeders so you should manage plenty of organic matters, such as digging a reasonable hole and use soil conditioner before planting. You should make sure that the selected area is cultivated and this area should be rootless and well prepared for planting flowers, add fertilizer in March and April at the start of the season, you can repeat planting in June for spring season. You should remember that roses needs four to five hours of sunlight in the growing season but it differs according to the rose types and environment. You should avoid such kind of areas where branches or excessively spreading roots, there can be a heavy competition among the roots of other shrubs or trees. You can plant taller English Roses, it would add height and mixed border structure, more compact types are perfect when you need to manage the front of the border. It is recommended that you must plant roses in small groups when planning to make the border;it will create the most charming effect. If you are planning to fill space then Nigella ‘Miss Jekyll’ or Cosmos large flowers in pink, purple and white colors, it would be the best choice. You should be very careful during the dry spells and the plants should be well watered.

Flowers – The Feeling of Affection, Love and Care

Flowers-the feeling of Affection, love and care

The feeling of care and love can blossom with all splendors with a bunch of beautiful and attractive flowers. When designed in a dazzling bunch of flower, flowers are sure to bring jubilance and joy, all season long. Flowers are the perfect and preferable gift of the Almighty to the mankind. Flowers are the sign of heaven beauty and the native charm adds to a beautiful dwelling of any sense. The atmosphere of flowery beauty has the charm of charming all, and it does not matter with the age. Flowers are the best medium to convey the emotions feelings, whether it is any remarkable anniversary, occasion or birthdays etc.

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