Importance of Flowers During Navratri

Flowers for Navratri celebrations

An Indian festival that lasts for 9 days – Navratri is always celebrated in an innovative manner every year. This Navratri festival is celebrated in different ways in different states of India by celebrating Goddess Durga. In Gujarat, girls and boys dress themselves in the best ethnic wear like ghaghra cholis and kurta pyjama for garba and dandiya raas play. This play is held around the earthen pot and image of Mother Goddess. Whereas, in Bengal, people resemble the power of females by performing Durga Puja. Goddess Durga is believed to spread peace on this earth again. While, South India altogether has a different way of celebrating this festival by presenting gifts. Gifts in the form of prashad are exchanged which includes coconuts, sweets and clothes.

Most of the people clean their home on the day of Amavasya – a day before Navratri to welcome Goddess Durga. People also keep Mata ki Chowki in the Navratri days. Celebrating this festival definitely needs flowers for keeping a positive environment. While most of the people are doing such, the offline vendors might run out of stock. But in this 21st century, everything is possible within just few clicks. There are various florists in Mumbai online that can deliver fresh flowers at your doorstep. Also, numerous florists provide same day delivery, fixed date and time delivery for instant facilitation. In such a mess, it is a wise idea to opt for online flower delivery in Mumbai. Here is a gist of nine incarnations of nine different days.

Shoe Flower or Hibiscus for Maa Shailputri on Day 1

Maa Shailputri is the very first incarnation of Maa Durga and she is well known as Parvati. She would definitely bless you with immense happiness if she is pleased with your worships.

Shevanti/Chrysanthemum for Goddess Brahmacharini on Day 2

Brahmachirini is worshipped on this day as Maa Durga performed severe amendment in order to gain Lord Shiva as her husband. Once this was done, Maa Durga acquired a lot of purity and piousness. The same would happen to us if we please Lord Brahmacharini.

Lotus for Chandraghanta on Day 3

She is called Chandraghanta as she rides on a lion called ‘Dharma’. Worshipping this Goddess on day 3, would help you get rid from all the sins and sufferings.

Jui flowers for Kushmanda Maa on Day 4

Maa Durga’s 4th incarnation is that of Kushmanda Maa who holds a flower in one of her eight hands. She bestows all the super natural powers.

Rose flowers for Skandamata on Day 5

Skandamata Maa who is worshipped on day 5 is the mother of Kartikeya. She is the one who sits on a lion. Worshipping her would surely purify your heart which liberates you from all the problems in your life.

Jasmine flowers for Katyayani on Day 6

This form of incarnation slays the Mahishasur, the demon. Devoting Maa Katyayani on day 6 sincerely would honor you with all the wealth and prosperity.

Krishnakamal flower / Passiflora for Goddess Krishnakamal Day 7

Goddess Krishnakamal rides a donkey, four arms, flaming mouth and three eyes. There might be obstacles in devoting her time. But passing through it would make you fearless, give you peace and vanish all your problems.

Mogra for Mahaguri on Day 8

She is an incarnation that had a dark complexion unless she pleased Lord Shiva by cleansing herself with the holy water of Ganga. Later, she turned out to be fair. So, devoting time to her on this day would give you a great peace of mind.

Chapa flowers for Siddhidatri on Day 9

Siddhidatri means giving supernatural powers. This goddess holds the conch shell, mace, chakra and lotus flower in four arms.

So, order Now! Happy Navratri.

Flowers for Navratri celebrations

navratri decoration

Navratri is the celebration of the goddess Durga and her incarnations. It is a festival which is celebrated with much pomp and splendor across the entire country with slightly different names or rituals. Navratri is not only the festival of worshiping a deity, it also signifies and symbolizes women power and the victory of good over evil. As such, Navratri is a festival which holds a special place in all of our hearts. Preparations for this occasion are made well in advance, often as early as three months prior to the actual occasion.  The most important aspect of these preparations for Navratri is, of course, flowers. Flowers are used in almost every aspect of this festival, whether decking up the venue where the idols are kept, or the idol itself. However, this leads to the question how we can make sure nothing disturbs the delivery of flowers for the occasion. This can be easily achieved with the option to order flowers online.

The easiest way to send flowers to Mumbai for Navratri

Mumbai being the home to movie stars and other celebrities see some pretty lavish Navratri celebrations across the city, which instantly become the talk of the town and is covered extensively by the media. However this in no way reduces the importance of Navratri celebrations in every household of this city, both big and small. One of the most important aspects of decorating your house for the upcoming festive occasion is to obtain large volumes of fresh flowers which will make your house sparkle with colours and fill every corner with its fragrance. How to obtain flowers in Mumbai is again, a question that needs answering. For those who live outside, the added responsibility to send flowers to Mumbai for the festivities becomes an even harder task. The good news, however, is that with the advent of options to order flowers online, this problem no longer poses any threat to disturb festival proceedings at home. The biggest advantage of sending flowers to Mumbai is that unlike buying them off your local florist and getting them delivered, this process is efficient and makes sure your flowers reach you on time.

Online shopping is the best way for flower delivery in Mumbai

If you’re worried about your favourite flowers not being available during the rush hours of Navratri preparations, simply order flowers online to make sure you never have to compromise citing unavailability of flowers. Flower delivery in Mumbai is efficient and makes sure your flowers reach you in their freshest state, and right on time at your door steps. This makes sure the choice of flower delivery in Mumbai is the best way to order flowers and continues to grow in today’s market. This Navratri, happiness is only a click away, and so are the flowers available online.