5 Best Birthday gifts you must send with flowers

Most of the people are perplexed when they have to decide on a birthday gift for their dear ones. Everybody wants to make it a memorable one. It could be by arranging a surprise or giving ample of presents to the birthday person. The most traditional way of expressing love is by presenting the birthday flowers. Conveying the feel becomes comfortable with flowers and a simple note. Do you want to add a gift along with the flowers? Here is a list of 5 things that could be the best accompaniment with flowers.

  1. Gift Vouchers

How do you react when you go out to shop for your best friend? At times, you are just not sure about their likings and needs. Shopping such a thing for a person can be a daunting task. If you know their favourite brand, you can buy a gift voucher for them.  Find birthday flowers online along with this gift voucher that would perfectly fit your pocket size.

  1. A personalised gift

Everyone loves receiving personalised gifts. You can get their name carved on an object which could be a pen or a locket. Apart from this, you can get a picture printed on a mobile cover, t-shirt, pillow or a mug. Pick up a thing which they would be elated to receive on their birthday. You can also order flowers online Mumbai along with a unique personalised gift to spruce up their moment.

  1. A holiday package

There are a lot of people in this world who cannot spare time for themselves no matter what happens. Don’t you think they need to go on a vacation? Do you know any such person? Without any other thought, present them a holiday package. If you are in the states and you want the person to come down, book their tickets. Do not forget to send birthday flowers along with a sweet note. Believe it or not, this would be the most memorable present for them.

  1. Fragrances

One of the best gifts for anyone anytime. But yes, you need to be wise while choosing the scents. Everybody has a different choice of fragrance notes. Men usually love the perfumes that smell strong. And women love a floral and subtle fragrance that spreads pleasant aura while they pass. Pick one of their favourites to make them feel elated. Send Birthday Flowers Mumbai along with the scent on their birthday.

  1. Technical Device

So, this could be just anything from the range of Sennheiser earphones or JBL speakers, an iPod or a kindle, digital alarm clock or a fitness band. The list is endless if you have no margins over your budget. It also depends on the person you want to present. Order flowers online Mumbai along with this particular device you opt to buy.

Why not do something unique rather than just handing over the gift? It would be great to place the birthday flowers in such a way that it will be very evident. However, you can make them even play a treasure hunt and find the best gift of the year.

Fun Facts about Flowers

Since time immemorial flowers have had a very close relationship with human beings. It has always managed to intrigue the people with its beauty and its fragrance. It has come to be signified as a suitable gift for any auspicious occasion. Be it a birthday, marriage or a congratulatory gift it always conveys a heartfelt message. Despite humans being so closely associated with flowers, there are certain interesting facts which very few people know. In this article, we will discuss two interesting facts about flowers which are not widely known. While are also providing tips on how to order flowers online Mumbai.

Tulip Mania

No matter how much a person loves flowers or no matter how rare a flower is, it is challenging to imagine it to be dearer than gold. However, there was a time in the 17th century when Tulip flowers were costlier than gold in the modern-day Netherlands. During the 1630s a phenomenon called ‘Tulip Mania’ struck some of the countries in Western Europe. There was such spectacular rise in the demand for these flowers that Tulips were used as a form of currency. One reason for such strange need for Tulips was that it signified love, life, and immortality. Unfortunately, the Tulip mania was not immortal, and its demand soon died down.

Angelic Effects of Angelica

Angelica is a pretty popular flower in present times. However, very few know why and how it got its name. In the earlier times for many centuries, the angelica flowers were known to be of great help to cure people of different types of diseases and problems. It is particularly well known for providing care to the bubonic plague, a few centuries ago. Apart from acting as a medicine, it was also considered to have the power to break spells and hexes and put away the evil spirits. There was a common superstition that if angelica flower is added to the ritual bath, then it acts as a protector against the evil powers.

Superstitions apart, Scientists have also agreed that Angelica is an excellent gerbil tea to be consumed when suffering from issues related to indigestion, gas, colic, heartburn, and hepatitis. It is also very efficient in providing remedies for the infections of the human respiratory system, liver issues, and digestive problems. Hence, it is clear that this flower is not just about good looks and great smell, but it has other utilities too.

Flowers for Gifts

As mentioned before, various flowers mean and do different things. So it is imperative to know what they signify before you order flowers online Mumbai. There are many websites which do online flower delivery in Mumbai who suggest and educate their buyers about the different aspects of the flowers that they sell. Hence when you send flowers to Mumbai next time you should know what kind of flowers to send for what occasion. It will not only give you great satisfaction while gifting but also if the person receiving it knows about flowers, then that person will be delighted with the gesture too.

Easy way to make perfect Birthday Flowers Bouquet and send Online to Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams in India. Many people in their quest to fulfil their dreams move to this city. Be it better job opportunities, educational universities or simply a better lifestyle, Mumbai is the place to be. As a result of this many of our close friends and family members often move to this city. While it is entirely understandable for them to go yet, it still makes us miss them when they are away. It especially becomes harder when it is a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary as it is challenging to make their day special so far away from them. While there nothing like being with the person on their birthday but when that is not possible, it is a good idea to send them heartfelt messages and gifts on their birthdays. With the technological advances, it is now possible to send birthday flowers online, in a very convenient way. Here we will discuss why it is a perfect idea to do so.

Send Birthday Flowers Online from a Broad Range of Collection

The biggest reason why it is a fantastic idea to send birthday flowers online is the availability of a variety of flowers. It often happens that we do not find the flowers of our choice when we visit a regular flower shop. It is not the same when we buy it online.  The wide variety of flowers include even the rarest of flowers, some of which are not common in India and has to be imported from abroad. It ensures that we get the flowers that we want to gift our near one, while also getting new options to explore. These websites also allow us to make a bouquet of flowers based on our preferences.

Timely Birthday Flower Delivery

Most of the well-established sites which make birthday flower delivery are very precise about the time and date of the deliveries to be made. No matter which part of Mumbai it may be they more often than not manage to deliver it on time. They also take excellent care of the packaging so that the flowers are delivered in top condition, and they are not damaged while they are in transit. It is because of this that when the flowers are delivered, they look and feel as fresh as possible.

Order Flowers Online Mumbai

Online purchase of flower is not only convenient for people residing outside, but it is also beneficial for those individuals who live in Mumbai too. It is possible to order flowers online Mumbai when you need flowers to decorate a house for a party on special occasions like birthdays, marriages and anniversaries. It is also an excellent way to congratulate someone for their success in their field. One no longer has to visit the stores and select flowers to make a perfect bouquet. One can just sit back and choose all the flowers in the bouquet over the internet and get them delivered to the person directly.

Celebrating birthdays with a twist

Significance of birthday

Since ancient times birthdays have held a special place of honour in an individual’s life. Of course, most of us today are familiar with the Western European custom of putting as many candles as the birthday boy’s or girl’s age on a cake, having them blow it out and then distributing the slices among all the attendees, but few know that before this form of celebration became popular, in India there was a custom of sending a small gift such as a poem or a calligraphy set or flowers, after which there would be a small feast in the evening hosted by the person whose birthday it was.  Birthdays have a special religious as well as astrological importance too, so each birth anniversary was considered a landmark event in the person’s life. Emperors used to famously give away their weight in gold on this day. Even today we have official bank holidays for the birth anniversaries of special people who have contributed to the nation’s prosperity in some way or the other.

Revival of old customs

History has a way of repeating itself and nowhere is it as apparent as in the changes in the rituals surrounding birthdays. Today in this day and era of fat free gluten free products birthday cakes are considered to be unhealthy junk food because they contain high amounts of sugar and carbo hydrates which fatten the body. Sugar contains no essential nutrients which is why it is often known as ‘empty calories’. Add to that the fact that there is a danger of overloading your liver by eating too much fructose. Research has shown that this can cause serious problems like Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease because of the high production of V L D L Cholesterol particles. Finally studies have also demonstrated certain links between high sugar consumption and insulin resistance (which can lead to Type II Diabetes), hormonal changes in the body, weight disorders (such as obesity in both children and adults), and even heart disease. Hence people are ditching the birthday cake custom in larger and larger numbers. Now the modern method of expressing good wishes for someone has become to gift them some beautiful flowers that they can appreciate instead. The popularity of this trend has sky rocketed due to the availability of quick and easy birthday flower delivery. Birthday flower delivery can allow a person sitting in Fatehpur Sikri to send flowers to Kolkata within the short span of a day or so.

Hassle free delivery

The rise of the internet has eliminated the middle man. So many dying industries are reviving due to the ease of payment and ordering through the internet. Gone are the days when a middle man used to transport flowers from the producer and re sell it at a higher price. Flowers have become easier to view and cheaper to buy. To order flowers online Mumbai is no longer an issue thanks to consumer friendly sites and apps.

Flowers Minting Money

Flowers: Eternally Young

Since time immemorial, flowers have endeared themselves to humankind for their delicate bloom, appearance, aroma and their beauty. Even as children, whenever one was asked to draw a picture, one’s mind would be coerced by the irresistible urge to draw the flowers first. No wonder flowers are an integral part of the wedding garland of grooms and brides, bed decor for the newly married couple, honour of the leader’s success, and as a blessing indication of God. Lotus, Jasmine and Rose hold places of honour in Indian culture. Hindus often offer lotus flowers to gods in temples. Indeed, the natural beauty of flowers is simply so irresistible that the Japanese have a festival known as Hanami to celebrate the budding of light pink cherry blossoms. With the new age technology, you can order flowers online. Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata are just a few of the cities where delivery services are available all through the year.
Bustling market, bustling wares

Flowers have emerged as the new gift idea for international markets across the globe. They are pretty and universally appreciated. No wonder that in Amsterdam (a city in the Netherlands), flower markets are opened at 7 o’clock in the morning and because the competition is so fierce, the entire stock is sold within 20 minutes!
Beauty with Brains

Online delivery of flowers in Mumbai is proving to be a game changer for a very unique field which is very different from the traditional fields such as hotel industry: Homeopathy. Yes, homeopaths are using fresh flowers to heal illnesses through their special methods. Homeopathic doctors usually use diluted essences of flowers like arnica, pulsatilla, aconite and calendula in an oral solution to deal with emotional problems of their clients. Because it is so easy to order flowers online Mumbai, such treatments are getting the fresh flowers and other materials that they require for a successful procedure.

It was Edward Bach who first experimented with the essence of flowers as early as 1930. This belief was utilised by the school of Homeo Pharmacy. Edward Bach believed that every flower had a vibrational pattern of healing energy. He used flowers like clematis to increase concentration. He also treated nervousness with a remedy of walnut flowers.

Another industry taking advantage of this boom in online delivery of flowers in Mumbai is the traditional attar or perfumeries industries. Traditionally it took a long time for raw materials that is flowers like roses to arrive at the workshop and that too in proper condition. However, now it has become easy and convenient to receive flowers right at their doorstep and that too at a minimal cost. Gone are the days of waiting and importing. Online services have granted a new lease of life to traditional Indian perfumery which has existed for centuries in our country.

What’s more, growth in the flower industry has led to a growth in endangered populations of bees. These bees receive pollen from flowers and then transform it into delicious honey, thereby creating more value from flowers than just a single aspect.

The Spiritual Power of Flowers

Everything that arises from this earth and derives nutrition from its crust and blooms with its elements is considered pure by most cultures. In saying so, it becomes obvious why flowers are a necessity in every culture and religion: because of their invariable bond with nature. Due to this reason, flowers are said to have the essence of spirituality in them, and are the perfect choices whenever we want to gift someone something that’ll remind them of their spiritual selves as well. With online delivery of flowers, this has become a lot easier than other methods of seeking spirituality, since the whole process has now become as simple as a few mouse clicks.
Flowers have thus grown in demand as essential gifting material due to their fragrance and freshness, both a representation of this latent spirituality and assured in terms of quality by online delivery of flowers. Last but not the least, not only do flowers have a spiritual quality, they also express many more emotions through their vibrancy and colours, and the best way to make sure you are using the right combination of flowers to gift your friends or family something which will strike all the right notes, there can be no better alternative than online delivery of flowers.

Flower with spiritual powers and how to send flowers to Mumbai.

Carnations are among the most revered and renowned flowers to provide a spiritual medium to people around them. Carnations have different uses, of course, based on colours. While red carnation implies absolute focus and determination in regards with your spiritual purpose, yellow ones symbolise detachment from earthly distractions. If you want to send flowers to Mumbai through such online stores, you can easily find all these flowers carefully maintained and ready to be delivered to your doorsteps. Chrysanthemums are flowers which aren’t only loved for their beauty but as a symbol for hope and devotion as well.  It is no wonder they are so much in demand by people who want to buy and send flowers to Mumbai for all auspicious occasions because with their beauty and positivity, chrysanthemums are said to strengthen resolve and make people more disciplined towards their search for spirituality. Almost equally as used for its spiritual power but with a very different symbolisation, daises are also fast capturing the market invested to let people send flowers to Mumbai. The happy and joyous vibrancy of daisies are used to help in relaxing and meditation by many people.

Order Flowers Online Mumbai and experience the spiritual powers of flowers.

Lotus is one of those flowers which are an essential part of every auspicious occasion due to their divine essence. The lotus is a flower which implies constant meditation and uncoiling of our conscience to accept spirituality into our lives. For these reasons, lotus becomes a high priority when people order flowers online in Mumbai. Those who regularly order flowers online in Mumbai also know about the spiritual qualities of orchids and their importance in our lives. Orchids are considered to be the clocks of human consciousness, and remind us of how further we have advanced in life in the time it took for the orchid to wither. Some other flowers which are used for a variety of purposes but also spark our spirituality, are rose and tulips. While rose adds passion and grace to everything with its majestic presence, tulip is a symbol of finding happiness in the small things, an important tenet of spirituality. They can be easily found if you wish to order flowers online in Mumbai, and promise to bring the subtle but visible influence of spirituality in your life.

Flowers for Holi Celebration, End of the winter season and beginning of spring

As the title says, Holi is the celebration for welcoming spring and adieu of winters! Spring is the season of flowers, rebirth of new plants. Spring itself means, rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection and regrowth. Holi is just around the corner and there must be lots of plans of people in India and those living outside our country. This is the festival, which is celebrated by everyone with much enthusiasm and love. Everyone must have started the purchase of colors and pichkaris along with special outfits for the occasion. Shopping delicious delicacies to welcome the guests. Flowers also play an important role in Holi, since this is the festival of colors and nature, that means shades of nature should also be added into the festival which means beautiful, colorful and fresh flowers.

This Holi, decorate your home with flowers of your choice, and make your home look as colorful and beautiful as every person is immersed into colors. You can choose online delivery of flowers one day prior to Holi in the evening or on the day itself early in the morning and decorate your home with such beautiful and fresh flowers. Flower delivery in Mumbai has been very fast and convenient with many amazing florists in the city. They deliver the flowers quickly and cheaper in price compared to the local vendors. Online delivery of flowers also have many discount options during festive season and you can get the best benefit out of it. You can choose the choice of your flowers online and order your choice, which fits your budget.

Flowers don’t need any special day to decorate your house or gift someone special. You can keep flowers at home everyday which make your home fresh and lively. Also, you can gift flowers to anyone whom you want to thank! So, there are many florists who give monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription, which can help you to get good discounts and proper deals for flower delivery in Mumbai.

Flowers are the best gift for any occasion. Especially in Holi, a garland made of “Genda Phool” is very common and embarks a traditional stamp into the festival of colors. You can send flowers to your friends and relatives whom you couldn’t meet personally but thank them in a special way by sending flowers online.

Holi is a season of love. It is said that it comes from the culture of Raaslila where Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha with her friends celebrated their love with colors. Love is denoted very well with flowers, so how can flowers and gifts be far when it’s the festival of Holi. It makes the festival more vibrant with the color of joy and emotions. There is a tradition of exchanging gifts in this festival, so choosing online delivery of flowers for your loved ones to show the gesture of thanking them is a great idea.

Women’s day celebration with online flower delivery

Women are beautiful, they draw strength from trouble, smile during distress and grow stronger with prayers and hope and that is the reason, we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March. It is a very special day for all women when they are indulged with wishes, gifts, flowers, etc. to make them feel special.  Women are blessings from God who are strong enough to fight with anyone in any circumstance and don’t break easily. They always carry a beautiful smile on their face even if they cry into their hearts.

Gift something special to the women who have played an important role in your life; your mother, wife or daughter. You can order flowers online in Mumbai and make “her” day beautiful. There can be many ideas of gifting but the online delivery of flowers is something which can bring an instant smile on her face and make her feel special. This can be the simplest token to thank her! This can be a style of showing love and gratitude towards her. Flowers are fresh and bring a smile on any one’s face instantly.

Flowers can be purchased from the nearby florist, but there is the possibility that it may not be as fresh. Online delivery of flowers is a good option because they get flowers directly from the growers. These are plucked in the morning, sited into the arrangements and sold before they are wilt. This makes us buy freshest flowers at less expensive price. There is no middle man, just you and the website. Also, women’s day is not a holiday and so it might be possible that you couldn’t get time to purchase flowers for your ladies! So men, do not worry! You have a solution, order flowers online in Mumbai and get the benefit of fast and easy purchase option. This will also save your time and some extra traveling cost. Choose the option of online delivery of flowers and send flowers to the ladies, who have contributed something to your life. Surprise your loved ones and start their day with a special flowery smile on their face. You can also plan for the evening by taking her for a fine dining experience, shopping, salons, etc. and make her day special.

Women over come anything and they do not break in any situation and can handle things in any state of affairs to protect their family. They always remain strong and beautiful like roses, which stay red forever and ever; smell sweeter always and never die with their hopes! Let’s celebrate this women’s day, gifting the beautiful ladies around you with flowers.

How to order flowers online in Mumbai for all occasions

flower delivery in Mumbai

Flowers are the staple to any occasions in an Indian household, all year long. Be it Diwali, Dussehra or Christmas, India is a land of many festivals and the scope for celebrations all year long, making the demand for flowers in Indian homes ever growing. This has in turn, bolstered flower sales manifolds in recent times, prompting us to look for options which may solve our issues with availability and quality of flowers on purchase. Online flower delivery promises to do just that, helping us meet our demands for flowers on all occasions and festivities. One of the best things about online flower delivery is the customer to buyer approach it offers, which isn’t the same for local florists. At the local florist, what you order is at times entirely dependent on what flowers are available easily in that season, and have been thus obtained by the said florist in sufficient numbers. In case of online flower delivery this criteria is easily met, as the online stores have a wide variety of flowers to offer, irrespective of season, which makes sure you find your favourite flowers, no matter what time of the year the occasion is in. This also makes sure that the flowers are something up to your own expectations, and doesn’t depend on other factors dictating your choices.

How flower delivery in Mumbai works at making flowers available for all occasions

In a city like Mumbai, the occasions are celebrated with an unprecedented pomp and splendour. The occasions are also celebrated all year round as there are people of all religions and faith living together in the same city, thus pushing forth the demand of flowers manifolds and making it an all year long necessity. To help people in these situations, online flower selling stores have to make sure of the fact that they are prepared for this demand all year long. Since occasions are dependent on specific days of the year, flower delivery in Mumbai has to be adequately prepared to deliver on time. Online stores however rise to the occasion well, promising deliveries inside stipulated dates. This makes sure customers can order flowers and be assured that online flower delivery in Mumbai is carried out perfectly. Online Flower delivery in Mumbai is also preferred by customers as it is reasonable in terms of price and doesn’t charge highly or extra for their deliveries.

How to order flowers online in Mumbai and its benefits

It has become very easy to order flowers online in Mumbai as most online stores follow the simple process of ordering flowers. All that the customer has to do, is visit the store’s website and go through the catalogue of flowers available at the store. After this, they have to pick their favourites and pay, and the process to order flowers online Mumbai is completed instantaneously. The best thing about opting to order flowers online Mumbai is that customers can even create a mix of their favourite flowers, and not be restricted to only one type of flower. As the combination of flowers imparts varied colours and fragrances to occasions, this advantage is another important factor behind the success of online flower stores.

How online flower delivery helped make flowers popular again

Although initially used solely for the purpose of decoration, flowers have fast grown into much larger shoes, becoming an essential feature of not only decoration but presents for occasions, even medicinal and meditational uses. This radical growth in the influence of flowers has made it necessary for florists to be much more efficient and competitive in order to fulfil the demand and supply ratio adequately. One of the most important factor behind the newfound popularity and rise to fame that flowers have found in recent time, is the advent of services which anyone might use to order flowers online Mumbai. This has helped to make flowers available to the customer at his fingertips and has thus bridged the florist and customer gap significantly.

How online delivery of flowers has helped increase the popularity of flowers.

The biggest problem the market for flowers faced in earlier times was that of distribution and supplying their produce properly to the essential customer base. The gap between the producer or even the seller, and the customer was large and hence except a few faithful customers, most new customers didn’t venture into the idea of using flowers for new and varied purposes. However, with the availability of online delivery of flowers, this problem has largely been solved, leading to the newfound popularity of flowers in mainstream markets again. Customers now don’t have to rely on a single local florist for their supply of flowers. They can easily opt for online delivery of flowers to make sure their orders are easily placed and delivered to them without fail. Online delivery of flowers has also made sure there are no fluctuations in the prices of flowers which only benefits the supplier and cost customers more than what it should. The process to order flowers online Mumbai is also easier and all customers can use it without any problems.

How online delivery services have made it easier to send flowers to Mumbai.

One of the problems customers usually faced earlier was that of distance. If they stayed somewhere else but wanted to send flowers to Mumbai for any special occasion, it involved a lot of hassle. However with the option to order flowers online in Mumbai, this problem has largely been solved, thus encouraging customers to invest more in flowers as gifts for special occasions and loved ones. All you have to do is know about their preferences in flowers, and you can easily access the large galleria of options, and when you see the ones you like, just opt to send flowers to Mumbai. You can also mix different types of flowers to create a more varied and colourful gift, and there are even options available to customise your gifts beforehand. Which means you can either add cards or chocolates along with your flowers to make the gift even more appealing and thoughtful. When you opt to send flowers to Mumbai from online stores, you can be rest assured about the delivery, as they come with the guarantee of timely delivery and perfect quality of flowers.

With the option to order flowers online Mumbai, gifting flowers will become a habit you will be glad you had.