What are Floral Wreaths?

What are Floral Wreaths?

Floral Wreaths are rings made out of flowers, leaves, twigs that can be used for funerals or for just door decoration. In most countries, wreaths are used for door decoration or mantle decorations and are mostly used during Christmas time. The Christmas Wreath symbolizes the strength of life overcoming the forces of winter. In ancient times wreaths hung on doors symbolized victory and celebration. This is one of the reasons it is still hung on doors today. Most of these wreaths are made of exotic flowers.

Wreaths are also used during funerals which are usually placed on the grave or on the casket. The funeral wreaths have usually pale colors such as yellows or whites and could sometimes bear flowers with a slight fragrance. A funeral wreath symbolizes a touching tribute to the deceased. They are sometimes even presented on a freestanding easel.

In India wreaths are usually sent only for funerals and they are mostly white in color. Wreaths are widely used by Christians in India and you would rarely see any other religious group using a wreath.

Flowers used in wreaths widely are Lilies. White Lilies are usually considered the go-to funeral flower and there’s a significant meaning behind this strongly aromatic flower. Lilies suggest that the soul of the deceased has returned to the state of innocence and peacefulness.

Roses are another common flower that are used for funeral wreaths. White Roses are the ultimate symbol of spirituality, purity and innocence. Yellow roses are often given by friends to show their bond. Orchids are another popular choice when making wreaths. Their delicate touch and swaying posture add a beautiful abstract touch to the wreath design. Most of these wreaths will have flowers that provide a background to the structure and these flowers are none other than chrysanthemums.  Most of the wreaths will have white Chrysanthemums to add texture and often white symbolizes innocence.

Other flowers used at wreaths may include Carnations, Gerbera’s, and in some rare cases even Hydrangea’s.

We at May Flower prepare wreaths which are used with a floral sponge so that the flowers can retain the water and when placed, it would last for a couple of days. Most florist’s wreaths do not contain the floral sponge and thus tend to die out in a few hours. We also make Cross’s. These are another variety of a wreah in a shape of a cross having similar white and pale colored flowers. You can find many such designs and flowers that are sent for such occasions on the site under Sympathy section.

Sympathy Flowers, What to send?

Whilst flowers are sent for various occasions, it could be tricky to understand the etiquette of sending flowers for Sympathetic occasions. However the best way to remember is that its traditionally all whites or pastel colors with nothing fancy with it.


A wreath symbolizes eternal life. Funerals can still be fairly traditional and there can be a lot of cultural respect you have to abide by. If you are unsure whether it is appropriate to send flowers for a funeral, check with the funeral home, religious leader or family of the deceased and they will advise you. Remember it is more important to ask and be sure than to disrespect someone’s cultural/religious values as well as last wishes.

One definite no-no is never send wreaths or casket sprays to the departed’s family home. Only ever send wreaths or casket spray to the funeral home. A wreath symbolises eternal life and is very specific in its use and a casket spray is designed to go on the casket.
Traditionally the placement of flowers on the casket is reserved for family members and loved ones. Ask the family before ordering flowers for the casket.
Lilies, especially Arum Lilies, are the traditional funeral flower and white roses are another common favourite.


Never send a wreath or casket spray for sympathy. Both have a very specific purpose as stated above.
So what should you send? Bouquets are great for most occasions but at this sad time they can be a bit of a burden by requiring the family to find a suitable vase for the flowers. If you do want to send a bouquet, make sure you send a vase as well (you can order vases as extras in the ordering process). Instead of a bouquet why not try an arrangement as they come in a water holding container pre-arranged, so no fuss.
Or as a symbol of life you may like to send a living plant.
A lot of people are unsure what colour flowers should be sent on sad occassions. There is no right or wrong answer here but as a gentle guide the following may help you make the right decision:
Bright = “I want to cheer them up”
White = “They are a traditional family” or “They are a European family”
Pastel = “I just want to gently let them know I am here for them”
If you are really unsure the safest bet is a pastel mix.
But what do I say on the card? There are some simple yet effective ways to express what you are trying to say when really ‘no words will do’! Why not try one of the below options if you are stuck or use it as a starting platform to create your own individual message:
“Dear XXXX and Family, Just a small token to let you know we are thinking of you at this sad time. With our deepest sympathy, The ABCD Family”


Many hospitals have rules regarding what type of flower arrangements they will allow inside the hospital. These rules need to be respected as they are in place to protect patients and staff.
Arrangements sent to hospitals need to be:
Not too big there is limited room in a patient’s area so it is important not to send an arrangement that is too big. Tall slim arrangements are always good if you want to send something large and impressive.
Contained in a water source if you send a bouquet a vase (or container) needs to be found for the flowers to be put into. This is not always possible for the nurses to do straight away and a hospital vase may not compliment the bouquet.
Not containing soil a potted plant is a lovely gift, however most hospitals will not allow them in case the soil they are potted in contains bacteria, germs or other contaminants that could interfere with the well being of patients.
NOTE: If a patient is in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) flowers may not be allowed. You are welcome to call the hospital before placing the order to make sure they will be accepted. If it is not possible for you to do so our standard procedure is to do this on your behalf (the patient is not notified of the intended delivery so the surprise is kept in tact). If they will not accept the flowers we call the next day, and the next day, until the patient is moved to a recovery ward where they can have the flowers.
Article published from media and web clippings and to portray a general idea for those who do not know what flowers go for such occasions.
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Flowers and Historical Tradition

Send Flowers to India and let your Historical Tradition Continue

No one can refute the significance of flowers in the every one’s life- cycle, starting from the day a child gets birth then he grows adult, then gets aged and dies, flowers are used on every of the memorable events  like on wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, festivals and death ceremonies weddings, anniversaries, worships, though there are great types of flowers that we watch about and perhaps we don’t know about the flower name either or it can be said that, these are not to be kept in mind as every type of the flower has that attraction, a positive guts, some emotions and feelings to convey from one to other dearest one including the Almighty. There are many special days for which flowers are thought to be the necessary part to make that event joyful and charming, 14th of February that we rejoice as Valentines Day, on that day a loving pair exchange the Red Flowers to India to convey their feelings and emotions, Rose day, on that day Roses are given to everyone whom you love and like most including your siblings, parents, girlfriend, friends, and spouse or to any one.

And when we discuss about the Indians, flowers now has become the foremost part of our tradition, a majority of Indians begin their day with the prayer where flowers are necessary and needed to be used to complete their prayer, a dealer firstly place some beautiful flowers next to the figurine of the god before starting the trade, there are certain parts of India where flowers are now emerged into traditional fashion where women tie their hairs with the beautiful garland made of flowers.

If we talk about the present scenario, still the flowers to India are used with the same attraction on every of the memorable event, but we don’t find places to bring flowers, in result an all new trade has come up, you can watch lot of flower dealers on the road sides & shopping malls from where you can get the flower of your own desire enfolded up pretty spectacular with some synthetic stuff to make already  beautiful flowers into more compact and decent pack which can be carried easily to anywhere, these flower dealers work on the orders also, you can call them to place your order to make available flowers on time and specified place.

These florist traders cover up the flowers to India or bouquets as per the type of events like for the different-different days they have classified them consequently, like Anniversary flower bouquets, Wedding flowers bouquet, valentines day flowers, birthday flowers bouquet etc. ,they will provide you list through which you can even select best of them according to your desire, and for them who do not get time to even go and choose the flowers; Online flowers reserving is an another option to deliver flowers to India or any part of the world that has been initiated by a good number of dealers now and performing really well, you just need to select them through website and online flower delivery will be made to your home