The earth laughs in flowers

The earth laughs in flowers

Yesterday, my wife and I had a huge fight. It’s been 18 years since we’ve lived together in that tiny flat opposite the station, yet nothing has ever come between us—not that young 26 year old who moved in next door, not the annoying clatter of trains as the pass by, occasionally blaring their horns, not even her pet pigeons in the balcony I detest—nothing, that is, apart from the way she makes my favourite curry.

We’ve fought over it before, and it’s always the same dialogues repeated over and over again. She’ll say hers is the correct way to make mutton curry, I’ll repeat that it’s not the way my mother used to make it for me, she’ll snarkily retort that I should go live with my mother if that’s how much I like her curry, and the gloves come off. We always make up in the end though; it’s not like one badly prepared mutton curry can come in the way of a love that’s withstood nearly two decades.

She isn’t a bad cook, I can vouch for that. She manages our finances online, she gets money delivered to our son in his hostel on the first of every month if I forget to, and she manages to make me laugh even when things aren’t going quite as well as I’d have hoped they would. I’ve loved her since I first saw her at the bus stop that day, and I continue to love her as she clatters about the kitchen, her light feet moving noiselessly even as her anklet sound their music.

I don’t want her to feel bad. I’ve had a special relation with that curry. It’s the only reminder I have of the mother I once knew, now barely recognisable from that mass of tubes and bottles on the hospital bed. She’s been sick for a month now, and the doctors aren’t optimistic. I tried visiting her a few times, but the gloom of the hospital is a far cry from the sprightly and vivacious home I grew up in. It feels really bad to see the person who raised me stuck in there, and all I can do is watch helplessly. She used to make that mutton curry for us every Sunday, and perhaps those weekend lunches were the best memory I have of her.

It’s time to focus on the present. I take out my phone. My wife’s face smiles to me from the wallpaper, and I quickly open a website. I search for Online flower delivery, and it throws up irrelevant results. I quickly change to another engine and search for Flower delivery Mumbai, and immediately the perfect one turns up. Quickly and easily, I send her a bouquet of apologetic lilies from my desk at work. There are, after all, better things to fight about than curry. I go out for a short stroll. As I come back inside, I notice a bunch of lilies on my desk. Confused, I throw open the note. They’re from my wife. She had flowers delivered to me as well. She’s a real treasure. One of our blessings in disguise is being able to access online flower delivery, and flower delivery Mumbai  has made life simpler and happier for us.

The Spiritual Power of Flowers

The Spiritual Power of Flowers

Everything that arises from this earth and derives nutrition from its crust and blooms with its elements is considered pure by most cultures. In saying so, it becomes obvious why flowers are a necessity in every culture and religion: because of their invariable bond with nature. Due to this reason, flowers are said to have the essence of spirituality in them, and are the perfect choices whenever we want to gift someone something that’ll remind them of their spiritual selves as well. With online delivery of flowers, this has become a lot easier than other methods of seeking spirituality, since the whole process has now become as simple as a few mouse clicks.
Flowers have thus grown in demand as essential gifting material due to their fragrance and freshness, both a representation of this latent spirituality and assured in terms of quality by online delivery of flowers. Last but not the least, not only do flowers have a spiritual quality, they also express many more emotions through their vibrancy and colours, and the best way to make sure you are using the right combination of flowers to gift your friends or family something which will strike all the right notes, there can be no better alternative than online delivery of flowers.

Flower with spiritual powers and how to send flowers to Mumbai.

Carnations are among the most revered and renowned flowers to provide a spiritual medium to people around them. Carnations have different uses, of course, based on colours. While red carnation implies absolute focus and determination in regards with your spiritual purpose, yellow ones symbolise detachment from earthly distractions. If you want to send flowers to Mumbai through such online stores, you can easily find all these flowers carefully maintained and ready to be delivered to your doorsteps. Chrysanthemums are flowers which aren’t only loved for their beauty but as a symbol for hope and devotion as well.  It is no wonder they are so much in demand by people who want to buy and send flowers to Mumbai for all auspicious occasions because with their beauty and positivity, chrysanthemums are said to strengthen resolve and make people more disciplined towards their search for spirituality. Almost equally as used for its spiritual power but with a very different symbolisation, daises are also fast capturing the market invested to let people send flowers to Mumbai. The happy and joyous vibrancy of daisies are used to help in relaxing and meditation by many people.

Order Flowers Online Mumbai and experience the spiritual powers of flowers.

Lotus is one of those flowers which are an essential part of every auspicious occasion due to their divine essence. The lotus is a flower which implies constant meditation and uncoiling of our conscience to accept spirituality into our lives. For these reasons, lotus becomes a high priority when people order flowers online in Mumbai. Those who regularly order flowers online in Mumbai also know about the spiritual qualities of orchids and their importance in our lives. Orchids are considered to be the clocks of human consciousness, and remind us of how further we have advanced in life in the time it took for the orchid to wither. Some other flowers which are used for a variety of purposes but also spark our spirituality, are rose and tulips. While rose adds passion and grace to everything with its majestic presence, tulip is a symbol of finding happiness in the small things, an important tenet of spirituality. They can be easily found if you wish to order flowers online in Mumbai, and promise to bring the subtle but visible influence of spirituality in your life.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

The one object that can make these feelings more tangible to the recipient, is a bouquet of flowers. A bouquet has long been a symbol of care, and a desire to actually please the recipient, the result being a reciprocation of the feelings of the gifter. If you’re not feeling up to going and buying some, Order flowers online, Mumbai!

Flower delivery today has gone beyond the traditional role of a man expressing his love for a woman—flowers are not simply symbols of romantic love anymore. They can be used in a variety of situations: as a way of saying get well soon, happy anniversary, or perhaps even as consolation. Flowers are delivered for a variety of reasons, and each of them has its own meaning as well.

One researcher from Rutger’s University found that people who send flowers are perceived as more intelligent, caring and successful people. Furthermore, if the gift giver is female, they are viewed as more appreciative of natural beauty. Previous research has also found that flowers can increase life satisfaction and make people enjoy life more intensely; moreover, studies have shown that getting a bouquet of flowers can create instant happiness and a feeling of delight in the mind of the receiver. Dr. Jeanette Haviland-Jones says,

“Flowers have evolved to activate positive emotional responses from people. Each bloom has the potential to put a smile on our face and sway our opinion of a friend, colleague or loved one. That’s powerful.”

This information is particularly important who would like to improve their friendships, romances and perhaps even business relationships.

Sending flowers seems to be extremely popular and a hot trend especially on Valentine’s day and Mothers’ Day—after all, women do tend to appreciate flowers more. However, it is quite a hassle to get flowers and then carry them safely to the receiver. Often, the flowers may get stained, or get withered on the way. Careless passengers on public transport may end up breaking the flowers or crushing the delicate petals and buds. By the time they reach the receiver, the flowers may barely look like flowers anymore!!

Fortunately, there is an army of online delivery of flowers services that offer to send flowers to your loved ones at very reasonable prices. The flowers are arranged in a very classy manner and they are safely delivered even in the traffic and crowds of bustling metropolitan areas like Mumbai. Online delivery of flowers has paved the way for a whole industry of service professionals to reclaim a dying art and revive a fading practice.

Newer and newer uses for floral bouquets are being found day by day. With the convenience of order flowers online, Mumbai citizens now send I miss you bouquets to their loved ones who have migrated to another city for better work and study related opportunities, or as a Good job for completing a project successfully. Just as people abroad usually bring over a bottle of wine while visiting the home of a friend or an acquaintance, conservative as well as modern Indians are using bouquets to indicate Thanks for having us.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

Flowers are underrated today.

Cities are filled with gloom. Large spaces of concrete with no thought of aesthetic tower over a scurrying mass of people in Mumbai, like sorrowful giants. There is no beauty apart from that of smooth glass and cold metal, and even the bright lead paint peels away in some places to reveal the rust beneath. It is much livelier in the villages away from Mumbai though. Vast tracts of land today are cultivated with seeds of plants that used to grow oceans away. Stalks of maize, blossoming lavender, and even golden sunflowers dot the landscape in rural communities, blessing the earth with abundance as the sun shines and the plant thrive. But amidst all this development, where have the flowers been left?

What few people could have is the joy of a florist opening near them. A greenhouse filled with the most amazing scents; rows of neatly pruned flowers; and an artiste of taste who knew just what to gift for what occasion. Even though they dealt in something quickly perishable, florists, much like their flowers continued to thrive in part because of the needs of people for beauty in their lives. Today, you can order flowers online, or send birthday flowers online.

The city I used to live in was one they built nearly half a millennium ago. Even then, the ancients recognised what it meant for people to have free access to nature’s beauty, and so they built wonderful gardens replete with lush verdancy and streams, with flowers covering every possible nook and cranny. Building gardens sadly do not seem to fit in with the modern agenda.

Looking at Mumbai, all one can see are scores of housing complexes, their tall ranks were broken only by the odd tree. Roads of concrete play host to thousands of vehicles, each with a driver bristling with impatience. Sometimes there’s a maidan, a ground where even grass has been trampled with human feet seeking rest from hard stone and cement. There is no rest, no respite, and no beauty. Where there could have been vestiges of nature are rows of shanties and slums, overcrowded and smelly, where even delivery boys sometimes refuse to tread. It has become common place to get things delivered online, rather than physically stepping outside into the heat and dust to purchase something as essential as provisions of food and medicine. The city has no flowers, no beauty.

Fortunately, the flowers still exist. And people living in grey gloom may still revel in floral beauty. Online delivery of flowers has sprung up, and with the simple click of a button, you can have something you’ve only seen online come to your doorstep in real life. Order flowers online or send birthday flowers online in the blink of an eye with new technology. Stalks of flowers carefully gathered, arranged and decorated, all so you may yet have a slice of what Nature has to offer. Delivered to your doorstep, at minimal extra cost. It’s the little things like these that can brighten your day, and perhaps someone else’s as well.

The language of flowers and their meanings

The language of flowers and their meanings

The language of flowers is one both nuanced and beautiful. There’s no alternative to saying the most important things in your life with the help of a rightly chosen and blooming bouquet of fresh flowers, whether you’re saying them to your mother, wife, or boss. Flowers have always been such an important and essential part of our culture that it seems only natural that they be included into how we want to express our sentiments as well. The question most sceptics ask about this prospect is however, the availability of such a huge range of flowers required to express exact and specific feelings with such beauty. Online flower delivery however, has stepped up to this challenge and in a short time, become one of the most viable and preferred way to speak your heart out with flowers and their fragrance. The option to order flowers online has successfully changed the whole perception of a language which comprises exclusively of colour and scent, and this success clearly shows in how much people have embraced this concept in recent times.

How online flower delivery enhances the language of flowers

The biggest issue with this language is that for every specific emotion, there is an associated flower. Although some flowers are available all year round and in large numbers as well, it’s not a surprise that most of these flowers are seasonal, and sometimes hard to obtain throughout the year. But with online flower delivery services, the only things you’ll have to think about is creating the right impression with the right flowers, and leave all worries of where to find those flowers at, to the online stores. With an extensive range of various varieties of flowers online flower delivery services will be your go to place for whatever you want to say, whether they’re easily available Azalea flowers to say ‘take care of yourself’, or seasonal flowers like the mystical Bachelor’s Button to celebrate someone’s singlehood and independence. Ordering these flowers have also become easier, with the option to order flowers online being as simple as choosing the flowers and your preferable payment options. Whether you need to buy a batch of fresh cactus flowers as a show of endurance, or a large bouquet of carnations to express divine love, now you can order flowers online from anywhere and anytime. The option to order flowers online also reduces chances of the florists taking advantage of your desperation to drive up his profits, as online stores have fixed and reserved prices for all of their flowers.

Flower delivery in Mumbai and its benefits towards expressing sentiments through flowers

People in Mumbai are also embracing this new language, learning slowly how Daisy means innocence, Fern symbolises magic, and Ivy represents married love. The demand for flowers has thus increased manifold, and increasing numbers of people have turned towards flower delivery in Mumbai as a solution to this demand. Flower delivery in Mumbai is also beneficial to customers as they assure the best quality of flowers, which is a necessity for this language since fragrance and freshness plays a major role in the expression these flowers portray. Myrtle to show endearing charm, and Rose, the ultimate show of faith and love, everything will now be available on your shopping list, with flower delivery in Mumbai helping build this language of flowers for feelings words fall short of saying.

Flowers for Marathi New Year – Gudi Padwa

Flowers for Marathi New Year – Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa, also known as Ugadi in some parts of Maharashtra is the day, which marks the beginning of the Marathi new year. Traditionally it has been known to mark the end of one harvesting season and beginning of a new one. The tradition of raising Gudi outside the house was started by Raja Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in order to celebrate the victory of Maratha warriors. Today it is celebrated by putting up a Gudi at the entrance of the house, draped in a Maharashtrian saree and prettified with a garland of flowers, mango leaves, neem leaves, a necklace of sugar crystals and a copper pot kept on the top. The festival is well complemented with Maharashtrian families preparing sweet dishes like ‘Puran Poli’ or ‘Shrikhand Poori’. In the evenings, people get out to meet and greet each other and to celebrate the day.

With our fast paced lives, people living far away from their families, let this festive spirit remain alive. Flowers are especially helpful in enhancing the relationship as they create instant happiness and delight in the person’s heart to whom they are given. As Ms. M J Ryan, award-winning author of the Random Acts of Kindness book series says, “Gift recipients experience compelling connections with givers, and the positive link is particularly evident in the exchange of flowers”.

Some festivities deserve something different and special. We help you express your profound emotions through our wide variety of fresh and handpicked flowers. With our unique and stunning variety of flower bouquets, surprise your loved ones on this auspicious day by choosing ‘online delivery of flowers’ option on our website. Our user-friendly interface provides you an easy and hassle-free process. Just choose from a plethora of options available on our website and we will deliver your bouquet to your loved ones. Our express flower delivery service is available across entire Mumbai. You can ‘order flowers online in Mumbai’ by just logging on to our website. Select from the wide range of flowers and bouquets available with us, and leave the rest to us. We will deliver the order to your address. The flowers chosen by you go through a number of stringent checks so as to ensure that only the fresh flowers are delivered to the recipient on time. Every bouquet ordered by you is handmade with utmost care and delivered on time as promised. With us your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Birthday flowers for March

Birthday flowers for March

Birthday is an occasion to celebrate the life that is purely a god gift. We wish the birthday person by showering our love, care, and blessings for their happy, healthy and long life. If we are living with our families and friends to celebrate their special days, then we can always buy cloth, accessories, electronic gadgets, etc. to make their day special and fill their hearts with happiness.

In today’s time, we hardly get any time to think and buy stuff to celebrate birthdays. Things become even more complicated for those who do not live with their families or friends for the sake of higher studies or jobs. The best way to please your loved ones when you cannot celebrate their special days by physically being present with them or if you want to give a surprise, just browse on the net and click ‘birthday flower delivery’ option. Gone are the days when flowers were the symbol of romance. Now a days, we gift flowers on every occasion right from birthdays, anniversaries, festive occasions and even to surprise our loved ones without any occasion.

Flowers have the power to evoke human emotions. The bright colors, fragrances, and fresh look of flowers give soothing sensation to eyes. Gifting flowers can also become a meaningful gift if you carefully pick flowers as per the birthday month.  This month of March represents the beginning of the spring season when the gardens and valleys are turned in golden yellow, bright violets, lilacs, and white in color due to fresh blooming flowers. There are many florists who provide midnight flower deliveries. Just browse on to their websites and choose spring flowers like bright yellow lilies, daffodils, tulips, etc.  Out of all these flowers, daffodils stand for rebirth, friendship and a new beginning. Birthday is a perfect occasion if you want to gift a bunch of daffodils. Just like daffodils, tulips also represents the beginning of the spring season. You can place an order for ‘birthday flowers online’ anytime and from anywhere to do doorstep delivery even at midnight. You can opt for various sizes and shapes of bouquets, a bunch of flowers, potted flowers, flower vase, etc.

The best thing about gifting flowers is that, they last for normally 3-4 days and even for weeks. Each day the sight of these blooming flowers will remind your loved ones of you, your love & affection. Another good thing about gifting flowers is, if you have no time to do the shopping or you are confused with what birthday gift you should buy, you can always opt for ‘birthday flower delivery’ and check the numerous options that these websites provide to choose a bouquet, bunch of flowers, flower vase, flower basket, etc. and give a surprise to your loved one on their special day in a special way.

Flowers for Holi Celebration, End of the winter season and beginning of spring

Flowers for Holi Celebration, End of the winter season and beginning of spring

As the title says, Holi is the celebration for welcoming spring and adieu of winters! Spring is the season of flowers, rebirth of new plants. Spring itself means, rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection and regrowth. Holi is just around the corner and there must be lots of plans of people in India and those living outside our country. This is the festival, which is celebrated by everyone with much enthusiasm and love. Everyone must have started the purchase of colors and pichkaris along with special outfits for the occasion. Shopping delicious delicacies to welcome the guests. Flowers also play an important role in Holi, since this is the festival of colors and nature, that means shades of nature should also be added into the festival which means beautiful, colorful and fresh flowers.

This Holi, decorate your home with flowers of your choice, and make your home look as colorful and beautiful as every person is immersed into colors. You can choose online delivery of flowers one day prior to Holi in the evening or on the day itself early in the morning and decorate your home with such beautiful and fresh flowers. Flower delivery in Mumbai has been very fast and convenient with many amazing florists in the city. They deliver the flowers quickly and cheaper in price compared to the local vendors. Online delivery of flowers also have many discount options during festive season and you can get the best benefit out of it. You can choose the choice of your flowers online and order your choice, which fits your budget.

Flowers don’t need any special day to decorate your house or gift someone special. You can keep flowers at home everyday which make your home fresh and lively. Also, you can gift flowers to anyone whom you want to thank! So, there are many florists who give monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription, which can help you to get good discounts and proper deals for flower delivery in Mumbai.

Flowers are the best gift for any occasion. Especially in Holi, a garland made of “Genda Phool” is very common and embarks a traditional stamp into the festival of colors. You can send flowers to your friends and relatives whom you couldn’t meet personally but thank them in a special way by sending flowers online.

Holi is a season of love. It is said that it comes from the culture of Raaslila where Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha with her friends celebrated their love with colors. Love is denoted very well with flowers, so how can flowers and gifts be far when it’s the festival of Holi. It makes the festival more vibrant with the color of joy and emotions. There is a tradition of exchanging gifts in this festival, so choosing online delivery of flowers for your loved ones to show the gesture of thanking them is a great idea.

How to Make Bath Salts from Flower Petals

How to Make Bath Salts from Flower Petals
Tutorial: How to Make Bath Salts from Flower Petals

When you’re the recipient of an online delivery of flowers, you might think that you can only enjoy your flower bouquets as long as the blossoms stay alive. However, although you can’t prevent the flowers from eventually wilting and fading, you can still get some use from them after they’re gone per Mother Nature’s course. Don’t let flowers that someone sent you (or that you sent yourself) from an online florist go to waste when there are plenty of crafty things that you can do to enjoy them long after the petals have fallen from the flowers.

One of the most innovative ways to enjoy flowers after they’ve died is to collect the dead flower petals and make bath salts from them. If you’re like most of us, then one of your favorite aspects of flowers is the heady aromas that they put off. Different blossoms have different lovely smells, and if you preserve the petals from your floral arrangements, then you can enjoy their fragrances for days to come when you transform them into bath salts.

To begin making your bath salts, collect the petals from your latest floral delivery. It’s best to use flower petals as soon as they have started to loose their freshness but before they have dried out completely, although you can certainly use completely dried petals if you choose to do so. Your bath salts might not have as strong of a natural petal scent as they would if you has used fresher petals, but you might not want your bath salts too strongly scented.

Create your homemade bath salts mixture by first gathering your petals. Usually, the petals from four flowers is enough to garner one cup of petals, which is what you need to create these bath salts. Once you’ve accumulated your flower petals, sprinkle a few drops of an essential oil on the to bring out their natural fragrance and help them dry out more. It’s best to complement flowers with like scents. For instance, sprinkle rose petals with rose water or rose essential oil. Likewise, if you’re creating lavender-scented bath salts, sprinkle the petals with lavender essential oil.

After sprinkling a few drops of oil onto the petals, allow the petals to sit over night to dry out and absorb the oil. The petals don’t have to be placed in any special container. A simple bowl will do just fine.

The next morning, prepare the salts mixture by mixing one cup of Epsom salts, 1/3 cup of baking soda and 2/3 cup of powdered milk together. All of these ingredients work together to create a relaxing bath. While the Epsom salts help detoxify the body and soothe soreness, the powdered milk and baking soda work together to soften the skin.

Assemble the bath salts in an air-tight container by layering the salts mixture with the dried flower petals. Begin with a layer of salts followed by a later of petals. Simply crush the petals roughly by crumbling them up in your hands as you layer. Repeat the layering process until the jar is full, and then seal the jar. The longer the petals are allowed to sit in with the salts mixture, the more the scent will begin to mingle in with the salts.

As you can see, in just a few easy steps, you can take the flowers that you got from an online florist and turn them into lovely bath salts that allow you to enjoy their fragrance even after the blooms have faded.

Women’s day celebration with online flower delivery

Women’s day celebration with online flower delivery

Women are beautiful, they draw strength from trouble, smile during distress and grow stronger with prayers and hope and that is the reason, we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March. It is a very special day for all women when they are indulged with wishes, gifts, flowers, etc. to make them feel special.  Women are blessings from God who are strong enough to fight with anyone in any circumstance and don’t break easily. They always carry a beautiful smile on their face even if they cry into their hearts.

Gift something special to the women who have played an important role in your life; your mother, wife or daughter. You can order flowers online in Mumbai and make “her” day beautiful. There can be many ideas of gifting but the online delivery of flowers is something which can bring an instant smile on her face and make her feel special. This can be the simplest token to thank her! This can be a style of showing love and gratitude towards her. Flowers are fresh and bring a smile on any one’s face instantly.

Flowers can be purchased from the nearby florist, but there is the possibility that it may not be as fresh. Online delivery of flowers is a good option because they get flowers directly from the growers. These are plucked in the morning, sited into the arrangements and sold before they are wilt. This makes us buy freshest flowers at less expensive price. There is no middle man, just you and the website. Also, women’s day is not a holiday and so it might be possible that you couldn’t get time to purchase flowers for your ladies! So men, do not worry! You have a solution, order flowers online in Mumbai and get the benefit of fast and easy purchase option. This will also save your time and some extra traveling cost. Choose the option of online delivery of flowers and send flowers to the ladies, who have contributed something to your life. Surprise your loved ones and start their day with a special flowery smile on their face. You can also plan for the evening by taking her for a fine dining experience, shopping, salons, etc. and make her day special.

Women over come anything and they do not break in any situation and can handle things in any state of affairs to protect their family. They always remain strong and beautiful like roses, which stay red forever and ever; smell sweeter always and never die with their hopes! Let’s celebrate this women’s day, gifting the beautiful ladies around you with flowers.