Flowers for Summer

Flowers for Summer

Flowers for Summer

Flowers are perfect for every season, and nature proves that to us with all the vibrant flowers found in its depths year round. Certain flowers are more appropriate for certain seasons, though, which is why they tend to bloom more in those seasons. If you plan on scheduling an online flower delivery this summer, consider selecting from floral arrangements and bouquets that feature some of the following summery blooms.

Fresh Orchids Flowers:

Orchids are tropical-looking flowers that are perfect for summertime. They give the ambiance of a tropical isle to any space they’re placed in. Plus, they are hardy enough to withstand higher heat temperatures since they don’t require huge amounts of water. When you want to send birthday flowers online to a friend or relative in Mumbai, orchids are a unique and excellent choice.


Dahlias are beautiful symmetrical balls of colorful blossoms. They’re perfect for creating aesthetically-pleasing floral arrangements, and they come in a variety of bright colors of different heights and sizes. Dahlias are hardy enough to last throughout the hot summer months, and they are perfect for creating a birthday flower delivery of flowers in the shape of numbers representing the recipient’s age.

Send Lilies Flowers Online:

What would summer be without lilies? Many types of lilies exist, from calla lilies to pineapple lilies. When you want to send flowers to Mumbai, lilies are always a popular choice. Lilies love to grow in the summertime, and they serve as both great outdoor plants and indoor plants. When arranged in a beautiful floral arrangement, like those made for a flower delivery in Mumbai, they make for a striking centerpiece.

Roses Delivery Online:

Roses, it seems, are perfect for every season, and summer is no exception. If you’re partial to these classic blooms, then you might want to consider scheduling a flower delivery in Mumbai that features lavender or apricot-colored roses. Yellows, pinks and oranges are also great colors of roses for summer time. With proper care, roses can last throughout the summer and serve as beautiful adornments to your home or office.


Who can forget peonies. Peonies are fragrant summer flowers that feature delicate, feathery petals. They technically bloom in the springtime, but their lush foliage lasts the entire summer, which is why they are the perfect flowers for creating breathtaking floral arrangements in the summertime.


Daffodils are another popular type of summer flower. They are the ones that have the teacup-shaped petals. They’re perfect for adding a nice pop of color to your summer decor and are perfect for a flower delivery in Mumbai.

While these are just a few of the many flowers that are appropriate for the summer months, you’ll find many more when you send flowers online with an online florist like May Flower.

Create Exquisite Memories…Florally

Create Exquisite Memories…Florally

Make a loved one’s birthday special

The world has more than even 5000 million people today. On average, around 14 million people have their birthdays on any given day of the year. But for your loved ones, that special day comes around only once and as such can be celebrated only once per annum. You can now send birthday flowers online and by doing so add a special touch to this day that will surely be remembered with fondness.

Birthdays and Flowers

That lovely English poet, John Keats, starts his great poem Endymion with “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.” He also concludes his Ode on a Grecian Urn with, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty — that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”. It is universally acknowledged that flowers are a paragon of natural beauty, that humans can never hope to surpass. Even medieval Arabian architectures features filigree and carving work in geometrical floral patterns. This shows the human love for flowers has existed since ancient times. However even these carvings cannot show the true freshness of a bouquet, nor its scent or softness.

No wonder that before American commercialist-oriented capitalism, gifting someone flowers was a tradition in many parts of the world, including India. Flowers simply cannot be matched in their charm. However, this tradition was not completely lost, as roses are still gifted to loved ones on another, newer occasion, that is, Valentine’s Day. However, you can still make a new gesture that is sure to stay in the birthday girl’s or boy’s mind by gifting him or her a wonderful collection of his or her favourite flowers.

Moreover, gifting flowers is no longer tiresome or cumbersome because you don’t have to trudge along to a florist’s shop anymore, that is if you manage to find a florist near your area. You can arrange a special birthday flower delivery. At reasonable prices and with quality assurance, it has now become easy and quick to send flowers online.

‘Special memories for life’

Janhavi Patel is a college going student in Mumbai. She recently celebrated her 19th birthday with family and friends. She says: “I had an awesome birthday party. We cut a cake, and then I opened the gifts that my parents and friends had brought for me. Everybody had gifted the same things—a fancy pen, a mug with some thing clever written on it—I was so bored. It just ends up lying around the house, and no one uses it. Such gifts are good for the time being but end up being a waste of space.” However, her best friend had something novel planned for her. After the party, they went out for a short drive to a promenade facing the sea. They talked for a while, until finally all of a sudden, the birthday flower delivery person came through. “It was like magic!”, she says. “I couldn’t believe he got me such beautiful lilies. I won’t forget my nineteenth birthday because of that magical moment,” she added smilingly.

Make Jewelry Beads Out of Flower Petals

Make Jewelry Beads Out of Flower Petals

Make Jewelry Beads Out of Flower Petals

If you’ve been the lucky recipient of an online delivery of flowers and want to cherish your flowers forever, then you’ll need to come up with some way to preserve your blossoms long after they’ve wilted and faded. There’s numerous ways to make floral arrangements live on forever, but perhaps one of the most innovative ways is to make jewelry out of them. In this tutorial, you’ll learn just how you can take the floral arrangements that somebody ordered from an online florist and sent to you for your birthday, Valentine’s day or any other day and turn them into beads that you can use to make jewelry.

Making the Clay

The first step to making beads from any flower petals is to make the dough/clay mixture that you’ll use to form the beads. Do this by first plucking the petals of 8 to 12 flowers. Use any type of flower petals that you like, and they don’t necessarily have to be fresh petals. They can be wilted ones. Cut the petals into thin strips, and place them in an non-stick frying pan. Add approximately 1/2 to 1 cup of distilled water to the petals (just enough to cover the petals), and bring the mixture to a boil. This helps release the fragrance, and using distilled water allows for a purer fragrance. When they petals become soft and translucent, then turn off the heat and allow them to cool.

Forming the Clay

Place the cooked petals into a blender. Alternatively, you can place them into a mixing bowl and use a hand blender, whichever you prefer. Blend the petals until they’re smooth, adding a bit of water as needed to make the blended product the consistency of a thick smoothie. The end product should have a glossy sheen with all the petals blended evenly. In short, it should look a bit like pudding. Place the blended mixture back in the skillet, and bring it just under a boil, stirring it constantly. Simmer the mixture until almost all of the water has evaporated and it’s consistency has become more like clay. Please note that if the consistency is more like “wet” applesauce, then it will be more difficult to form the beads later on. Place the toughened, clay-like mixture on parchment paper (or wax paper), and allow it to dry out completely overnight.

Rolling the Beads

Remove the somewhat clay from the parchment paper, pinch off pieces of it and proceed to roll it into beads. Alternatively form the beads into squares, ovals or any other shape you like. The beads will shrink a bit as they dry, so it’s best to make the beads larger than you want the end product to be. Place the beads on a nail, beading pin or other such sharp object to pierce them and make a hole in them that you can use for stringing and assembling the jewelry later on. Move the bead up and down on the nail to keep it from getting stuck to it, and then allow them to dry for another 24 hours. Then, remove them from the nails and lay them in a sunny location to allow them to dry out completely over the next week or two. After that, you can place them on elastic thread, metal or anything else you choose to create bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewelry.

By making beads out of the flowers someone sent you from an online florist, you can preserve them forever and enjoy them for years to come.

Flowers Minting Money

Flowers Minting Money

Flowers: Eternally Young

Since time immemorial, flowers have endeared themselves to humankind for their delicate bloom, appearance, aroma and their beauty. Even as children, whenever one was asked to draw a picture, one’s mind would be coerced by the irresistible urge to draw the flowers first. No wonder flowers are an integral part of the wedding garland of grooms and brides, bed decor for the newly married couple, honour of the leader’s success, and as a blessing indication of God. Lotus, Jasmine and Rose hold places of honour in Indian culture. Hindus often offer lotus flowers to gods in temples. Indeed, the natural beauty of flowers is simply so irresistible that the Japanese have a festival known as Hanami to celebrate the budding of light pink cherry blossoms. With the new age technology, you can order flowers online. Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata are just a few of the cities where delivery services are available all through the year.
Bustling market, bustling wares

Flowers have emerged as the new gift idea for international markets across the globe. They are pretty and universally appreciated. No wonder that in Amsterdam (a city in the Netherlands), flower markets are opened at 7 o’clock in the morning and because the competition is so fierce, the entire stock is sold within 20 minutes!
Beauty with Brains

Online delivery of flowers in Mumbai is proving to be a game changer for a very unique field which is very different from the traditional fields such as hotel industry: Homeopathy. Yes, homeopaths are using fresh flowers to heal illnesses through their special methods. Homeopathic doctors usually use diluted essences of flowers like arnica, pulsatilla, aconite and calendula in an oral solution to deal with emotional problems of their clients. Because it is so easy to order flowers online Mumbai, such treatments are getting the fresh flowers and other materials that they require for a successful procedure.

It was Edward Bach who first experimented with the essence of flowers as early as 1930. This belief was utilised by the school of Homeo Pharmacy. Edward Bach believed that every flower had a vibrational pattern of healing energy. He used flowers like clematis to increase concentration. He also treated nervousness with a remedy of walnut flowers.

Another industry taking advantage of this boom in online delivery of flowers in Mumbai is the traditional attar or perfumeries industries. Traditionally it took a long time for raw materials that is flowers like roses to arrive at the workshop and that too in proper condition. However, now it has become easy and convenient to receive flowers right at their doorstep and that too at a minimal cost. Gone are the days of waiting and importing. Online services have granted a new lease of life to traditional Indian perfumery which has existed for centuries in our country.

What’s more, growth in the flower industry has led to a growth in endangered populations of bees. These bees receive pollen from flowers and then transform it into delicious honey, thereby creating more value from flowers than just a single aspect.

City of (Floral) Dreams

City of (Floral) Dreams

Mumbai, also known as the financial capital of India, is hustling and bustling with the second largest population in India. With so many people fighting for the same space in someone else’s life, how can you set yourself apart? It’s quite simple. Using the various internet web sites that send flowers to Mumbai, one can ensure that the first impression is long lasting and will not be forgotten so easily.

Mumbai: A city of dreams
Mumbai, also called Bombay, is a major metropolis on the western coast of India. Due to its early founding, it has a very cosmopolitan culture that embraces new fashions and trends from around the world. Many superstars and cricketers have chosen to make this beautiful city their home. IPL matches are regularly played at Wankhede Stadium, and money worth millions is transacted every single day at BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) just a short walk away. From Antilla to Antop hill, the city is teeming with rich and famous people around the country who can make or break entire careers. In such an area it is hard to even meet important people more than once, and in order to take things beyond a two minute chat it is necessary to make the right first impression. That’s where online delivery of flowers comes in to the picture.

Many times, in romance and dating as well, a first impression makes all the difference. A first chat may or may not change into a first date, but a first date is make or break for the entire relationship.

In such a situation, in order to purposefully maximise your chances of successfully holding your partner enchanted for the entire evening, it is necessary to take a few extra steps to go from not bad to memorable. Flowers can help you go that extra mile. A fresh bouquet of flowers and lo and behold, people will be blown away by your caring attitude. In India, some of the most common flowers are lily, lotus, rose, marigold, jasmine and champak.

Flowers and the Internet

The popularity of bouquets and flower merchandise has exploded in recent years, thanks to the many innovations on the internet. Entrepreneurs have successfully created online digital platforms to cater to a growing base of consumers. Even Internet connections are improving in India. Google recently began providing free Wi-Fi to commuters in Mumbai local trains. Even Reliance has given free internet to Indian customers for nearly one year indirectly through Jio. This has enabled many people to discover the wonders of the modern era. Many customers are now shopping online. So today, a shopkeeper in Pune can send flowers to Mumbai just in time for an engagement, or a customer in Navi Mumbai can order a fresh bouquet with just a swipe of her fingers. Because of the miracles of the cyber smart population, online delivery of flowers is at a record high, and consumers are increasingly ordering beautiful flowers to freshen up their dull environment.

Now multiple flowers options available for choosing perfect flower delivery online

Now multiple flowers options available for choosing perfect flower delivery online

Have you thought about gifting flowers but don’t know where to start? Ever wanted to order flowers online? Tired of searching for the perfect online flower delivery Mumbai? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Fret not, for we have a comprehensive guide that will make sure you get the right flower for the right occasion, every time:

  • Anemone symbolizes patience and anticipation. It can be used when someone is going through a rough time at work or at home.
  • Bird of Paradise symbolizes wonder and magnificence. They are usually included in a bouquet when congratulating someone for completing a difficult project, for example.
  • Calla Lilies symbolize beauty and innocence. A bouquet of these flowers is ideal for a romantic partner’s birthday.
  • Carnations symbolize love. Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to bring out your partner’s smile with a bouquet of carnations.
  • Daisies symbolize beauty and purity. A bunch of daisies is bound to make young daughters smile with pleasure and delight.
  • Heather lavender symbolizes admiration, and a desire to let the other person’s wishes come true. Gifts of lavender are given to young couples who are expecting, or soon to be married couples.
  • Red roses indicate love. A single red rose is often enough to indicate deep longing and intense desire for one’s partner.
  • Sunflower indicate adoration and dedication. Religious festivals like Easter are brightened up when a bunch of sunflowers are included in the events. It adds a new level of significance to grace the occasion.
  • Tulips can signify fame. A bouquet of tulips to a rising star in the family can motivate them to work harder and achieve much more than verbal exhortation ever could.

Flowers are part and parcel of the perfect recipe for a successful gift. Their prices are quite reasonable and yet they end up looking posh, stylish and make the gift recipient think they are expensive and classy. A bouquet of flowers might convey heartfelt sentiments of love and wishes for success in a way no words or cards can ever hope to achieve. Flowers can evoke feelings of gratitude and generosity in the mind of the receiver, leading to a greater sense of human connectivity.

Flowers can also have different meanings depending on their arrangement and colours. A bouquet of red roses given to a motherlike figure can lead to miscommunications. It is, therefore, advisable to let a professional handle the bouquet for you. Even though florists are getting rarer, most online flower delivery services also offer free recommendations for the perfect bouquet as per the occasion, be it a birthday or a wedding anniversary. Online flower delivery in Mumbai, for example, let you send a bouquet immediately with the click of a mouse button. They are also available round the clock throughout the week and can deliver your floral wishes anywhere across the country. You name the place, and online delivery services will ensure your gift reaches there. You can never go wrong with flowers. Order flowers online. It is a gift that your loved ones will definitely appreciate.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

Cities are filled with gloom. Large spaces of concrete with no thought of aesthetic tower over a scurrying mass of people in Mumbai, like sorrowful giants. There is no beauty apart from that of smooth glass and cold metal, and even the bright lead paint peels away in some places to reveal the rust beneath. It is much livelier in the villages away from Mumbai though. Vast tracts of land today are cultivated with seeds of plants that used to grow oceans away. Stalks of maize, blossoming lavender, and even golden sunflowers dot the landscape in rural communities, blessing the earth with abundance as the sun shines and the plant thrive. But amidst all this development, where have the flowers been left?

What few people could have is the joy of a florist opening near them. A greenhouse filled with the most amazing scents; rows of neatly pruned flowers; and an artiste of taste who knew just what to gift for what occasion. Even though they dealt in something quickly perishable, florists, much like their flowers continued to thrive in part because of the needs of people for beauty in their lives. Today, you can order flowers online, or send birthday flowers online.

The city I used to live in was one they built nearly half a millennium ago. Even then, the ancients recognised what it meant for people to have free access to nature’s beauty, and so they built wonderful gardens replete with lush verdancy and streams, with flowers covering every possible nook and cranny. Building gardens sadly do not seem to fit in with the modern agenda.

Looking at Mumbai, all one can see are scores of housing complexes, their tall ranks were broken only by the odd tree. Roads of concrete play host to thousands of vehicles, each with a driver bristling with impatience. Sometimes there’s a maidan, a ground where even grass has been trampled with human feet seeking rest from hard stone and cement. There is no rest, no respite, and no beauty. Where there could have been vestiges of nature are rows of shanties and slums, overcrowded and smelly, where even delivery boys sometimes refuse to tread. It has become common place to get things delivered online, rather than physically stepping outside into the heat and dust to purchase something as essential as provisions of food and medicine. The city has no flowers, no beauty.

Fortunately, the flowers still exist. And people living in grey gloom may still revel in floral beauty. Online delivery of flowers has sprung up, and with the simple click of a button, you can have something you’ve only seen online come to your doorstep in real life. Order flowers online or send birthday flowers online in the blink of an eye with new technology. Stalks of flowers carefully gathered, arranged and decorated, all so you may yet have a slice of what Nature has to offer. Delivered to your doorstep, at minimal extra cost. It’s the little things like these that can brighten your day, and perhaps someone else’s as well.

The earth laughs in flowers

The earth laughs in flowers

Yesterday, my wife and I had a huge fight. It’s been 18 years since we’ve lived together in that tiny flat opposite the station, yet nothing has ever come between us—not that young 26 year old who moved in next door, not the annoying clatter of trains as the pass by, occasionally blaring their horns, not even her pet pigeons in the balcony I detest—nothing, that is, apart from the way she makes my favourite curry.

We’ve fought over it before, and it’s always the same dialogues repeated over and over again. She’ll say hers is the correct way to make mutton curry, I’ll repeat that it’s not the way my mother used to make it for me, she’ll snarkily retort that I should go live with my mother if that’s how much I like her curry, and the gloves come off. We always make up in the end though; it’s not like one badly prepared mutton curry can come in the way of a love that’s withstood nearly two decades.

She isn’t a bad cook, I can vouch for that. She manages our finances online, she gets money delivered to our son in his hostel on the first of every month if I forget to, and she manages to make me laugh even when things aren’t going quite as well as I’d have hoped they would. I’ve loved her since I first saw her at the bus stop that day, and I continue to love her as she clatters about the kitchen, her light feet moving noiselessly even as her anklet sound their music.

I don’t want her to feel bad. I’ve had a special relation with that curry. It’s the only reminder I have of the mother I once knew, now barely recognisable from that mass of tubes and bottles on the hospital bed. She’s been sick for a month now, and the doctors aren’t optimistic. I tried visiting her a few times, but the gloom of the hospital is a far cry from the sprightly and vivacious home I grew up in. It feels really bad to see the person who raised me stuck in there, and all I can do is watch helplessly. She used to make that mutton curry for us every Sunday, and perhaps those weekend lunches were the best memory I have of her.

It’s time to focus on the present. I take out my phone. My wife’s face smiles to me from the wallpaper, and I quickly open a website. I search for Online flower delivery, and it throws up irrelevant results. I quickly change to another engine and search for Flower delivery Mumbai, and immediately the perfect one turns up. Quickly and easily, I send her a bouquet of apologetic lilies from my desk at work. There are, after all, better things to fight about than curry. I go out for a short stroll. As I come back inside, I notice a bunch of lilies on my desk. Confused, I throw open the note. They’re from my wife. She had flowers delivered to me as well. She’s a real treasure. One of our blessings in disguise is being able to access online flower delivery, and flower delivery Mumbai  has made life simpler and happier for us.

The Spiritual Power of Flowers

The Spiritual Power of Flowers

Everything that arises from this earth and derives nutrition from its crust and blooms with its elements is considered pure by most cultures. In saying so, it becomes obvious why flowers are a necessity in every culture and religion: because of their invariable bond with nature. Due to this reason, flowers are said to have the essence of spirituality in them, and are the perfect choices whenever we want to gift someone something that’ll remind them of their spiritual selves as well. With online delivery of flowers, this has become a lot easier than other methods of seeking spirituality, since the whole process has now become as simple as a few mouse clicks.
Flowers have thus grown in demand as essential gifting material due to their fragrance and freshness, both a representation of this latent spirituality and assured in terms of quality by online delivery of flowers. Last but not the least, not only do flowers have a spiritual quality, they also express many more emotions through their vibrancy and colours, and the best way to make sure you are using the right combination of flowers to gift your friends or family something which will strike all the right notes, there can be no better alternative than online delivery of flowers.

Flower with spiritual powers and how to send flowers to Mumbai.

Carnations are among the most revered and renowned flowers to provide a spiritual medium to people around them. Carnations have different uses, of course, based on colours. While red carnation implies absolute focus and determination in regards with your spiritual purpose, yellow ones symbolise detachment from earthly distractions. If you want to send flowers to Mumbai through such online stores, you can easily find all these flowers carefully maintained and ready to be delivered to your doorsteps. Chrysanthemums are flowers which aren’t only loved for their beauty but as a symbol for hope and devotion as well.  It is no wonder they are so much in demand by people who want to buy and send flowers to Mumbai for all auspicious occasions because with their beauty and positivity, chrysanthemums are said to strengthen resolve and make people more disciplined towards their search for spirituality. Almost equally as used for its spiritual power but with a very different symbolisation, daises are also fast capturing the market invested to let people send flowers to Mumbai. The happy and joyous vibrancy of daisies are used to help in relaxing and meditation by many people.

Order Flowers Online Mumbai and experience the spiritual powers of flowers.

Lotus is one of those flowers which are an essential part of every auspicious occasion due to their divine essence. The lotus is a flower which implies constant meditation and uncoiling of our conscience to accept spirituality into our lives. For these reasons, lotus becomes a high priority when people order flowers online in Mumbai. Those who regularly order flowers online in Mumbai also know about the spiritual qualities of orchids and their importance in our lives. Orchids are considered to be the clocks of human consciousness, and remind us of how further we have advanced in life in the time it took for the orchid to wither. Some other flowers which are used for a variety of purposes but also spark our spirituality, are rose and tulips. While rose adds passion and grace to everything with its majestic presence, tulip is a symbol of finding happiness in the small things, an important tenet of spirituality. They can be easily found if you wish to order flowers online in Mumbai, and promise to bring the subtle but visible influence of spirituality in your life.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

The one object that can make these feelings more tangible to the recipient, is a bouquet of flowers. A bouquet has long been a symbol of care, and a desire to actually please the recipient, the result being a reciprocation of the feelings of the gifter. If you’re not feeling up to going and buying some, Order flowers online, Mumbai!

Flower delivery today has gone beyond the traditional role of a man expressing his love for a woman—flowers are not simply symbols of romantic love anymore. They can be used in a variety of situations: as a way of saying get well soon, happy anniversary, or perhaps even as consolation. Flowers are delivered for a variety of reasons, and each of them has its own meaning as well.

One researcher from Rutger’s University found that people who send flowers are perceived as more intelligent, caring and successful people. Furthermore, if the gift giver is female, they are viewed as more appreciative of natural beauty. Previous research has also found that flowers can increase life satisfaction and make people enjoy life more intensely; moreover, studies have shown that getting a bouquet of flowers can create instant happiness and a feeling of delight in the mind of the receiver. Dr. Jeanette Haviland-Jones says,

“Flowers have evolved to activate positive emotional responses from people. Each bloom has the potential to put a smile on our face and sway our opinion of a friend, colleague or loved one. That’s powerful.”

This information is particularly important who would like to improve their friendships, romances and perhaps even business relationships.

Sending flowers seems to be extremely popular and a hot trend especially on Valentine’s day and Mothers’ Day—after all, women do tend to appreciate flowers more. However, it is quite a hassle to get flowers and then carry them safely to the receiver. Often, the flowers may get stained, or get withered on the way. Careless passengers on public transport may end up breaking the flowers or crushing the delicate petals and buds. By the time they reach the receiver, the flowers may barely look like flowers anymore!!

Fortunately, there is an army of online delivery of flowers services that offer to send flowers to your loved ones at very reasonable prices. The flowers are arranged in a very classy manner and they are safely delivered even in the traffic and crowds of bustling metropolitan areas like Mumbai. Online delivery of flowers has paved the way for a whole industry of service professionals to reclaim a dying art and revive a fading practice.

Newer and newer uses for floral bouquets are being found day by day. With the convenience of order flowers online, Mumbai citizens now send I miss you bouquets to their loved ones who have migrated to another city for better work and study related opportunities, or as a Good job for completing a project successfully. Just as people abroad usually bring over a bottle of wine while visiting the home of a friend or an acquaintance, conservative as well as modern Indians are using bouquets to indicate Thanks for having us.