Flowers – Delivering joy on birthdays

Flowers – Delivering joy on birthdays

‘Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to dear Gungun, Happy birthday to you!’. These charismatic rhythmic words catapulted her to an ecstasy of being the most loved and cheered for lady, of that moment, for that day. Her year long wait bore fruit. Experienced the joy and delight of being special. Love surrounded. Folks participated. Blessings showered. Gifts and more gifts, cake, magic candles, twinkling light bulbs, sumptuous food, balloons, floral decoration, bouquets were present in full attendance. Golden memories etched as selfies. That day was a day of an extraordinary celebration. Impeccable arrangement by a proud grandmother. Gungun’s birthday was celebrated with much fanfare. Her grandmother got her birthday flowers delivered from London.  Gungun journeyed 150 kms to her grandmother’s place for celebrating her own birthday. Birthdays have always been a time of going that extra mile to make someone feel special and reasons to express our affection and love.

Flowers – The versatile magicians

Our actions speak louder than our words. Flowers speak as well as act. They are the all-weather mediators of one’s expression for someone and something. They are leaders – leading unto many emotions. They are peace makers. They spell magic. They in fact alleviate pains of psychological bruises one goes through. Flowers complement. Flowers in Mumbai compliment. And they speak clearer, louder, lovelier, sweeter on birthdays. They bring in required doses of sought personalized attention.

Send birthday flowers online

In metropolitans, time is a major concern and a constraint. Traffic snarls, busy schedules, long distances etc. many times do not permit people to purchase flowers offline. So, an online platform can drastically reduce the concern of purchase and delivery of birthday flowers online.

Hence procuring and Send Birthday Flowers Online in their beauty, freshness, variety, glory, arrangement, propriety, pertinence, punctuality and quick delivery is a million-dollar question. Birthday flower delivery on time is another major challenge. Surprise deliveries at mid-night 12 is definitely a pleasant take. And is really thrilling. But how does one purchase flowers at late night to keep them fresh so that he could carry the same for presenting. Offline shops are not open beyond a certain time limit. So, this aspect too needs to be tackled. Still more challenging is availing the buyers with the stocks of local, exotic, exquisite variegated flowers and their transcending presentation. Challenge lies also in delivering the flowers intact with all its freshness and looks. So, right kind of packaging using the right kind of material comes into picture. This needs an entire systematic and organized procedure. And thankfully there is an easy answer pertaining to this exploration. Choosing the online mode of sending birthday flowers is the best option.

Online May Flower delivery

May Flower is a one-time solution for all the above needs. With May Flower, Mumbai is flower ready – delivering anytime, anywhere in Mumbai with its quickest delivery service. One click on their site and you are pampered with a gamut of best options. May Flower is an iconic florist company with 37 years of expertise in flower management. Their online flower delivery service has set a benchmark. Click on birthday occasion and select the price of your choicest flowers and destination city. Pay by credit card or debit card or through internet banking and finish your transaction mentioning your delivery address. And the flowers are delivered at the quickest time at doorstep.

Send Flowers Online to Mumbai for Birthdays, Wedding, Anniversary Easy way to make perfect Birthday Bouquet

Send Flowers Online to Mumbai for Birthdays, Wedding, Anniversary  Easy way to make perfect Birthday Bouquet

Mumbai is the land of many opportunities. It is one of the premier cities in India which has managed to attract people from all over the country. Hence it is not much of a surprise that many of my friends and relatives have moved there in search of a better livelihood or education. It is, therefore, a city which is very close to me. My sister has been living in Mumbai for the last ten years, and over the years many of my close friends too moved there. I especially missed the people close to me on occasions like birthdays and new years. Many times I even thought of sending those gifts or flowers on their birthdays. However, the lack of options and lack of quality flower shops meant that I had to abort the plan as I do not like gifting things to people which I do not like. It is only on my sister’s last birthday did I find out about great places to send flowers to Mumbai on the internet. This discovery has made me delighted as it allows me to remind my friends and relatives living in Mumbai how much they still mean to me.

Flower Delivery in Mumbai

Mumbai has always had many shops which delivered flowers to various addresses. However, the entire process was rather complicated, especially when ordering from a different city.  However, with the advent of various online flower shops flower delivery in Mumbai has become much easier than before. It does not take more than fifteen minutes to pick a beautifully designed bouquet and order them. Apart from flowers, there are also other gift items which are available in these online shops.  It makes it a one stop online shop for anyone looking to wish a dear one on their birthdays or any other occasions.

Why it is easy to Order Flowers Online

These websites are not only very convenient for people ordering outside of Mumbai, but it is also beneficial for individuals who reside in Mumbai and want to send flowers to a close friend or a relative on any occasion. You need not visit the store as in the earlier times and pick the flowers that you like; It is now possible to order flowers online and get them delivered directly to the person whom you want to send it.

Best Way to Send Flowers to Mumbai

Ordering flowers online are the best way to send flowers to Mumbai as the ordering process is straightforward, and also it allows you to customize the flowers as per your choice and also to add a personal message with the flowers. The delivery is made within a few days and at the exact location mentioned. Moreover, the delivery is made in such a way that the design or the structure of the flowers does not get affected. The quality of the flowers delivered is top notch, and they remain fresh and vibrant for hours and even days.

Smart Mumbai’s penchant – Ordering flowers online

Smart Mumbai’s penchant – Ordering flowers online

Flowers have universal language. Their presence in our lives reflect significant meaning. They play different roles from birth till the last breath of a person. In many cultures, some flowers are treated auspicious. They are offered to deities too. So, they are very much a part and partial of our lifestyle. Be it marriage, meetings or interior decoration or even styling hairs, birthdays, events etc., flowers are here to stay till mankind exists. But getting flowers to meet all the desired purposes at the right time and at the right place with right price can be challenging. This is where making them easily available to needs and requirements is essential. And Mumbai is ordering flowers online Mumbai bigtime to solve the above issues.

Mission of visionaries

Visionary florists, with years of experience and acumen, are innovating and upgrading their work processes and styles to match the demand in the flower market. Few have been successful and few are catching up. The ones who are not able to change are on the verge of extinction. The top ones have actually put in their mettle to provide the best quality flowers and accompanying arrangement, with their freshness to the customers. Going online being a great catch. Delivery on the same day still could be a game changer if the choice of flowers pertains to ones that are locally not available and have to be procured externally.

Mumbai’s flower delivery roost

Hence the player that is present in online platform with best quality flowers, designs and quickest delivery service will be a winner. Nevertheless, there are few top-notch florists who leave no stone unturned to provide a mind-blowing service in this sector. Placing orders from them is an assuredness of getting the best service. They go to any extent to fulfill the demands made in the order.

One step closer and better

User friendly online interphases, easy to understand processes, faster site speed and multiple online payment options as well as cash delivery option, make an online player preferable. Other distinguished services could be complimentary gifts with particular price packages. Strategic location of warehouse too is a deciding factor as it smoothens easy movement of packaged delivery parcels.

Top florist in Mumbai

One such long-time player having 37 years of experience in this field is May Flower. It is a well-managed, top florist Mumbai company that has been ruling the flower industry with its impeccable record of providing best quality products at reasonable price and quickest on-time delivery. With a jaw dropping range of flowers and their ensemble lined up, they are a pioneer in this sector. Their online market place and services is unmatchable. Placing order with May Flower is pretty easy. Few simple steps and you are done. Visit their site. Select occasion, Online Flower delivery city and your price range. Then a click on find flowers button that opens pages of a whole array of beautiful flowers. Select the flowers you want to buy. There is a check out option. Once that is done, you pay and finish. Fill in your address details. That’s it. It is as simple as that. And you are delivered your choicest flowers at your doorstep in safest mode and quickest time.

A whole world of flowers is awaiting you. Now Mumbai can shop Send Birthday Flowers Online and place orders from the comforts of your home. The top florist is at your service.

How to Send Birthday Flowers Online

How to Send Birthday Flowers Online

Since time immemorial people have been using flowers as a very thoughtful gift for different occasions. Be it a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary, the right kind of flowers can go a long way to making the other person feel special on their big day. However, with the advent of latest technologies in the last few years, the practice of gifting dear one’s flowers have somewhat gone out of flavour. People nowadays choose a more convenient and easier of wishing their friends and family on special occasions like birthdays, especially to those individuals who live in faraway lands. If you are one of those old school people who still love to gift flowers on birthdays but are not able to do so because of distance, you can do it by sending birthday flower delivery to your close friends and relatives.

Why Birthday Flower Delivery

Birthdays are one of those occasions when everyone deserves to feel special. Sending someone their favourite flowers can make any one’s day. Moreover, it also shows how someone cares about the person when they make the effort of sending their favourite flowers on their birthday. It can certainly brighten up the mood of the individual who receives the lovely flowers. When there is an efficient system of birthday flower delivery in different cities, then distance cannot stop people from making their friends or relatives day. Earlier there were not many shops which made flower deliveries in distant lands. However, with the internet playing a significant role today in almost every aspect of our lives, sending flowers has become a lot easier.

Send Birthday Flowers Online

There is a host of online websites which allows one to send birthday flowers online. It is an effortless and convenient way of making your close ones feels special on their birthdays. One can just send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to someone living in another continent with just a few touches on the phone or by spending a few minutes on the computer. The quality of flowers sent from these websites is truly phenomenal. They are fresh and smell as they originally should even hours and days after they have been delivered. Moreover, the flowers are designed artistically to ensure that they suit the occasion. Another advantage of sending flowers online through these websites is the fact that one can even customize it to make it more appealing to the eye.

Fast Online Flower Delivery

Another advantage of ordering flowers on the internet for a special occasion is that one does not have to order them too much in advance. The online flower delivery is often made within days of the order being placed. The delivery is made promptly. The flowers are as attractive as they are shown. During transit, it is ensured that the flowers do not lose their freshness or their fragrance and are delivered in top condition. It is also possible to attach a personal message with the flowers to make the other person realize that you are thinking of them on their birthday.

Order Flowers Online Mumbai for Ganpati Festival

Order Flowers Online Mumbai for Ganpati Festival

Mumbai is one of the biggest and the most glamorous cities in India. Millions of people from all across the country move to this city in Maharashtra because of its charm and the ability to provide massive opportunities for almost everyone. Although the megacity of Mumbai is always moving and the people always keep busy with their own lives, yet there is one time of the year when this city truly comes to life. The Ganpati festival in Maharashtra is one festival which brings a lot of joy to not only the people of Mumbai but the entire state of Maharashtra as a whole. During this period the city is in a celebratory mood as they celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. This ten-day festival ensures that there is a carnival like atmosphere in many parts of the city. Like in any other festival in India this festival too is associated with a lot of decorations. Different localities are decorated with lights and flowers, which gives a beautiful look to the entire city. As the demand for fresh flowers is very high during this period, therefore it gets challenging to find good quality fresh flowers during this season to decorate the house and the Ganesh idols. It is, therefore, a perfect idea to order flowers online under such circumstances.

Get High-Quality Flowers at Your Door Step with Online Flower Delivery

Although Mumbai is a city where you get almost anything that you need, yet during the festive season it gets tough to find a good place to buy high-quality fresh flowers. The few areas where one may find a decent collection may be in faraway places. If one does decide to get them from there, then many flowers get damaged in transit, which causes loss and dissatisfaction among the people. In the past people of Mumbai often had to compromise on the quality of the flowers because of these restrictions. However, with the latest online websites, one can get online flower delivery in a matter of days and even hours, which can provide a solution to these problems.

Why it is Convenient to Order Flowers Online

The problems mentioned above can be avoided if one decides to order flowers online this Ganpati festival. It just takes a few touches on the phone to ensure that one gets swift online delivery of flowers. The quality of these flowers is excellent as most of them have been imported from foreign lands. It is therefore not only convenient but also a highly efficient mode of ordering flowers.

Safe and Quick Online Delivery of Flowers

Even though these flowers are delivered at a rapid rate yet none of the flowers are even slightly damaged as they are carried very carefully from one place to the other. The flowers look and feel as they have been freshly plucked from the gardens. It is for these reasons that people of Mumbai are these days more inclined towards buying flowers online for the Ganpati festival than buying them from the market.

Easy way to make perfect Birthday Flowers Bouquet and send Online to Mumbai

Easy way to make perfect Birthday Flowers Bouquet and send Online to Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams in India. Many people in their quest to fulfil their dreams move to this city. Be it better job opportunities, educational universities or simply a better lifestyle, Mumbai is the place to be. As a result of this many of our close friends and family members often move to this city. While it is entirely understandable for them to go yet, it still makes us miss them when they are away. It especially becomes harder when it is a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary as it is challenging to make their day special so far away from them. While there nothing like being with the person on their birthday but when that is not possible, it is a good idea to send them heartfelt messages and gifts on their birthdays. With the technological advances, it is now possible to send birthday flowers online, in a very convenient way. Here we will discuss why it is a perfect idea to do so.

Send Birthday Flowers Online from a Broad Range of Collection

The biggest reason why it is a fantastic idea to send birthday flowers online is the availability of a variety of flowers. It often happens that we do not find the flowers of our choice when we visit a regular flower shop. It is not the same when we buy it online.  The wide variety of flowers include even the rarest of flowers, some of which are not common in India and has to be imported from abroad. It ensures that we get the flowers that we want to gift our near one, while also getting new options to explore. These websites also allow us to make a bouquet of flowers based on our preferences.

Timely Birthday Flower Delivery

Most of the well-established sites which make birthday flower delivery are very precise about the time and date of the deliveries to be made. No matter which part of Mumbai it may be they more often than not manage to deliver it on time. They also take excellent care of the packaging so that the flowers are delivered in top condition, and they are not damaged while they are in transit. It is because of this that when the flowers are delivered, they look and feel as fresh as possible.

Order Flowers Online Mumbai

Online purchase of flower is not only convenient for people residing outside, but it is also beneficial for those individuals who live in Mumbai too. It is possible to order flowers online Mumbai when you need flowers to decorate a house for a party on special occasions like birthdays, marriages and anniversaries. It is also an excellent way to congratulate someone for their success in their field. One no longer has to visit the stores and select flowers to make a perfect bouquet. One can just sit back and choose all the flowers in the bouquet over the internet and get them delivered to the person directly.

Flowers And Their Fascination

Flowers And Their Fascination

“She cast her fragrance and her radiance over me. I ought never to have
run away from her… I ought to have guessed all the affection that lay behind her
poor little stratagems. Flowers are so inconsistent! But I was too young to know
how to love her…”

These are the words of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, a French celebrity who is better known across the world as the beloved author of the hit children’s allegorical book, The Little Prince. There is no escaping the fact that flowers truly are and have been since time immemorial the de facto preferred more of expressing feelings of tenderness or affection between members of opposite genders, especially so when the object of said affection belongs to the fairer sex.

A more classy alternative to the status quo virtual electronic message for a loved one who is shifting to say, Mumbai, with pseudo emotions and yellow emojis is to actually send flowers to Mumbai. Why stop at that, now you can also send flowers to Delhi as well as send flowers to Bangalore. This sudden availability of quick, rapid and easy facility of flower delivery is brought to you by the marvels of the digital age, particularly up and coming young and fresh entrepreneurial talent who have intelligently recognised the need for luxury commodities to the rapidly expanding Indian upper middle class bubble.

Some might be under the false impression that displays of affection through bouquets of flowers is reserved solely for young couples or those deeply in love and in committed relationships, however this impression is being repeatedly challenged by the new changes that are being observed in the markets. Not just young couples but also mother and daughters send flowers to Mumbai, and so do multiple families with old relatives living away in special care institutions miles away from their loved ones all alone with only nurses to look after them. In such cases flowers are a wonderful way of reminding someone that they have loved ones who remember them and cherish their fond memories with the individual that they have held since their days of youth, especially as such people are in desperate need of some semblance of companionship and amicability.

In this age of increasing real world distances and smaller and smaller families, flowers make for perhaps the sweetest way to hold family bonds strong across cities, countries, and even possibly continental divides. Flowers can transform an ordinary pasture into a lush, picturesque meadow and an everyday field into a garden filled with soft rustlings and the sweetest scents. Perhaps what made Shakespeare so well loved among people at the Globe Theatre was not just his wit and humour but also his vivid description of the beauty of flowers and their delicate elegance:

“I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,

Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,

Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,

With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.”

How to make a perfect chocolate bouquet for Friendship’s Day?

How to make a perfect chocolate bouquet for Friendship’s Day?

Send Friendship’s Day Flowers Online

You can always rely on one person and that is a Friend. They are a bunch of people who stand by you when millions are against you. You might be hanging out on a daily basis. But, time arrives when you have to part ways with your best friend. Probably, you have to shift overseas in order to pursue further studies. Would you stop celebrating Friendship’s day? Of course, No! There is a huge change in celebrations with the advanced technology. Order flowers online and they will be delivered at your friend’s doorstep.

Which Flowers Would You Send?

Since flowers also have a huge variety, it becomes difficult to pick up the right one. You can opt for the ones that your friend loves or the one that looks the most beautiful. Every flower has a different significance.


Carnations have been admired for centuries and is known to be a flower of love and God. Opt for the white carnations if you want to convey pure love and good luck wishes. While, the light red carnations symbolize admiration. Deep love and affection can be conveyed with dark red carnations.


Though available rarely, orchids are known to be the long-lasting flowers. Being a unique flower it is used for decorations, gifting and various other purposes. An innocent female friend can be offered pink orchids as they represent feminism, innocence, joy and happiness. While, purple orchids can be sent to the one you respect and admire the most. A friend who is enthusiastic and bold can be presented with orange color orchids.


Did you have a massive fight with your best friend? This Friendship’s day, surprise them with lilies as lilies represent re-birth, royalty and purity. Every pure relationship would have fights to avoid misunderstandings. Send Peruvian Lilies to your beloved friend, which is also known as Alstroemeria as they are known to represent Friendship.


How can roses be missed? Send yellow roses to your friends residing anywhere across the world. Yellow roses are known to represent Friendship and joy. You can also add some innocence by adding white roses to the bouquet. Want to add more? Express your gratitude by arranging one or two pink roses as well in the bouquet.


Add a cheerful smile to your friend’s face by sending this bouquet of Gerberas to them. Gerberas are a resemblance of innocence and purity along with being a classic symbol of beauty.

Mixed Flowers

Send mixed flower bouquet to your beloved friend on Friendship’s day to convey your love to them. This will be a resemblance of various feelings like love, affection, innocence, purity, joy, happiness and a lot more. This will be an attractive and extremely memorable present for your friend.

Add Delicacies to These Flower Bouquets

Do you just want to send flowers? Or you would like to add something more? Order flowers online along with a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. If you have a flower vendor around, get some fillers to make the bouquet appealing. Also, get long sticks to attach chocolates with them. Once you get the flowers home, arrange the flowers and Ferrero Rocher chocolates together. Wrap them up in a golden foil or put them in a vase. This is the easiest way to make Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquet with flowers.

Make Mirrors Out of Fresh Flowers

Make Mirrors Out of Fresh Flowers

Make Mirrors Out of Fresh Flowers
When you order an online delivery of flowers or someone sends flowers to you from an online florist, you might be looking for creative ways to use those flowers. Sure, you can always place them on your desk or table to serve as decorations, but there’s also more creative and innovative things you can do with them as well. For instance, you can use the online delivery of flowers you received to make fresh flower mirrors that are lovely and add a little something special to your day.

First, create a circle from heavy duty floral wire. Make the circle as big or small as your want your mirror to be. Then, cut the stems of the flowers you received from the online florist. Cut them at a diagonal down to 3 or 4 inches, and group them in bunches tied with floral tape. Next, arrange the bunches of flowers on the floral wire and attach them with the floral tape. There’s no right or wrong way to arrange the flowers. Just make sure that you tape them tightly so that they don’t droop or fall from the wire.

Once you’ve got the frame filled with flowers, then you can attach the mirror to it. It’s best to use a flat sheet or mirror with no frame on it. Use binder clips to attach the mirror to the flower frame, clipping the clips on the frame underneath the flowers so that you can’t see them. Space the clips approximately 4 to 5 inches apart so that the frame is securely clipped to the mirror. Once you’re done, fluff and rearrange any flowers that become skewed a bit during the clipping process, and then you’re ready to hang your fresh flower mirror.

No matter whether you’re sending flowers to India or you’re the lucky recipient of an online flower delivery, there’s plenty of creative ways to put your blossoms to use. This same tutorial could be used to create fresh flower photo frames. Just substitute the mirror for a photo frame.

The language of flowers

The language of flowers

“That’s oak leaf, for bravery. I’ve got Veronica and Honeysuckle, for fidelity and affection. And that’s Peony, for shame. She lives under this rock.”
“Did you make that up by yourself?”
“‘Course not. That’s the language of flowers. Everyone knows that.”
“No, they don’t. I don’t.”
“Everyone used to know. They sent each other messages. Like Bluebells means, ‘I’ll always love you’ and Jasmine means ‘We’re friends.’ and Asphodels… Asphodels are for the dead.”

These are the words of a best selling author Neil Gaiman, known for his works like Stardust, American Gods, Coraline, and The Graveyard Book. This particular excerpt is taken from Free Country: A Tale of The Children’s Crusade, a singularly enchanting piece of prose. What is interesting in this excerpt is the vivid description of floriography that it affords the reader. Floriography is nothing but is a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. This practice dates back centuries across generations and regions, spanning Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Online delivery of flowers has sparked a new interest among fringe consumers in this ancient practice. More and more people are re discovering the joy that is sending a secret message in the form of delicate and scented flowers. Previously the only option to send flowers was either personal delivery or using the post, and both involved considerable time and effort. In the case of the post especially, the flowers would be utterly crushed and wilted by the time they reached the receiver. If that did not happen, they would surely begin decomposing and their scent and colour would be lost, as the postal delivery took a considerable amount of time. However online flower delivery in Mumbai has taken care of these problems of the existing infrastructure by creating a specialised system which recognises the need for urgency in case of flower delivery and also ensures that the flowers themselves survive in perfect health to be appreciated by the recipient of the lovely bouquet. By ensuring that the problems of the previous system are resolved properly and that the bouquets can be a viable transportable commodity, online delivery of flowers has created a newfound interest in a lost art that would otherwise have surely gone the way of the dodo bird.

These new systems have also created facilities to send birthday flowers online. That means that now you are free to pick and choose between all kinds of exotic flowers to make your own personal bouquet and send it within a day to the birthday boy or birthday girl. This is the method that most floriographists use to send warm personal wishes through the miracles of the inter net. Indeed, flower delivery in Mumbai and other cities has made it possible to re invent and re imagine lost arts and forms of communication that were previously discarded because of their infeasibility and inconvenience. The language of flowers in diverse, and now quite accessible as well.