What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, also famous as the day of friendship and love, is celebrated on 14th February and in many places around the world. Every year so many products related to this day such as cards, hampers, roses and many other items are sold in markets and even online. Customised Valentine’s Day flowers and bouquets are sent especially for the loved ones. Let’s take a peep at what is it all about and a brief history of how it all started.

What is Valentine’s Day all about?


Many countries all around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day. Different cultures have their ways to rejoice this festival. There are places where on Valentine’s Day family and friends express their love rather than the couples sharing their romantic relationship. In some traditions, gifts and lollies are given to the children, and some include acts of gratefulness among friends and family.

Valentine’s Day merchandise

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Valentine’s Day is related to the romantic love, with many Valentine’s Day gifts exchanged every year. Cards, chocolates, red roses are sent to loved ones with romantic messages on it. Couples spend a memorable time together. Some make special Valentine’s Day flower arrangements for their loved ones. Gift hampers are very popular during this time, and it includes chocolates, flowers, and champagne.

Many couples celebrate it with special dinner organized or home cooked food. On this day restaurants provide Valentine’s Day dinner promotions and decorate the place with flowers heart balloons, candles, etc. Proposing for marriage is another thing which is very common on Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect day to express your feelings of love and commitment.

Handmade cards are also trendy to this day. People send love messages in this cards expressing their affection. The sender beautifully designs and decorates it to show the love for the recipient. They are usually very sentimental. They portray perfect feelings you have for the other.

How did Valentine’s Day start?Send Valentine’s Day Flowers Online

It all started way back in the third century AD. A Catholic priest named St. Valentine lived in Rome. There are many stories about him, and with time he became a legend. In the era of Valentine’s life, many converted into Christians. The Emperor at time Claudius II was a pagan. His rule had strict laws to be followed by Christians. He was of the belief that Roman soldiers should be devoted only to Rome and so he issued a decree abolishing marriage for them. In these circumstances, St. Valentines was the one who was secretly helping these soldiers to get married. This event marked the beginning of showing importance to love.

He was imprisoned by the emperor when he found out valentines acts. St. Valentine fell in love with the jailor’s daughter who was blind. His faith in God and affection for her cured the girl’s blindness. Before his execution, he wrote a love letter to her and signed it “from your Valentine.” After that, he died on 14th February in the year 270. Eventually, this day was celebrated as the day of love or Valentine’s Day.

Why do people celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Why do people celebrate Valentine’s Day?

On the 14th of February every year, across the USA and all around the world people exchange flowers, candy, and gifts with their loved ones. It is celebrated in the name of St. Valentine. Let’s find out further in this article about him and from where does this tradition originate?

Why do they call it Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day gets its name from a famous saint named St. Valentine. There are many stories about him. He was a priest in Rome in the 3rd century AD. Emperor Claudius II had abolished marriages as he believed that men who married became terrible soldiers.

St. Valentine believed that this is unfair and so he broke all rules and started arranging marriages in secrecy. When the emperor came to know about this act, he announced death sentence to Valentine and imprisoned him. Here, he fell in love with the blind daughter of the Jailor. His faith and belief in love and God cured her blindness. Before dying, in his last moments on 14th February, he wrote a love letter and signed “From your Valentine.”

It is an ancient tradition that originated from a Pagan festival. The Romans celebrated a festival known as Lupercalia during the springtime, in the midst of February. In this celebration, the boys picked up names of girls from a box. They’d be partners during the festival or sometimes even get married. The pope Gelius then banned this festival and replaced it with the feast of St. Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love.

How is Valentine’s Day celebrated today?

The celebration of Valentine’s Day is around the world. It symbolizes love and romance. Couples send Valentines Day flowers to each other to express their feelings. There is an exchange of cards, presents, gift hampers and chocolates among couples. Some even make arrangements for romantic meals in hotels.

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Young girls and boys give away Valentine’s Day Roses to show their love for each other. Common symbols of this festival are hearts, cupids, and red roses. However, some people give precious gifts like jewelry. There are special offers during this festive time.


Why is Valentine’s Day on 14th?

The Murky’s are the ones who initiated Valentine’s Day. The ancient Romans used to celebrate the feast of Lupercalia on the 15th February during the spring. From the time Christianity came into existence, this celebration moved to 14th of February. Earlier this day marked for celebrating the Christian martyr Valentine. But gradually this day came to represent romance and love for many couples. It was more than 200 years later that this day was declared as St. Valentine’s Day.

A poet named Chaucer during the medieval period linked St. Valentine with romance and love. This era marked the commencement of the tradition of committed love, a custom that expresses admiration and respect. This ritual spread widely in Europe and talks evolved about the high court of Love where female judges would decide on the issues of love every year on the 14th February.


Send Valentine’s Day Flowers Online in India

Send Valentine’s Day Flowers Online in India

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you sure want to win some hearts this special day. What better way than to gift roses and bouquet of flowers and convey your feeling of love to your beloved? Flowers have long been an integral aspect of expressing love, and this is a special day to strengthen your bond of romance.

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Roses, tulips, daisies, carnations- pick your choice of flowers. You can send Valentine flowers online anywhere across the world on this day. So, why not use this benefit and send valentine flowers online to your love? A quick online search will yield you thousands of results. But select the florists who stock fresh petals and are trustworthy for Valentine’s Day flower delivery. Select the best package and know in advance the time for delivering the flowers. If your beloved is in some other country, then online delivery is a fabulous way of conveying your feelings of love. Send Valentine’s Day flowers to India from the USA online, and this is indeed a great way to express your message beautifully and efficiently.

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Online florists offer a wide variety of choices complete with doorstep delivery, and the benefit is you can order Valentine’s Day flower delivery day or night from the confines of your home with just the click of a button. Red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and passion. Surprise your lover with a sweet bouquet of beautiful red roses that will convey your feelings. Love does not need words to express; flowers will do the job beautifully. Send Valentine flowers online and wonderfully reveal your emotions. Reiterate the strong bonding between you no matter how far you are by sending valentine flowers online. Order Valentine’s Day flowers from the USA to Mumbai to your beloved and don’t let the distance come in the way of your love.

Flower Delivery in India from the USA

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There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to tell someone about your feelings for them. Tag a lovely thought into a card and put in words what is in your heart. Attach this and send it with Valentine flowers online. This sweet gesture is sure to win the heart and evokes a strong feeling of everlasting love. Couples eagerly wait for this special day so that their emotions can be expressed beautifully. Send 101 or 1001 red roses, but let them know that your love for them will last forever. Opt for the best Valentine’s Day flower delivery services that will deliver beautifully scented fresh flowers at the said time and day.

Indeed, the bond of love is so pure that it is capable of transcending all the boundaries and what better day and way than to send Valentine flowers online. The modern day of science and technology has shortened the physical distances and why not take advantage of it by the Valentine flowers online delivery?

It is the time to express and celebrate the bond of eternal love. Flatter your love this Valentine’s Day with flowers.

Celebrate your Patriotism with Flowers for Republic Day

Celebrate your Patriotism with Flowers for Republic Day

National festivals are the days when patriotism fervor is at its peak and Republic Day is no exception. This day which falls on January 26th every year is celebrated with pomp. Of course, the Republic Day stands as a symbol of freedom and we should not forget the sacrifices made by the fervent patriots to free the nation from invaders. It was on this day that India became a republic with the constitution coming into force. So, what better way than to celebrate the magnanimous struggle and triumphs of the great leaders of India who always put the country first when it came to love, respect and sacrifice?

On Republic Day, you see the tricolor hoisted everywhere and saluted with respect. Don’t forget to shower the rose petals when the national flag is unfurled. Flowers undoubtedly form an important part of every festival, be it the national or the religious festival, and the Republic Day celebration is no different.

Flowers for Republic Day; Flowers for the Patriots

Let us celebrate the spirit of being an Indian by showering our fellow countrymen with love in the form of flowers on Republic Day. Gift flower bouquets to those who constantly strive to make this country a better place. You can show how much you value their commitment and respect towards the nation. Let the flowers for Republic Day arouse patriotism in every individual.

Online Flower Delivery this Republic Day

You may not be able to wish each person individually this day, but you can generously opt for the online flower delivery services and make the day special for the nation lovers. Give a rose to your children who can in turn gift it to their teachers and principal. Gift a rose to your elders at home and in the society. Be a role model and teach the kids in the locality to respect elders and the countrymen. Let them imbibe the rich cultures of this country which we have inherited.

Send flowers to Mumbai and be a part of the Republic Day Celebrations

In Mumbai, Republic Day celebrations are at its peak and every street, home, office and school unfurls the national flag and the chest swells with pride when the national anthem is sung. Send flowers to Mumbai to your near and dear ones and be a part of the national celebration. Send flowers online to all the kids you know and tell them about the significance of celebrating Republic Day.

No matter how busy you are, the online flower delivery services will ensure that the flowers are sent to the right person and place at the said date and time. Moreover, you can order flowers online and decorate your home and office with it to thank the patriots who brought freedom to our nation.

Just like how flowers arouse a plethora of emotions in us, let us arouse the spirit of unity and patriotism this Republic Day. Let us make flowers an integral part of the celebrations and exhibit our joy of freedom and independence.

Hail our Motherland; Hail India.

Celebrate the Famous People’s Birthdays in January Month by Showering them with Love the Flower Bouquet Way

Celebrate the Famous People’s Birthdays in January Month by Showering them with Love the Flower Bouquet Way

People born in January are ruled by the sun sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn. These people are considered hard-working and self-disciplined with smartness being their second name. They are fun-loving people and highly productive at work. You may have friends who are born in January and you aspire to be like them. This January, show your friends how much they mean to you by gifting them a beautiful flower bouquet.


Famous People’s Birthdays in January Month

Check here to see if you associate the characteristics of January-born with any of your favorite celebrities. Here is the list of the famous people’s birthdays in January month. You never know one of your favourite stars might be on the list!

The beautiful Deepika Padukone, exuberant Vidya Balan, gutsy Preity Zinta, charming Sonali Bendre, multi-talented Shruti Haasan and the glamorous Bipasha Basu are all divas born in January. The attractive Hrithik Roshan, magical A.R. Rahman, political leader Bal Thackeray, father-son duo Javed Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar, popular Sushant Singh Rajput, cricketers Rahul Dravid and Kapil Dev and the fiery Arnab Goswami are ruled by Capricorn.

If you are an awe-struck fan of any of these personalities, then show them your love by birthday flower delivery to their homes.

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Send birthday flowers online and show them that you are their ardent fan. The famous celebrities love it when their fans wish them and send them flower bouquets on their birthdays. They are always hungry for the love and adulation of their fans. Their birthday is the perfect day to show your admiration for them! If your star is based in Mumbai, then you can check the online flower delivery services to have the bouquet delivered to their homes. Order flowers online in Mumbai and select the favorite colored-flower for your star. Choose from a wide range of flowers which suit your budget.

Birthday Flower Delivery of your Choice

In January, being the winter season, you get to choose from a variety of flowers. So, you have roses, lilies, gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums and carnations that come in a wide range of sizes and hues. Know what your stars love and send it to them so that they are thankful to their fans for showering abundant love and unconditional support. Send birthday flowers online with an attached admiration letter to your famous personality and see how they reciprocate it.

Flowers are the best gift for any occasion, especially birthdays where you can wish your favourite stars with all the love and prosperity. Let us appreciate the commitment and hard-work of the famous personalities and the services in their respective fields of work by gifting flower bouquets on their birthday and making their day memorable.

A bouquet of flowers may be a simple gift, but it will hold a strong place in their hearts forever.

Winter Flowers Galore and it is the Time to Gift your Beloved with one

Winter Flowers Galore and it is the Time to Gift your Beloved with one

Winters are here and you would find blooming flowers in abundance throughout the hemisphere. After all, this is the season for the flowers to expose their beauty. Do you remember those good old days when flowers were shared? The old traditions are coming back to life with added features.

Flowers have that unique ability to convey profound human emotions and thoughts like no other objects. If you own a garden, you can simply pluck the flowers. Or, buy them from the nearby florist in your area. Is it that you do not have any of the options available to you? Set your worries in the bay, as you can now order flowers online too.

Be it expressing love or happiness, affection or gratitude, well-wishes or apologies, grief or farewell; flowers are the perfect accompaniment along with words. At times, flowers communicate the emotions flawlessly without even mentioning a word.

Why is that flowers are used to convey human emotions?

According to the behavioral study made by the State University of New Jersey, flowers are one of those things that trigger happy emotions and life satisfaction. Undoubtedly flowers are a great way to bring positive influence on the social behavior by conveying the intended message that affects our mood and emotions. One fine example is the fast recovery of patients when they are gifted fresh flowers and those are kept in their surroundings.

Flowers are also used as decorations and offerings. Weddings are obsolete without flowers as the rituals necessitate the use of flowers. Flowers are also offered to God in prayers; temples and churches are decorated with flowers every day.

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, funerals or parties- flowers are the best way to put across our emotions through unspoken languages. Hence flowers find a very important place in occasions and celebration milieus.

Winter is a great season when you get an abundance of flowers in every size and hue. Winter flowers are fresh, fragrant and vibrant that immediately draws the attention of the recipient and opens up a gamut of emotions in them. Flowers are undoubtedly a part of celebrations and for good reason.

Fresh flowers can be bought from your local florists in Mumbai. They stock the best seasonal flowers ranging from the exotic ones to the most common yet evergreen beautiful red rose. Bouquets can be customized as per your budget and liking.

Flowers can be ordered online and you can select from the choicest bunch of roses, lilies, carnations, gerbera daisies and chrysanthemums. The online flower delivery in Mumbai will guarantee you that you get the best flowers, fresh and fragrant and neatly wrapped at your doorstep. This will get rid of the hassle of having to go to the florists and save you a great deal of time and effort.

Through the services of online flower delivery in Mumbai, you can gift flowers to your loved ones. The florists will deliver the ordered bouquet to the said address on the given day and time. So, it is a great way of expressing love and concern even if you are not able to be physically present with them. This will make their day memorable and joyful.

Woo your love with a red rose. Send across the message of friendship to your friend through a bunch of white roses. Gift a white rose to show your sympathy to a suffering person. Gift a bouquet of bright flowers to express gratefulness to your parents. Flowers need no occasion. Gift one today and let them know how much you care for them.

Order orchid flowers online

Order orchid flowers online

Flowers work as beautiful presents and we all love to buy flowers for our family and friends. Flowers are a versatile gift for every occasion whether they are birthdays, anniversaries, marriages or even social or professional functions. Orchids are beautiful flowers that come in various colors. They look beautiful and are widely used as decorations for functions. As Indians, we love orchids and our personal favorites are the purple and white colored ones. The retail flower shops also keep an abundant supply of the orchid flowers to ensure that they meet the daily demands of the customers. The online forums have great bouquet designs for people.

Order for orchid bouquets online

We have loved shopping online as it provides the convenience to shop from home and at our desired time. It is true that we can now shop for anything on the online platform. One can order orchid flowers online. Various bouquets and flowers are displayed on the website wherein the buyer can choose the price range along with the flower quality to purchase. There are numerous options to choose from and the best part is that the bouquet can be customized as per the customer’s choice of flowers. Adding a personal touch to bouquets like this can be heart touching for a receiver. The buyer can also purchase the bouquet decorations to make the orchid flowers stand out and look attractive.

Enjoy delivery in all parts Of Mumbai

Flowers have a limited life which means that they have to be delivered fresh within a couple of hours so that it looks beautiful and presentable to gift. So, it is advisable to order the bouquets from an online vendor if you want them at your doorstep without compromising on the quality of flowers. The customers can opt for online flower delivery in Mumbai for enjoying the leverages of value added services within a stipulated amount of time.

Send flowers to people you desire

The online platform, not only allows one to shop without having to step out of their homes, but one can also send orchids flowers online right from the website. All you got to do is browse well for selecting the best possible option as per your requirement. Once done, they can enter the delivery address of the recipient along with the required date of delivery. These services are great for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries as the online shops also provide midnight delivery and same day delivery. So, even if you are far away from the person or you skipped to buy a gift, you can send them a personalized bouquet by just tapping your fingers over the screen. The advanced technology has been helpful in sending gifts and bouquets to people. These services help save time and are a great blessing to those who may not find the time to go and buy such bouquets and gifts for their loved ones.

Order online and never miss out on the opportunity to make your loved ones feel great on their special day.

Send Flowers for New Year to Your Loved One

Send Flowers for New Year to Your Loved One

The countdown for the 31st December has begun. 2017 is about to end sooner now.  It’s time to forget our sorrows and setbacks and to positively step ahead into a new year with full of happiness, peace, and prosperity. In the hustle and bustle of the daily routine of the 21st century, it is hard to reach everyone’s place. But our age is made with the advanced technology and communications. Although we cannot greet everyone in person, we can definitely send messages through social media platform.

You must be having a lot of dear ones to greet and gift, isn’t it? So, why not let them know how special they are for you this new year? When you are away from people, their importance eventually doubles up. At times you cannot convey your feelings to your beloved one. But, occasions like new year celebration can be fruitful and helpful to you. It is ideally the right time to let your family, friends, and relatives know that you miss them.

Thus, this New Year, apart from wishing on social media and messengers let’s make our way of wishing somewhat different and more beautiful with beautiful flowers that depict happiness and prosperity in one of the best ways. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a single flower, a bunch of them or a bouquet; it always has an inevitable feeling of affection and care.

Different Shades and Shapes of happiness:

Walking into a garden is always pleasing and one of the main reasons is the presence of different flowers. Each type of flower has its beauty in its colours, shapes, fragrances. It would be a wise idea to choose different flowers for your dear ones and wish them a new year as beautiful as a flower. Various online flower delivery will provide you several options for different types for the recipient and will get it delivered as per your wish.

A bunch of flower – Bouquets:

Every flower that you see is beautiful and has its own significance. It will not be surprising at all if you jumble up while picking up a flower to gift. A blooming option for you would be to opt for making a bouquet of flowers for your dear one. You can pick different flowers of different colours and wrap them together in a designer paper. For an added look, you can also add fillers for a contrast combination. This way, you won’t miss out on any important flower and your feelings would be conveyed as well. So, send flowers for the new year with a plethora of options available to you using online flower delivery for wishing your dear one on time.

And the wait is over!!!

Several years have passed and there is something which is yet to be revealed. A beautiful feeling for someone very special dwelling in your heart for long now needs to be disclosed. Let this year be the one for it. What can be more pleasing than expressing your feelings with beautiful flowers! The elegant colours and soothing fragrance can convey those precious words in the most delightful way. If you cannot reach out to any retailer, browse through the online platform. Choose a deliverer and pick the best combination for your special one. The rest would be taken care by the providers of flower delivery in Mumbai. And in case, you are away from your loved one, send flowers on New year to them.

Flower arrangements for special occasions

Flower arrangements for special occasions

Flowers are versatile and have been used for quite a lot of purposes. It is very true that we cannot go wrong with flowers. Whether it is used as decorations, gifts or simply put in one corner; they completely help in lighting up the place with colors and adds vibrancy. Flowers are instant mood lifters and stress busters. We even love to present flowers to our loved ones who may have fallen sick as that helps them feel better. Now that flowers are so well used and so versatile we cannot ever think of any decoration without flowers.

Flower arrangements for events

We Indians love our flowers and still love the ‘all flower decoration’ for functions like marriages, anniversaries etc. Flowers look beautiful and completely change the look of the venue. One must use multiple varieties of flowers to add vibrancy to the events. The best way to decorate the event venue is to use them as decoration on the main entrance, stage and all such places at the event. Weddings are incomplete without flowers, as Indians use flower garlands and decorations for welcoming their guests at the wedding. The event managers take help from the vendors for flower arrangements Mumbai as that instantly adds to the beauty of the events.

Choose from the huge variety of flowers

Geographical boundaries cannot restrict our flower choices as we can now order for all the exotic and rare flowers online. The online order and shopping have given us endless options and we can now buy all flowers from various countries and use it for our functions. The flower decoration trend has come back and that has given a rise to the online ordering medium, as people want the best quality and the exclusive variety of flowers for their events. The vendors put up all flower variants on display for people to make their choices. It is always a great idea to use at least two or three flower variants to add color and beauty to the place. Order Flowers Online and use them for any purpose you may please.

Customize your flower arrangement

Creativity is endless and so are the ways in which we can use the flowers for decoration. We all have that creative bone in us and we must make the best use of it. The flower vendors out there make all varieties available for us. We must make a selection based on our choices and then go ahead with the beautiful decoration of the events. One can also use flower carnations and bouquets to present it to the ones at the functions or use them during invitations. The added benefit of using flowers is that they are easy to install and use and most importantly, they are comparatively a cost-effective method. The budget or cost actually would depend on the flower variant. The exotic flowers do cost higher as it includes the cost to transport them to another geographical location.

Enjoy the Online Delivery of Flowers to your venue or home.

Protecting your flowers in winter

The season has changed and the time to be joyous is right here. Winters have begun and that’s when we all start protecting our skin from the chills.  So, why not those creatures who contribute a lot to our eco-system? Plants and flowers are the ones who add a lot of beauty to our nature. During the winters, the sunlight is minimal and the temperature is quite low. If you reside in a snowy region, it is very crucial for you to take ut-most care of the plants that you have kept at your place. We might adjust as per the climatic conditions but it is difficult for the plants and flowers do so. The sudden change in temperature can impact a lot on your plants and hinders their growth. If you love your plants and have developed a connection with them, you would definitely not want them to die. Letting your plants be healthy and taking care of their well-being in such climatic conditions is not an easy task.

Taking Care of Your Potted Plants

If you have acres of land, it is sure that you would have plants that are deep-rooted and potted plants as well. Whereas, if you are the one who stays in an apartment, you can take your potted plants inside the balcony. Winters can deteriorate the quality of your plants if they are kept in low temperature for a longer duration. While you take the plants indoor, ensure that you do not place it near the chimney ducts and AC vents. Placing them there would make the leaves dry up. The best place to keep your potted plants is in front of the ventilated window. If you are keeping them inside the room, don’t forget to expose them to sunlight in the daytime.

Insulating your plants

During winters, it is hard for the plants to transform the sunlight to heat. The reason is that the sun shines less than required. So, applying a layer of mulch would definitely help the plants to trap the moisture and heat in the soil. This would avoid freezing of plants and also help in maintaining their routine cycle. Mulch acts as an insulator when 2-3 inches of layer is applied to the leaves. It is prepared from wheat in order to protect rose plants, strawberries plant and a lot more.

Proper watering of plants

Don’t forget to water your plants twice a day. Have you ever checked on your plants when you go on a long holiday? They usually die. For your lovely plants to sustain longer, water the plants once in day and once in the night. Watering the plants before a frosty night helps in slow evaporation and warming up the air. Also, the slow evaporation traps the heat properly by holding the water for a longer duration during the night.

Building a Greenhouse

If you have a big garden, it is a wise idea to build a greenhouse for your potted plants. It is as good as building up a tent for yourself. Covering it up with a plastic or glass material would be a wise idea. This will not only protect your plants from the winter chills but also provide them sunlight during the daytime.